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HTC U12 PLUS Durability Test! A Clear Phone w/ No Buttons…

HTC U12 PLUS Durability Test! A Clear Phone w/ No Buttons…

If a company makes a transparent phone, it’s
pretty mandatory that I take a look at it. HTC recently popped out their translucent
HTC U12 Plus. It’s not totally clear, but it’s definitely
a step in the right direction. It kind of reminds me of my Game Boy color
back in the day. Getting a close-up look at the internals,
we can see a bit of the fingerprint scanner cable and maybe a bit of the NFC. We’ll have to wait for the teardown to know
for sure, but I think it looks pretty sweet. If you remember last year’s HTC U11, it
ended up my Shelf of Shame after shattering during my durability test. It was awarded the Least Durable Smartphone
of 2017. It died because there was no buffer between
the curved glass and the metal frame. It looks like HTC has corrected that design
flaw this year by flattening out the glass and adding an intermediary layer buffering
the screen from the frame. But the only way to know for sure is to test
it. Let’s get started. [Intro] HTC has some very unique differences and designs
when compared with other manufacturers, but I’ll get to those in a second. First, we have the scratch test. HTC is also one of the only manufacturers
who have ever used a level 8 sapphire screen on one of their phones, which is a very massive
and impressive accomplishment. This particular U12 is using Gorilla Glass
5 on the display, so it will scratch at the very normal level 6, and a deeper groove at
a level 7. It’s pretty much what all flagships are
scratching at these days. The U12 has dual front facing cameras, which
is interesting. They are both the same type of lens – there’s
no wide angle, just dual eight megapixel cameras that do the whole background blurring thing. Marquez does a good job of showing off the
cameras if you haven’t watched his video yet. The earpiece is made of cloth, and while most
manufacturers make it so that the cover will never fall out, this earpiece is just held
in place with some simple adhesive. With time, this might end up falling out on
its own. There are no buttons down at the bottom of
the screen, but if we flip the phone over we find dual cameras protected with glass. A 12 megapixel main camera with OIS and a
16 megapixel telephoto lens, which I’m a fan of. The more things a phone can accomplish, the
better. This one also films in 4K at 60 frames per
second. The plastic dual LED single color flash is
pretty flush with the back glass panel. You’ll also see several microphone holes
which HTC uses to do some pretty cool 3D audio while video recording. It’s pretty interesting stuff. HTC also claims an ip68 rating on the U12. But with all of these extra microphone holes,
and some stuff I’ll show you in a second, I have my doubts it will work as advertised. The fingerprint scanner is invincible though
– thumbs up for that. Now the sides of the phone are where things
start to get interesting. They are made from metal, but the buttons
along the side are not actually buttons. They don’t click. They are made from metal, but surprisingly
can pop off the phone body. Kind of strange. Now, granted, I understand that not everyone
takes a razor blade to their phone, but it is good to identify weak points. A normal button wouldn’t do this, and once
the capacitive button has fallen off, it doesn’t work anymore. I really doubt this will happen to anyone
with normal use in real life, but a hard drop in the right spot might be a problem. I’m not a fan of this system, and I’d
rather just have a real button. Now my phone won’t turn off and I can only
listen to things at full volume. HTC left their squeeze functionality in place
and even upgraded it to Edge Sense 2. Every time you short squeeze or long squeeze
the sides, something will happen. Personally, I set my short squeeze to open
up my Audible app because that’s just the easiest segue into the sponsor of this video. The book I’m currently in the middle of
is The Martian. I actually use Audible quite a bit. Yeah, there’s movie, but the book goes into
way more detail about how the guy stranded on Mars jerry-rigs his way to survival. And the book is free with a 30-day trial by
going to or texting the word “jerryrig” to 500-500. If you’re into science and survival, it’s
pretty interesting. Plus, you get to keep the book even if you
don’t end up using Audible after your 30-day trial. It’s seriously a win-win. Text “jerryrig” to 500-500 or click the
link in the description: The top of the phone, as far as I know, does
not have any touch sensitivity, but it is made from metal. The SDN SIM card tray is also made from metal. At the bottom of the phone we get one of the
two stereo speakers and a USB-C port…but no headphone jack. HTC has chosen to continue in Apple’s footsteps. Some people like losing options, but personally
it’s not my favorite. The HTC U12 Plus is rocking a 6 inch, no notch,
1440p super LCD display, and lasted 10 seconds under the burn test. The screen did go black, which is normal for
LCD displays, and then the whole thing recovers, minus the oleophobic layer of course – that
just evaporates. Let’s take a closer look at this new buffer
layer HTC added between the glass screen and the metal frame since my video last year. It’s not made from plastic and it doesn’t
feel like aluminum. It might be stainless. But since the glass is flat this time around,
it might just work, and keep the phone in one piece. The initial bend flexes the phone quite a
bit, which I imagine is necessary because HTC needs soft metal for their squeezes to
work. Flipping the phone over and bending again,
we still get that same massive flex, and we see that the back adhesive comes completely
detached from the phone. The back glass is not structural since it
just rests on top of the frame, but it is important to the water-proofing. And now the ip68 is an ip-nothing. There is no shattering of the screen though,
which is ideal. Last year’s phone was pretty much obliterated
at this point and non-functional. HTC has done a good job of fixing that particular
issue. The thing that makes me doubt the ip68 water
resistance is that the back panel is able to be removed super easily. It will probably never come off by itself
of course, but it shouldn’t be able to be removed by hand. This is the weakest adhesive on a glass back
phone that I’ve ever seen, but we’ll save the teardown video for another day. Even though the side buttons can fall off
and the earpiece might fall out, and the weaksauce adhesive on the back panel might not be water-resistant
if you ever sit on it, the HTC U12 Plus probably has a great personality. Just plop a case on there and it should last
a while…if capacitive buttons even work with a case. I just know I won’t be using this phone. If you want to find out if the astronaut escapes
from Mars or not, go grab your free book from Audible. The link is in the description. And come hang out with me on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks a ton for watching, and I’ll see
you around.

