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HTC 10 Teardown – Charging port fix – Battery Repair – Screen Replacement

HTC 10 Teardown – Charging port fix – Battery Repair – Screen Replacement

Today I’m going to tear down the HTC 10.
This will show you the screen replacement, the charging port replacement, battery replacement,
and just how much of a royal nightmare this phone is to work on. Buckle up. Turn off the phone and remove both the SIM
card tray and the SD card tray. I will link the tools and replacement parts down in the
video description, right below this video, next to the subscribe button. A few things
to watch out for, the playing cards or business cards that you’re going to use to remove
the screen are going to slide over the ear piece. Watch out for the screen ribbons on
the left side and the capacitive buttons on the bottom of the device. You’ll understand
what I’m talking about as you watch. Heat up the phone around the edges. That is where
the adhesive is. The phone is totally glued shut, so by heating the edges you soften the
glue. I put a little gap between the screen and the metal frame with my little metal pry
tool. Then I slide my business card between the two and into the glue. The thinness of
the card will cut the glue and not put any unneeded pressure on the glass. If your screen
is already destroyed you don’t need to be as careful as I am. But I want to keep using
my phone since it’s in good condition. If you put your playing card in too deep it will
damage the super fragile LCD. Basically, if you’re going to open your phone for something
other than a screen replacement, just plan on replacing the screen as well; it’s that
fragile. I heat up the screen again about every 20 to 30 seconds. As the glue cools
off it gets hard again. The hotter the glue is, the easier it is to remove it. Pay special
attention to the bottom as well so you don’t damage those capacitive buttons. I leave the
playing cards all around the edge so that it doesn’t re-adhere back to the frame again
as it cools. Once the glue is totally separated the phone will open like a little book. The
screen ribbon feeds through the metal mid-frame into the rear of the phone. All of that work
and it is still not accessible yet. There are 12 screws around the mid-frame. This thick
mid-frame is probably what helps give the phone its durability. If you have not yet
watched my durability test you should check it out. This phone is a beast. The mid-frame
is not glued into place but it is very very precisely set into the rear of the phone.
So using a thin pry tool, pry between the two frames and lift the screen and the motherboard
out. This exposes the 3 different circuit boards stacked on top of each other like some
freaky tetras game. Before we can disconnect the screen, let’s unscrew the battery connector
and then pop that off so that there’s no power running through the board. It snaps
off like a little Lego. Now listen real quick, if you only need to replace your screen, ignore
everything I do until I get to this ribbon cable here. I try to keep as much of the tape
intact so I can reuse it later, but you’re much better off just removing it from the
phone entirely first and setting it somewhere safe. It will make this whole project less
cluttered. So far I’ve removed the power and volume ribbon. There is a little latch
that you flip up and the ribbon cable can slide out of its connector. Same thing with
the SIM card ribbon. The top board left side connector is the same way. Slide that out
after lifting up the different tape layers. The tape is mostly just here to make sure
the latches stay latched if you ever drop your phone. Next I’ll remove the charging
port ribbon connector and lift off the tape that holds the screen ribbon connector in
place. I’ll also expose the right side main board ribbon, and the SD ribbon, and the 2
signal wire connections. Once those are all out I can remove the copious amounts of tape.
This looks like the Medusa of cell phones. There’s only one connector for the screen,
so if the screen is all you need to replace, don’t bother with anything else. It is a
nightmare in here so get out while you can. The screen ribbon slides out through the mid-frame.
So here’s the screen. I will link replacement screens in the video description. The replacement
will look the same as this one but will probably come with its own adhesive. You’ll need
to transfer over the Home button as well. If you need to do a battery replacement continue
watching. The rest of these screws are going to be a T5 screw from the tool kit that I
link in the video description. Let’s start with the charging port next since it is the
most likely component to need replacing after the screen or the battery. You can unsnap
the charging port ribbon connector as well as the two wire connectors on either side
