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HTC 8XT Screen Repair, Charging Port Fix, Tear Down

HTC 8XT Screen Repair, Charging Port Fix, Tear Down

Alright, so today we’re going to take apart
the HTC 8XT for Sprint. It’s a moderately difficult phone to take
apart. There are lots of wires and ribbons and stuff
inside that you got to watch out for. We’re going to start off by taking apart
13 screws here along the outside edge. Then there is also one underneath the camera. I will put all of the…you know, any parts
that become available in the video description below as well as all the tools that you’ll
need. So just check right below the video inside
the video description for all the links to all of those. There’s a void sticker right there in the
top corner as well, so doing this does void your warranty but it is a pretty straight
forward thing once you get this casing off. To get the casing, start on the top side there
are two little latches that you just fold back just a tiny bit with your pry tool. Then once those are up or unhooked from the
actual frame of the phone, the rest of it just kind of unclips from the outside edge. So if you unclip it from both sides…and
then along the bottom it’s kind of got a firmer grip around the base of the phone. So you’ll just have to bend that back with
your finger and then the back casing pops away from the screen housing and motherboard. Alright, so now we’re going to take apart
these two screws at the very bottom of the motherboard. And it’s very important that you keep the
screws grouped together so you can put them back in later, because they are different
sizes. The back housing had 4, no 3 different size
screws. And then these screws are all different sizes
as well so keep them separated. Alright, so we’re going to take apart the
digitizer ribbon cable from the motherboard right here, so just lift up the tape. And then there’s a little latch right here
that you flip up and then once the latch is flipped up, you can take the ribbon cable
and pull it out of the connection. These little connectors are more like Legos;
they just kind of clip into place. So there’s one here on the side of the camera
and then there’s one right here on the other side of the camera. So lift both of those up and away. And this one’s a wire cable so it has a
little circular head on it that just clips on – also similar to a Lego. Be very careful when putting these back together
though; it’s easy to bend the edges of it. So take the tape off of this other wire cable
as well. This one goes down towards the base of the
phone. It will unclip right here, so just kind of
wedge it up and it pops off the little nub that it’s attached to. Then underneath this tape right here, be very
careful when you’re lifting it up because there is a little ribbon cable underneath
and if you pull away too hard it will rip the cable underneath and then it will be out
of your phone. So just be very careful and just kind of pull
it away parallel to the phone body, that way it won’t put as much pressure on the cable
itself. So here’s another one of those Lego ribbon
connectors, so pop that up. Then here’s a regular ribbon connector where
you have to release the latch. So pull off the sticky tape, flip up the latch,
and then the little ribbon just slides out. This is the battery connection right here;
it does have two little screws on it. So undo each of the screws and then the connection
pops up just like the Lego ribbon connectors. Just like that. One more wire connector here you just have
to wedge up. Windows phone has a lot of these. Alright and then the last connection is this
speaker wire right here. You just lift it up and out. And there you go. There’s the motherboard. Alright, so now we’re going to work on the
top section – the top circuit board. So there’s the little ribbon cable right
there for the audio jack. Just lift up the little ledge, pull out the
cable and you’re good to go. This one is more like a plug, like a wall
outlet plug. You have to pull it out. This is for the vibrator. Once the one side is out, you’re good. And then there’s another cable along the
top. This is for the power button. So you have to just very gently wedge it up. It’s stuck along the top with tape. And then also just a little bit on the back
of the phone as well. So just kind of peel it back. Once again, if you rip that, you’re kind
of screwed so be very very careful with that. And then the last connector on this top circuit
board is one of those little Lego ribbon connectors on the very back. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to
fold the part over, and then you have access to it. Then you just pop it off just like you did
with the other ones. Just like that. Okay, so here are the cameras. Both the cameras are replaceable, you just
adjust the little ribbon connectors that you latch up and then pull out. I’ll put the parts in the video description
below, as soon as I can find them. Amazon is the best place for parts I think. So here’s the battery. It’s an 1800 milliamp battery. So we’re going to pull it away from the
housing. It is glued on so you might rip the little
black covering on the battery. It’s not a big deal. It’s not an actual part of the battery,
it’s just a covering. I’ll show you as soon as I get it pulled
away from the phone. So very gently I pulled it out and you can
kind of see here on the back side it’s just ripped a little bit. Then here is the bottom speaker housing. So this is where the loud speakers are. So I’m going to pull this away. There are 4 screws around the outside and
then you just kind of wedge it up with your pry tool. And we’re good to go. Then here is the charging port. The charging port is fairly easy to replace
as well. It’s mostly just glued down. Just peel it up and then place the new one
in the same spot and you’re all set. And this is the screen here. So this whole piece is the screen. This is what you’re going to be replacing. The actual glass is glued onto the LCD so
it’s almost impossible to separate the two. Okay, so now we’re just going to reassemble
the phone. Toss the speaker back into place. Screw it on with those 4 screws again. And if you need any of these parts, the video
description below is where you’ll find them. Amazon is a pretty cheap place to buy phones
as well, so I’ll throw in a link in the video description as well for where to buy
the phones. Usually you can get them for a penny. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Anyway, so pop the battery back into place. The glue should still be sticky on the back
of this so it should be very secure once you get it back into place. Anyway, grab that little Lego ribbon connector
and place it in and it should click back into the slot where it was before. And then make sure all the little wires and
ribbons, like this little vibrate wire right here, are pulled up through the slots and
not just pegged below the circuit board otherwise you’ll have problems when you try to get
your phone running again. So now I’m pulling out this little ribbon
cable for the audio jack and placing it up top of the circuit board as well. Okay so this is for the power button, so just
glue it back into place. There are two little circle rods that pop
up and those are like little guiding slots for the power button so you can just put them
around those. And then start plugging things back into place. So this one is just like the wall outlet plug. Just kind of wiggle it into place, plug it
in and press it in. And that’s how your vibrate works. Then the ribbon cable for the audio jack,
just make sure the latch is lifted up and then slide the ribbon cable into place and
then latch it back down to lock it. So here we have the main motherboard coming
back into place. Just making sure all the little ribbon connectors
and stuff are on the top side of the motherboard. Pressing these back into place just like little
Lego connectors. And then the little wire connectors, be very
very sure that you’re pressing down when it’s directly on top of the little nibble
where it’s on the motherboard, because if you’re pressing down at an angle or wrongly,
it will bend the little lip on the ribbon cable…sorry, on the wire cable. And if you bend that, then it’s never going
to connect right again. So make sure it’s directly above as you
press it into place. So like I said, it’s kind of a little…it’s
a pretty complicated phone. So only attempt this if you’re fairly certain
that you can do it. Same with this ribbon cable – make sure
the latch is up, slip it back into place, latch it down again, and then make sure that
the tape is back on top of it. The tape just makes sure that it doesn’t
jiggle around and come loose on accident in your pocket. And then this cable right here, make sure
it’s attached right to the little connector. And then you see what I’m doing right here? I’m pressing it down on the edge of the
battery. I don’t leave it on top of the battery cuz
the little plastic things that you’re putting it in-between – that needs to latch onto
the back housing. So if you have the cable wedged in there where
I have it, it’s not going to fit quite right. Luckily I fixed it later. Anyway, so all these connectors down here
at the bottom, you know, pretty self-explanatory. You know where they all go, just make sure
the ribbon cable’s in the right spot. And then just be gentle with it. You never want to apply too much pressure
and break anything. Getting the wire cable back into place. I latched the speaker cable down; just press
it into the right spot. And then I took the leftover black tape, after
I screwed in the battery connector, and just placed it over the top so that none of wires
would move around as easily. And this is where it really helps that you
have all the screws in the right spot. So when I take the phone apart, I’m just
testing it to make sure it turns on right now before I put the back housing on. When I took the phone apart, I made sure to
put the screws in a spot where I could remember where they go. So kind of like in the outline of the phone
or in groups together. It helps out a lot. So anyways, the back housing just clips back
into place just like it came off. You’ll hear little snaps all the way around
the edges. Then comes time to put the screws in. The 4 larger screws go on the very top. The 4 medium screws go around the edge, and
the 4 smaller screws go around the base. And I believe the screw right below the camera
is a medium size screw. I can’t quite remember. So maybe you can leave a comment in the video
description if you figure out if that’s a medium or a large size screw. Anyway, if you have any questions make sure
to leave them in the comments below. I usually respond every day or so to the comments
that are made. And yeah, if you have any questions let me
know. And don’t forget to “like” if this video
helped ya. So yeah, don’t forget to subscribe. It sure does mean a lot. Thanks for watching!