99 thoughts on “HTC U12 PLUS Durability Test! A Clear Phone w/ No Buttons…”

  1. I like to think manufacturer's take lessons from your durability videos if only because of your voice!

  2. EVERY YouTuber ends up focused on money only. Jerry is no different, you had an amazing channel which is why you gained do many viewers, but now you're just a channel full of ads, ads, ads, ads, I wish there was still a YouTuber that enjoyed making videos, but now it's all about the money, I enjoyed your channel when it was alive, rip, wish you didn't give it up

  3. I really hope their next one is better.. I loved their products, but sadly had to change to a modern leading phone company this round..

  4. i have this phone and im kinda disappointed with the durability. my old htc one m9 survived much more. also it uses some odd recording format and i haft to convert my video files to mp4 if i want to upload to Instagram. if anyone knows how to fix, this please let me know

  5. To make a phone transparent use optical fibre in need of motherboard and a mother board made of clear resin! Just a small idea, out come maybe good or horrible who knows?!

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  8. "If a company makes a transparent phone, it's pretty mandatory that I take a look at it."
    What about HTC U19e? It can be ordered and shipped.

  9. hTC; once pioneer in Innovation 😭
    Amaze 4g, M7, and many others where design and other features were just remarkable. Sad to see now they are dead 😪

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    Not usual in your test so I start to be suspicious about your objectiveness.
    Plus adds for A..z.n no more freedom and lose of trust.
    Next step is what… Only US product are good…
    Very disappointed about your choices m8

  13. Using this phone for one year now, it's a resistant phone actually, I also give it a cold water wash after going to run once in a while when I take it with me and I can say it is still like new. One of my favorite phones ever! And the sound it captures while recording is amazing. I have two videos that you can listen to the sound quality in my YouTube

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