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Huawei Mate X Hands-On: The Folding Phone Is The Future

Huawei Mate X Hands-On: The Folding Phone Is The Future

– [Michael] Seeing a folding
phone from a distance is a flash of confusion,
a cognitive dissonance. Just doesn’t seem possible that this becomes this by doing this, and while holding it in your own hands should convince you that it’s a reality, it’s somehow just easier to believe that your senses are lying to you, but the Huawei Mate X
is a very real product that you’ll soon be able to
buy for a very high price, and if it delivers on
even half its potential, it might just change
smartphones as we know them. – Woo!
(upbeat music) – [Michael] The Mate X promises
the same practical benefits as Samsung’s Galaxy Fold,
announced a week earlier. It gives you a one-handed smartphone and a two-handed tablet
bundled into one mobile device, but where the Galaxy Fold closes around its primary display to protect it, the Mate X flips the script. Its display becomes the casing
when the phone is closed. In some ways, that makes
the Mate X more elegant than Samsung’s offering. There’s no need for a
smaller outer display as there is on the Galaxy Fold because the Mate X is basically
all screen when closed. A 6.6-inch display canvas on the front and a 6.4-inch area on the back, and because it’s an outie instead of an innie like the Samsung, the Mate X can collapse into
a nearly fully flat package. Now, you probably don’t need
me to tell you the downside. A display like this has to be plastic because the glass doesn’t fold. So you’ve got this super soft skin that’ll get scratched up
a lot faster than glass, and it also means that the surface texture is nowhere near as smooth as glass, at least on this early unit. We’re still months from an official launch so Huawei has time to work this out, but even so, perfection seems improbable. (techno music)
Let’s talk about how it works. Converting the Mate X from phone to tablet is surprisingly tactile. See, you click this
button to release a catch which lets a spring pop up
one side of the display. Then, you sort of peel the phone
open like a backwards book. You can leave it partially
folded for fun sizzle photos or to attract a crowd at the bar, but most of the time, you’ll
just unfold it all the way until the hinge locks in
place with a soft click. Just like that, you’ve
got an eight-inch display at a nearly square
eight-by-seven aspect ratio, and you might think that shape
demands two-handed usage, but the Mate X has another
clever design element. You know how the Amazon
Kindle Oasis has that ridge running along its side? There’s a grip on the Mate
X that reminds me of it, and it makes one-handed
use much more comfortable. I really didn’t expect the Mate X to feel this light in tablet mode, just like I didn’t expect it to feel as dense as it does when closed. Again, it plays with your mind. That grip also contains
the Mate X’s camera array. While there’s the same Leica co-branding as on Huawei’s conventional smartphones, shooting with this is not conventional. Remember the phone is all screen, so when it’s closed, both
photographer and subject can see the shot as it’s being composed. There are so many questions
left to be answered once I get final hardware. How flat will the screen ultimately be? How well will Huawei’s custom
carrying case protect it? How long will the 4500
milliamp-hour battery last? And look, as excited as I am, there’s reason to be skeptical about the early folding phones broadly and this one in particular. You’ve heard me say it a lot. Huawei’s software quality often lags far behind that of its hardware, even on smartphones that aren’t trying to reinvent the square. Thanks to all those open questions, this isn’t the place to say whether the Mate X will be worth its
(cash register dings) stratospheric asking price when
it launches in a few months, (register drawer closing) and if you’re dubious about
the prospects for this phone, no one can blame you, but what I took away
from the first half hour I spent with my first
folding phone was a certainty that there’s far too much utility, far too much fun in these designs for the format to be
just a flash in the pan. Foldables are the future, and the Huawei Mate x is at the
leading edge of that future. That’s why I’m excited to review it and why I’m giving it
(electronic scrambling) the MrMobile Award
(electronic laser firing) for Best of MWC 2019.
(applause) As for whether it’ll
beat out the competition for Best Foldable of 2019, well, only time will tell. I have not been able to go
hands-on with the Galaxy Fold, so I can’t wait to put these head-to-head when I finally can. I hope you’ll keep
coming back to hear more. Please subscribe to
the MrMobile on YouTube so you don’t miss the full reviews and my continuing coverage
of all things mobile, from smartwatches to electric cars. Until next time. From Barcelona, thanks for watching, and stay mobile, my friends.