of it. Then flip the phone over and unstick the capacitive buttons from the mid-frame.
They do have the little LED light attached to it so make sure not to rip that off. If
the light breaks the button will still function, it just won’t light up anymore. Those ribbons
will pull through the frame and then release your charging port into the wild. It’s got
a USB type C connector and a microphone on that board as well. Now let’s work on the
middle board above the battery. It’s got one wire connection and then 2 T5 screws at
the top. Grab the little rubber niblet up by the LED flash and the whole middle board
can slide out from under the top board. Lift it up gently and watch for the bottom vibrator.
For some reason HTC soldered it onto the main board. It matches the unorganized collection
of everything else in here though so let’s just roll with it. The 12 megapixel rear camera
is attached to this middle board. It will unsnap like the little charging port did.
Here you can see the OIS image stabilizing on the camera. It will physically move the
lens while the camera is on to help stabilize the image like a little gyro. Thumbs up for
how awesome technology is. Now that the middle board is off we can remove the battery. There
are no pull tabs on this one so we just have to pry it out. Luckily the screen is not attached
anymore so we don’t have to be super careful about flexing that mid-frame. Just make sure
not to flex the battery and don’t puncture it. Also stay away from that top edge of the
battery because there are random ribbon cables underneath it. Here is the 3,000 milliamp
battery. If you have not yet subscribed to my YouTube channel I’d love it if you did.
It is free. I review technology from the inside. Lift up those two ribbon cables under the
battery. And then remove the three T5 screws on the top board. The board will lift off.
Here you can see the front 5 megapixel camera with the same OIS image stabilizing feature
that the rear camera has. It is a world first to have it on the front facing. The proximity
sensor also snaps off like a literal Lego; I think this is a world first as well; normally
they’re built into the motherboard. The headphone jack is soldered into place. And
the front camera is removable as well; the bottom two ribbons are not. One really cool
thing about this phone is that both the SIM card tray and the SD care tray are replaceable.
Not many phones have that capability lately. Just remove the tape from the mid-frame and
each of the slots will lift out allowing it to be swapped. The guts of this phone are
messy but at least they are modular. Let’s put this bad boy back together. The straighter
the ribbons are from the top board, the easier they will be to plug in later. So line those
up with the lines underneath the battery. Get those 3 screws back into place. Always
keep your screws organized even if they look the same. Make sure to lift up the Power and
Volume buttons before you put the battery down. Don’t worry, I went back and fixed
this later. The camera from the middle board will tuck underneath that top board. Then
get the two screws into place. Feed the capacitive buttons through the mid-frame from that charging
port. Make sure they stick. Then set the charging port into place. Plug it in along with the
two wire connections on either side, and the 3 screws. Now that most of it is in place
we can work on the power button connector, and the top ribbon connector, the SIM connector,
the wire connector, the SD connector, and the other top ribbon connector. Then I’ll
tuck the screen through the frame gently. If you kink or bend that ribbon too much,
your screen will not work. I’ll connect that into place. Then lastly I can connect
the charging port ribbon right on top of it. The last two wires get clipped in. And if
your tape still exists, put it back on top. This will just help the latches stay shut
when you drop the phone the next time. Get the battery plugged in and screwed down, then
set the whole contraption into the rear frame and clip it into place. It’ll snap down
and you’ll hear it. I’ll test the screen at this point. Get all 12 screws back into
place if everything is functioning. The capacitive buttons are working as well as the screen
so I can adhere it down into place. Bonus points to anyone who actually counts how many
connections are inside this phone. Well I’m glad this repair is over. Hopefully with the
HTC 11 next year, they’ll manage to consolidate a few more components and make the repair
more manageable for the average person. Check out the HTC 10 camera test and the durability
video. This phone is amazing as long as you don’t ever need to open it up. My Instagram
and Twitter are where I am most active. Hope to see you over there. Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “HTC 10 Teardown – Charging port fix – Battery Repair – Screen Replacement”

