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Huawei Honor 9 LCD Screen Repair Guide | Back Cover Replacement

Huawei Honor 9 LCD Screen Repair Guide | Back Cover Replacement

Hello and welcome to MyTrendyPhone repair videos. My name is Steve, and I’ going to guide your through the process of replacing the LCD, and the broken back glass of the Honor 9. Be advised that MyTrendyPhone cannot be held liable for any damage you cause during the repair. You will need just a couple of tools for this repair: The SIM eject tool, the metal spudger, tweezers, heating gun, Phillips screwdriver, some glue, and spare screen and the back glass. Start by switching the device off and removing the SIM tray. Heat up to the device and remove the back cover using the metal opening tool. Peel off the bottom portion of the protective film. You will use that later, so you don’t need to remove it completely. Remove the following screws. Now, remove the upper metal shield, so you can reveal the battery connector, and unplug it immediately. Proceed with removing the loudspeaker assembly. Then disconnect all the bottom flex connections. Apply some heat to the front of the phone, so you can separate the screen from the frame. You’ll notice that the screen’s flex cable runs under the battery, so you’ll have to remove the battery first, and then unplug and remove the LCD. Be very patient and careful. If needed apply heat to loosen the glue. When the battery and the screen are successfully removed, clean the frame from the glue residue. Transfer to speaker grille from the old screen assembly to the new one. Do the same with the front mounted fingerprint scanner. Apply fresh glue all around the frame, then, set the lcd down, and connect the flex cable with the motherboard. Now you can put a battery back. Use double-sided adhesive tape if needed. Reconnect all the bottom flex connectors that you unplugged earlier, and then reinstall the loudspeaker assembly. Re-plug the battery, and put the metal shield back. Redo all the screws, and seal the ESD protective film. Now, you can install the back cover, which usually comes with the adhesive tape preinstalled. Once you have correctly positioned the glass, put sam clamps on it until the glue dries. You can now turn-on the phone and the repair is done! If you have any questions please write them in the comment section. See you soon with a new video.

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