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Huawei Mate 10 Lite Waterproof Test | Huawei Honor 9i

Huawei Mate 10 Lite Waterproof Test | Huawei Honor 9i

in this video we are going to perform a water test on huawei mate 10 light while we mate in light is not waterproof before testing I checked the functions of the huawei mate 10 light washing test I sprinkled water all over the phone this simulated the scenario where the mobile phone gets wet on a rainy day the touchscreen is not responding to the water drops I think huawei mate 10 light is splash proof I’ll keep it like this for 30 seconds and then I’ll watch the phone [Music] let’s see whether the phone cell works fine water may have entered the interior of the phone but the phone is performing normally no disorder response of the touchscreen even though there’s water on it the display looks good perform smoothly the camera is clear loud speaker is also working normally and merchants test let’s try playing video underwater [Music] they started the timer of Samsung Galaxy s8 plus the inversion test was supposed to last for five minutes but when the phone entered the water I saw bubbles coming out of the phone [Music] bubbles came out from the loudspeaker the headphone input was dripping water the loudspeaker was very wet although the water is there the audio quality is still good in order to continue to the next experiment I need to dry the phone shower test [Music] the camera is clear while we made 10 light works normally after the inversion test in this test the SIM card slot which is not waterproof will face up with water slip into the SIM card slot let’s see while we made 10 light will stay under dredging water for 30 seconds thirty seconds later [Music] when I took the phone out of the water tank I found the rear camera a little blurry [Music] there is water mist in the lens it is clear that water has entered the interior at the phone there is moisture in the camera last glass no issue with the touchscreen the other functions of the phone are normal there is water on the back of the phone I wipe the water on the back of the phone and see if the camera is clear oops while we may 10 light blacks out [Music] it cannot boot any more they disassemble the phone and check the internal conditions [Music] there is water inside the phone the battery is wet too [Music] there is water on the motherboard I wrapped wet phone parts in a dry paper towel two days later i reassemble the phone and tried to boot [Music] the focus would normally my huawei mate 10 light survived the display looks good perform smoothly loudspeaker is also working normally [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. Huawei Mate 10 lite is also known as Huawei Honor 9i.
    Replacement parts
    Global consumers:

  2. Yo lo tengo nuevo y lo sumergi para ver que pasaba jajaja y sigue andando re bien, solo se le mojo un poco el parlante pero en 5min se arreglo solo

  3. Thanks bro I appreciate that God bless you brother…😍😍
    شكرآأإآ لك يا أخي أقدر ذلك المجهود بآأإآرك الله فيك…😍😍

  4. Fake tho xD (My Honor i9 failed the 💦 test. Was in water for a while..) Just don't be silly and don't trust everything you see. 🛶 Test failed xD

  5. Para mi parecer es uno de los dispositivos mejor fabricados por la firma China.
    Yo lo tengo casi 1 año se me ha caído se me ha mojado y así muchas peripecias y esta en perfectas condiciones, amo este dispositivo

  6. Great review man! Really great.
    I guess as long it's not sea water and you're a bit handy, you'll be just fine, calling from under water. 😂

  7. Idk but my dad have this phone and he accidentally fell from him in the pool but the phone isn't working idk why the phone is completely dead

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