  1. I need help. I replaced the battery but now nothing appears on the screen even though the phone turns on. What could I do?

  2. Is it possible for me to replace the HTC 10s battery? I haven't replaced a battery in around 6 years & that was the iPhone 3GS. It was easy but I'm afraid i might break one of the components due to it's complexity

  3. Hi there. Serious question. Since my HTC 10 is in a pretty good condition, and i don't want to change it, i am willing to change my battery, cause it is dying. Does the HTC 10 support a 3200 mah battery, such as the 10 EVO does, or will it not work?

  4. This is actual rocket science. I was going to try to replace the battery myself since I was able to replace the digitizer of my HTC Rezound with ease… but SCREW THAT. I'll let someone else break my phone.

  5. Worth watching! Good job👍 Continue uploading such useful videos, cause all those monolithic phone cases are a complete nightmare 4 the phone owners in terms of service

  6. Thany you for this guide! I DIYed my HTC 10 just now to replace the battery! I also added hot glue to the inside so the phone did not loose its stickyness on the tape and backside of the screen!

  7. No matter what I do I cannot seem to get that midframe out. It feels like it's screwed into place at the top. I keep pushing and pulling on it but it won't budge

  8. Fantastic tutorial, I've already replaced a HTC10 screen and am going back in to do the battery and replace another screen on a different HTC 10. Ive picked up a couple of these phones cheap on eBay and don't mind going in to fix them myself. The great thing about this overview apposed to others I've watched. Is this gives you the straightforward tear down with good visuals right down to the SD/Sim sockets.

  9. Just did a repair. Not getting cell service. Can you help? It seems the phone can still recognize the sim being inserted but hangs at looking for service

  10. Wow. Nice piece of technology. Thanks for showing.
    I just bought one HTC 10 with replaced battery by HTC.
    I hope I won't be dissapointed.

  11. God it's scary to watch this on the same phone. Think I would just get a new one if I had issues that needs this kind-of work done

  12. Thanks to you I just successfully changed my phones battery 🙂 Its a shame even most of the "unofficial" maintainer for custom roms dropped this phone for any else… Even I am thinking about another brand after this bad "oreo-update-battery-life". Lets see how the new battery will keep up against the old…. (30-40%, sometimes even nearly 50% after about 2h music listening, mostly over Bluetooth with mostly screen off…)

    Thanks again! Even there are a few more videos for the htc 10 out there, you were the only I found commenting about anything.
    And props for your other videos! Sometimes it needs a broken phone for seeing really nice tech videos 😉

    One more thing:
    My adhesives for the screen were not good anymore after assembling everything. I have now used some double-sided-tape with ~0,5mm thickness I had lying around.
    Any experience with other glue? B- or T-7000? "Random" double-sided tape from ebay (273210775397) or amazon?
    Already thought about the B- or T-7000 since it should dry out not completely hard, but I don't know about its viscosity before.
    The 2mm double-sided tape looks better, but seems to be generic china stuff sold with different "brands" …

  13. Thanks a ton for your great video!. I managed to repair my htc 10, lcd and battety included. Screen looks and works perfectly and battery life is much, much longer😁. Thanks to you and your effort for doing this amazing guides. Dont loose that curiosity. It makes you to do anything possible.
    Thanks again!…and sorry for my bad english. Send from my great htc 10.

  14. Have used this video many times to replace the screen, and today finally replaced the battery and charging port. Thanks so much!

  15. Jerry my battery life is terrible on my HTC 10 do you have any links for a new battery for the phone?

  16. I have had a couple of these phones on my table and I swore I will never open one again. Here I am about to open another one 😀

  17. I want to thank you for this video, my HTC 10 was a great phone but has the now pretty well known battery issue, it's been sat in the draw for the last 6 months, decided to by a new battery and have a go at replacing it, no stranger to working with tools as I own a garage but car are a bit different and a lot bigger, I've never opened up a phone before let along repair one so a totally new experience for me, I've managed to do it without damaging the screen and everything works a treat

  18. Great video. Allowed me to successfully change battery. Only one thing I could not see on the video was how much heat to apply to the front glass – I applied too much gave my LCD that is stuck onto the glass a bit of a shrink. So need lots of heat not to break the glass but not too much – my heat gun was set at 200!!

  19. TIPS that would have helped me, hope they help someone:

    – The LCD behind the screen is super fragile.
    – Do not insert any tool on the left or right sides of the screen more than 2mm (VERY IMPORTANT). Top and bottom you can insert nearly all the way to the edge of the LCD panel, but sides do not insert more than 2mm.
    – I suggest setting your heat gun to 100 deg celcius and heat the edges of the sceen until uncomfortable to touch, thats enough to soften the glue.
    – I was very careful but STILL broke my first screen LCD (was repairing 2 phones). On the second phone, I LEFT THE PHONE ON so I could see exactly when I was using too much force and the LCD was starting to flex/distort. This saved my second phone screen and may help you too. If you're doing this I would strongly caution against going above 100c as you may damage the LCD if it's running that hot for long.

    p.s. holy hell this phone screen is fragile, you weren't joking that you said "basically if you're opening this phone [..] expect to replace the screen as well"

  20. i hate the idea of placing the mother board on top of batteries in this htc M series , i also strongly believes that's the reason for the hotness…the A9 doesn't hot and its because the board isn't place on top of the batteries …

  21. Hello jerry, i have a question is it possible to repair HTC 10 with water damage? I dropped my phone on a pool and it turned off immediately after i pick it up from the water and now the camera is dewy.

