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HTC Evo 3D cracked screen fix replacement Sprint Phone

HTC Evo 3D cracked screen fix replacement Sprint Phone

Alright, so today I’m going to show you
how to take apart the Evo 3D and replace the screen on it. The screen does have a crack. So basically, you know, take off the back,
take out the battery. Make sure the phone…you know, obviously
it would be off. I’ll put all of the tools and stuff and
also the replacement parts that you’ll need for this project in the video description
below, so make sure to check that out. There are 6 screws around the outside. There are 4 of them in the corners that are
kind of like the star shaped screws, and those come with the screw driver kit that I’ll
put in the video description. And then the two that I’m taking out right
now are just your normal Philips head. And I’m placing the screws in a way on the
mat that will let me, you know, put them back in the phone fairly easily. I’m taking my little pry tool, you can use
a plastic or metal one, and just kind of go between the back frame and the screen. Just kind of like wiggle it loose and the
back section will pop off just like that. There are 2 screws on the motherboard, just
your regular Phillips head; they are small silver screws. Just put those over there. And then there are 4 ribbon cables around
the outside and you can see me taking my pry tool and lifting up the little white section. It’s like a little latch that lifts up. And once you’ve lifted up all 4, you can
take your pry tool and just kind of, you know, pull along the edge of the ribbon cable (there’s
a little lip right there you can press against) and it will pull the actual cable out from
the connector. So once you’ve gotten those 4 cables out,
then we’ll be able to move onto the next step. You also have 2 options here with the vibrator. You can either unplug it, which is what I’m
doing, or you can, you know, wiggle the vibrate motor out of the back frame. Since my replacement screen is coming with
it’s own little vibrator, I am unplugging it, and it just feeds through that little
hole right there. Then once you take the motherboard, bend it
back over and lift up the little heat tape on here. There are 2 more ribbon cables that you have
to unlatch and then slide out. Then they pull out really easily. And there’s the bottom circuit board that
also has one ribbon cable in it. So I unlatch that and remove the tape that’s
holding the ribbon cable to the latch. You can see me take that off right here. Then once that tape is off then it slides
out like any normal ribbon cables. And then you have your 2 circuit boards attached
by the antenna wire there. And then the broken screen is out, and this
is the new screen. It’s the LCG-digitizer combination. I’m not replacing just the glass, I’m
replacing the whole screen. Pop the ribbon cable back into place for the
reassembly. Latch it. And you can put that tape back down on if
you want. The tape does stick pretty well. Anyway there’s this black protective piece
of plastic that you have to bend over in order to get the ribbon cables into place. This just helps so that the ribbon cables
don’t get cut on the board at all, you know, when you’re working on the phone or when
it’s in your pocket. Then you can use the little lips on the sides
of each of the ribbon cable to press it all the way in. Then make sure to latch it back down again. And then make sure there’s nothing underneath
the motherboard as you put it…set it back into place. Feeding the vibrator wire through to plug
back in again. And then it’s just reattaching all the ribbon
cables the same way that you’ve been doing it before with that bottom part of the circuit
board. Press into place and latch it. Once again I’ll put all the links for the
tools and the screens in the video description below, so just click down there. I do all of my stuff through Amazon. It’s the most reliable and usually the cheapest. Getting everything positioned just right is
pretty difficult. If you have a pair of tweezers that would
help out as well. Taking the two screws to the motherboard and
putting those back into place. And then make sure this antenna wire on the
side…there’s a little groove for it right above the camera button and then it just fits
right down inside that corner right there. You’ll hear the back housing snap into place
all the way around. And then don’t forget to put the screws
in. I’m just going to turn on the phone just
to show you that it all works. Anyway, if you have any questions make sure
to leave them in the comments. Don’t forget to “like” if this video
helped you and don’t forget to subscribe. I’m usually taking apart expensive electronics
on a weekly or daily basis. Anyway, thanks for watching.

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  1. It is my phone, but the screens i use are from the company i work for. I added the amazon one as a convenience to everyone else.

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