19 thoughts on “HTC 8XT Screen Repair, Charging Port Fix, Tear Down”

  1. Like do a review video? This video was made just to show how to fix the phone. Ill make a review video in a week or so after ive used the phone for a bit.

  2. I have had mine for 2 days now, and the screen is a lot better then I thought it would be. they did a great job with it only being 400×800. and the sound is amazing on it. only thing is you will need an SD card.

  3. Can you PLEASE PLEASE tell me how you 1st took off the back of this phone! I have a micro SD card I will like to install on my phone. But it is hard as hell trying to get it off and I'm scared Imma break it :'( PLEASE HELP!

  4. Just take both thumbs, and press downword and upward, just like I did in this video. Dont be afraid to use a little bit of force. The phones are pretty durable.

  5. Dude, how in the f*** do you know where all those tiny ass cables go once its time to put it all back together?  Do you have a break down manual or you just basically learn from trial and error?   

    Also have you ever heard of the screen slightly flickering while typing in the text message screen?  its hardly noticeable but I just got this phone yesterday and If there's a problem I want to act fast.

    Oh, and great video – Thanks – Sub'd!

  6. Why is there no 8XT screens ANYWHERE on the internet?!?!?!?!?!?!  Great video, but you suggested there were screens on amazon.  There are not.

  7. do you have a amazon link for the plain unlocked HTC 8X so far (not on amazon) i was to find a used refurbished one for 60$

  8. thanks for the post! how do you take apart the screen? or is it attached to the gray base (part that becomes visible after removing battery). need to get water out of phone. thanks

  9. what do I fix if the phone charges but when it's charged enough to turn on it's stops charging would it be the charging port ?

  10. Thanks for this video.  Seems my battery is on its last legs. I love the phone and am loathe to toss it away.  Sprint has stopped sales and support Windows Phones (stupid), and most Windows Phones are not compatible now with Sprint's network (W/CDMA).  I would switch from Sprint before I would give my Windows Phone!

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