  22. I've had this phone for 2 years and the battery life has halved. I shall try and fix it myself but maybe I should buy a new phone anyway

  23. I was thinking about replacing the battery in my HTC10. So I thought I'd see if any kind sole has put a video on YouTube showing how its done. This tutorial video is literally the best on the planet. However it's so good that it's revealed to me that it simply isn't worth it due to the extreme level of intricacy and detail you need to be and constantly stay aware of whilst undertaking such
    a task, otherwise youwill endup going wrong somewhere along the way and end up scrapping the phone. Thanks to this video I think the main message is, that if you might not feel up to it, it's simply a much better idea and easier to pay the money and just buy a new phone.

    So 10 out of 10 for this tutorial video. Jerry you are a true and talented engineer and I only wish I had the same skill and competence as you. All the best. Miles.

  24. I have watched this video about 10 times. Every time i think ok i can do this and every time i abort mission because what the fucking hell ??

  25. Hey bro can give me tips or give me solution of htc 626 there is not coming display if i do constantly press the power button the display was start with only blue light so what should i do in this problem i am from india and i am mobile repairer plzzz pllzzzzz give me propar solutions

  26. Jerry, my wife got her htc 10 wet and now boot loops. I bought all the tools you used in this video. Any suggestions as to what I should be looking for while conducting the surgery?

  27. The last motherfucker making a video about fixing HTC 10 said "there`s no glue on this screen" so i just went on thinking i didn`t have to heat the screen. Me: Wooops, there goes the screen….

  28. I just replaced my battery thanks to you Jerry! Some Tips for people doing this would be:
    -Take a look at the front of the screen, the black parts are where you can put the cards through, the middle part which you actually see from is where the card shouldn't go at all.
    -You can see on the sides of the screen the black line is very thin, this is where people mess up. You can not push your card in past this point!
    -I feel like this looks worse than it is, Once the screen is off, just disconnecting the connectors and stuff isn't that bad. I did mess up once by putting the battery ontop of the charging cable on the top right. Do a once over after pushing the battery down.
    -Also the tool kits they give you with Batteries are not good enough, I used a box cutter but you need something good enough to get the small sections
    -I had a heat gun that I was originally trying to use at a lower setting and it was a pain to get that screen off. I changed the setting to 9 which I imagine is 90 degrees idk but once I did that it worked soo much better
    -FYI I have a screen protector on this and I didn't need to take it off there was no damage to it at all.

    All in all, it's not bad but I'm not sure I would do it again. A local cell phone repair place quoted me $90 to replace it. Now that I bought the battery and will have to buy the screen too I'm going to be paying like $60. I will say this isn't as bad as I thought it was.

  29. So I'm a little over a year on my second HTC 10 (warranty claim on behalf of Verizon), and they gave me a refurbished model, I think. The battery is absolute shit now and the power button refuses to work sometimes, so I thought I'd pop by to see if there would be any possibility that I could fix this by myself…. but my god this phone is a mess lol. I'm probably just gonna wait until the issues with the XS subside so I can get that. I had a Galaxy S5 with issues and now this phone's giving me issues. Officially done with Android.

  30. I bought parts for my HTC 10 and took it to get fixed because I knew it was difficult and ASKED these guys if they can fix htc10 and they said yes. Now my back button led doesnt work, the bottom left screen is up and above the frame and the cameras and audio jack don't work. I'm upset and wish they watched this video :(( i went to get the screen and battery replaced

  31. I attempted this…felt like everything went well, but when I got it all back together it wouldn't turn on. Womp womp. O well, for $20 I figured I'd try to replace the battery myself. New phone time I guess…

  32. I just performed this repair and my god it is a complete nightmare. Screen still works but has lines down it so I've ordered a replacement. Everything else seems to work OK after replacing the battery. Need to do a complete test though. I agree with Jerry, buy a new screen just in case because the chances of breaking it are high.

  33. Followed these steps as closely as possible. Wasn't too bad, got the screen off fine, thought I got everything put back together. However, the right button no longer lights up, screen won't come on (not shattered or anything), and makes an odd almost clicking sound when turned on. I'm sure I messed something up on it, but the actual process wasn't as bad as the video made it seem.