100 thoughts on “Huawei Mate X Hands-On: The Folding Phone Is The Future”

  1. I feel like, given what we have seen at this point of both, this is better than the Fold. The biggest downside is the exposed plastic screen, but that's also its biggest upside. It lest it fold flat, has an actually usable single screen unlike the shitty tiny on on the Fold, and the camera usage is amazing with the two displays. It also eliminates the problem Samsung faces with the gap in the screen cover that lets dust under the screen.

  2. Better than Samsung Galaxy Fold but what happens to back screen when you fold the phone and keep it on the table? Scratches?

  3. first of his generation, we need rich and dumb people to burn 2000$ if we want a true working version in a few years.

  4. huawei version look really nice, way more than the samsung one who look like a first generation Iphone…

    hope their version wont have the issue

  5. the design looks a lot better than Samsung's Galaxy Fold, tough i have to wonder if the all plastic outside is gonna be durable. i doubt it would hold up very long when used caseless. (how would a case for this even work tho?)

  6. This is so much nicer than Samsungs, it isn't lopsided when folded, it has a bigger front (normal) screen and it's probably better built.

  7. Apple: Releases $1000 IPhone X and watches world go crazy
    Huawei: Makes $2600 Phone
    Apple: Am I a joke to you???

  8. Samsung and Huawei can take a gamble on edgy new tech and get away with it if it fails but Apple can’t afford to make mistakes as they are under far more scrutiny and it makes national news if they get it wrong .

  9. Why aren’t you guys talking about the background of Huawei? The conspiracy? The ties to the communist party? That stuff is also important when considering to buy. Loads of love!!

  10. The smartphone is folded into a tablet. It supports the first 5G in the world and works really well.

    55-Watt battery charger for Huawei, just 30 minutes, charge from 0% up to 85%

  11. We just need to give these things a few years, and eventually, all problems, big and small, will probably be solved. I wonder what the next innovation will be!

  12. This is why samsung play a tectic to ban this company requesting us android …but soon they find the way out if samsung can play silent game they will work on silient mode.. 🙂

  13. This is the future of smartphones/tablets. Think about it, I can see that if I buy a phone like this with all of the apps I need will I really need to purchase a separate tablet??? No.

  14. Aside from the fact this isn't going to see the light of day any time soon, after the various obstacles Huawei have faced i.e. the ban and price, I just think a borderline square screen unfolded and convex folded method is just ugly and lacks polish. To no finer point: the black bars in movies is gonna be atrocious and nowhere near a cienema experience with lost all the screen real estate.

    Second, I mean, while the phone looks unassuming closed and somewhat ok folded, it just doesn't scream polished or premium the same way the fold does, in spite of the flaws. And officially huawei are still behind with actualy releasing this thing, despite having a default advantage due to samsungs recall and re-release.

    I give it credit for being a tech push but I don't think Huawei quite have the lead with this one as they do with their more traditional phones. Like the fold, it's an idea that need snoring polish but I think concave folding is gonna be the best bet and, with that, a bigger, less comically sized screen with less bezel folded.

  15. It want perfection make a foldable phone if you think you're better just critics but bla.bla.bla would.huaweii engenders can do a better job that you do reviewing and wanting perfection what a joke

  16. Wondering if with a folding phone we are one step closer to true holographic display. Somehow, someway fold the two into a semi V and bam with correct light/laser (at the four corners on the inside of the phone) we will have Princess Leia talking. Errrr…or does that take four real folds? Is it possible with two folds & four lasers?

  17. people who's saying this phone is better than samsung or whatever. I really want you buy this phone over samsung. PLEASE dont buy samsung. ok? get this piece of shit and regret yourself later. how the heck you could think this phone is better in design and usage in real-life than samsung?Plesae buy this 'backdoor chipped phone', Not samsung. Don't get samsung. You said this phones better.

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