  34. Well first off you do a great job, clean, professional and detailed. I on the other hand SUCK at this HAHA I've taken apart a lot of things so I figured you make it look easy, I know it won't be that easy for me but I can get it done………. WELL now I have a phone that while plugged in, the light slow blinks amber. Do you know what could be wrong? I know HTC says that means the battery is very low. IDK probably just going to grab a new phone but the budget is $180 so it's tough. Any thoughts?

  35. i tried fixing my htc 10 and i wish i didnt. my screen wont turn on period now (sad face). none of the ribbons are ripped the led lights function just fine. im guessing i stuck a card to deep..idk….

  36. Just swapped the battery, speakers, switches, and screen….and the screen is showing static then distorted versions of the decrypt screen. When I try and enter digits the screen will move and numbers will change size. Tried unplugging and reconnecting the screen cable and now it's all black. Doesn't seem like the ribbon cable goes in far enough, but it's straight so I'm stuck.

  37. What does the white wire do!? I pulled the housing for that from the motherboard when taking it off, is it even worth continuing to go ahead with the battery swap at this point? Thanks.

  38. Tried this and top portion of the screen doesn't register touches 🙁 Guess I'll get a new phone. Thanks for the tutorial though, did get me through replacing the battery.

  39. This is the best HTC 10 teardown video. Thank you. I managed to change my battery without breaking anything. The most valuable info was the location of the hidden ribbons underneath the battery. It was stuck hard on the adhesive.

  40. Dear Jerry, when i get the battery symbol with a red exclamation mark has it something to do with a faulty battery or the charging port connectors?

  41. Just broke my phone right now… Be carefukl guys! on the finish line after 1h30 of stress, i've finally broke it i don't know how… just order my new screen now i'm good for waiting 2 months. Seeing that, it motivates me to not buyinng another phone. Manufacturers know that everyone will not have the courage to face this challenge and buy the latest iteration. so… no I refuse

  42. Awesome Teardown Jerry!!! Help me massively to replace the battery. Have ended with not being able to connect to a mobile connection. Anyone got any ideas? I've gone over everything a dozen times but can't work it out.

  43. Reminds me of the old school HTC HD2, also very complicated inside with ribbons everywhere. Typical HTC layout.

  44. I know it's an old video but thanks! My first time taking a phone apart and I've managed to replace the battery and screen (while keeping the old one functional). Only issue is that I buggered up the power button while prying, but that's an easy fix, just waiting on the cable. Even though the comments say it's a nightmare, you made it really easy.

  45. Thanks man! – I did it, I didn't break the screen, swapped battery. All good! – Your video had all the tricks


  47. Dang i went to deep in the top right corner. I even separated the backlight layer from the lcd. Still works perfectly except for the top right corner which is totally black. Waiting for my new screen module now for my htc with a fresh battery in it. Great video.

  48. Tried my first battery replacement with this phone. Sure enough, messed up the screen. Guess I should get ahold of some adhesive as well.

  49. So I did a battery replacement. Didn't damage the screen at all. I didn't have to be as delicate as I thought unless I was lucky. And if the average person finds this difficult does this mean I'm ahead of the average person 🤔 anyway that midframe was half the battle for me lol

  50. I just wanna change the battery… can I just disconnect the left side connection and flip the board like a book to the right side?

  51. Phone just returned from the service where they changed the battery. I had to sign a document that I'm accepting a risk of screen damage. They managed not to crack the screen but it does not work on the edges and GPS can't find satellites anymore.

  52. Well, here I am again on screen number 3.

    In December I needed to replace my badly degraded battery. First original grade A LCD was destroyed removing it. No physical damage, my playing card just severed a ribbon cable between the LCD and glass. Battery replacement and LCD replacement was successful.

    This LCD went faulty after 4 weeks. Phantom touches, etc.

    Replaced this LCD. The new LCD was perfectly fine with touch, but had a blue tint where the light was meant to be white. Typing speed was decreased by half, as the digitizer was far less responsive. Think old school capacitive. Now this past week with the heat in the midwest the digitizer has gotten less and less responsive. Woke up this morning and touch no longer works, period.

    Lesson learned, buy an OEM LCD. In my case I bought a used genuine HTC OEM LCD from a T-Mobile HTC 10 with some slight burn-in issues. Grade A condition screens are around $55 which I am unwilling to pay on a phone this age.

    Guess I'll be taking it apart for a 4th time when that arrives. Does this make me a sadist?

  53. Excellent video, was able to replace a faulty battery after watching. Hoping I never have to go back into this phone again after that! Thanks very much for making it.

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