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Huawei P30 Pro vs iPhone XS Max

Huawei P30 Pro vs iPhone XS Max

– Huawei have just announced their latest flagship, the P30 Pro, how does it compare to Apple’s
flagship, the iPhone Xs Max? Well, let’s break down all
of the key differences, SuperSaf style. So, initially starting off
with the build and design. Both of these are very, very premium. The iPhone Xs Max has
a stainless steel frame with glass panels on the front and back. The P30 Pro an aluminum frame
with curved glass panels on the front and back. Now because of these curved panels it does feel a little bit more comfortable to hold and it’s not as wide
compared to the iPhone Xs Max. Both devices do have iP68
water and dust resistance, which is great and the P30 Pro also has a few more color
options available compared to the Xs Max. Xs Max just comes in three color options, where as the P30 Pro comes
with five color options and the color options
are also quite striking. You’ve got Huawei’s brilliant finish on some of these colors, which do look very, very good. Now of course, colors are subjective so it’s going to come down
to your personal preference, but you do get more options
here on the P30 Pro. Now for display sizes,
both are very similar and you’ve got all the technology in both as well as which is great, but you do have a much smaller notch on the P30 Pro compared to
the wider notch on the Xs Max. So you are getting a slighter
better screen to body ratio on the P30 Pro, however the iPhone Xs Max does have a slightly higher resolution, so details are going to
be a little bit sharper. You’ve also got 3-D touch. This is where you can push
down harder on certain items to get more options and things, this is something that you
don’t have on the P30 Pro. Now internally, both of these have some very powerful chips sets. You’ve got the Kirin 980 on the P30 Pro. On the iPhone Xs Max, you’ve got Apple’s A12 Bionic chip. Both of these are very,
very fast and snappy. You do have, more RAM. You’ve got eight gigabytes of RAM on the P30 Pro versus
four gigabytes of RAM on the iPhone Xs Max. Now speed and performance, I think both are going
to be absolutely fine. We’d have to do a detailed speed test between these two to find
out specific differences, but we’re also running different software. We’ve got iOS 12 on the iPhone Xs Max and we’ve got Android
with the EMUI 9.1 skid on the P30 Pro. Now of course, we’ve got
Android versus iOS here and I’m not going to go into a battle, a lot of it is going to come down to your personal preference. And when it comes to storage the P30 Pro does get an advantage and that’s because the base mode does
have double the amount of storage compared to
that on the iPhone Xs Max. And you also do have the
option of expanding storage on the P30 Pro, something
you don’t have on the Xs Max. Now this is a nano SD card, it’s not the standard micro SD card that you can pick up from everywhere, so just do bare in mind, but you do have the option
of expanding storage, which is always nice. Now let’s talk about the camera, so with the iPhone Xs Max, you’ve got a dual 12
megapixel camera setup. One is a primary camera
with a f/1.8 aperture and then you’ve got a secondary camera, which is going to give you
two times optical zoom. In my experience, it’s
been a very, very good and reliable camera so far, although I do think it
can improve in low light. With the P30 Pro, there has been a big
concentration on low light and that is because the primary camera, firstly has 40 megapixels, although when you’re shooting, it’s generally going
to be at 10 megapixels to make the most out of that sensor and that sensor is not a
traditional IBG sensor, it’s actually red, yellow, and blue and this is going to be
able to absorb more light. You’ve got a super wide f/1.6 aperture and on top of that you’ve
got ISO sensitivity of up to 400,000. And initial impressions are very positive, Huawei has definitely been doing really well in the low light game, but that’s just the primary camera, you actually have four
cameras on the P30 Pro. The secondary camera is
an ultra wide camera. You guys know that I’m a big
fan of ultra wide cameras, you can get som much more into your shots and that’s at 20 megapixels. Then you have a zoom camera, now this zoom camera is
not your regular two times, it actually uses some prism technology, which is amazing because it gives you
five times optical zoom, up to 10 times hybrid zoom. Now I have to tell you that
in terms of zoom in a camera, this has been the most
impressive that I’ve seen. It does seem to work very, very well and in comparison to the
two times optical zoom on the iPhone Xs Max, you’re going to be getting
much more zoom on the P30 Pro. Then there’s the fourth camera, and this is a time of flight camera. This is going to measure
depth information, and it should help with
your portrait shot. So in terms of camera hardware itself, you are getting a lot more on the P30 Pro, but of course we are going to have to put the results side by side, SuperSaf style, and if you want to see it at that’s SuperSaf style
camera comparison definitely let me know in the comments below. Now in the terms of front facing cameras. You’ve got seven megapixels
on the iPhone Xs Max, on the Huawei P30 Pro,
you’ve got 32 megapixels. They already had 24 in previous devices, now they’ve got to 32. Of course we know it’s
not all about megapixels and I do find that
general on Huawei phones, there does seem to be a
bit of a beauty filter. I’ve got to spend more time
with these to test them out. For security, the iPhone Xs Max does have face id, it’s very secure, very
fast, and very reliable. Now with the Mate20 Pro that
we had previously from Huawei, that also did have a 3-D
facial recognition system, this is not here on the P30 Pro, but we do have an optical
fingerprint scanner within the display and it
does seem to be pretty fast and it does seem to work pretty well. Now which one of these
methods is better for you, is going to come down to
your personal preference. Now when it comes to audio, neither of these come with
a 3.5mm jack unfortunately, so you are going to have to
use either wireless earbuds or you’re going to have to
use some sort of converter. On the iPhone Xs Max does
have stereo speakers, so you’ve got one in the ear
piece and one bottom firing. So when watching media things, they do sound really, really good. The P30 Pro, has a single
bottom firing speaker and you don’t actually have an ear piece, so you’re not going to
be getting stereo sound when you’re consuming media, but when you’re making calls, it’s actually going to vibrate the display to give you more isolated sound compared to a traditional ear piece. So it is going to give you
a little bit more privacy when you are on the phone on the P30 Pro. Now for batteries the P30 Pro
does give the advantage here and that’s because you’ve got a much larger 4200 mAh battery. You are going to be
working with less pixels as well on the P30 Pro and Huawei’s battery management software does do a really good job, in my experience with the
previous Huawei devices, to give you really,
really good battery life. Both devices also support fast charging, however, the iPhone Xs Max does not come with the fast charger out of the box. This is something that you’re going to have to buy separately. The P30 Pro, not only do
you get a fast charger out of the box, it’s also Huawei’s
40 watt super charger. Now this can give you up to a 70% charge in just thirty minutes. Now in practice, it’ll probably
give you around 60-70%, but that’s still very, very
good and much faster compared to the iPhone Xs Max. Now both devices also do
support wireless charging, but the P30 Pro supports faster
15 watt wireless charging and you’ve also got
reverse wireless charging. This is something that you
don’t have on the iPhone Xs Max. This is where you can use your P30 Pro to charge another device,
potentially as well, with the iPhone Xs Max wirelessly. And the speed of this
hasn’t been confirmed yet, I do have to spend some
more time testing this out. It wasn’t so fast on the Mate20 Pro. I hope it’s a little bit
faster on the P30 Pro. Finally looking at the pricing, the iPhone Xs Max does come
in quite a bit higher compared to the P30 Pro and you’re
also getting half storage for that higher price. 64 versus the base model of 128 gigabytes on the P30 Pro. So definitely something to bare in mind you are going to be paying that additional pricing
for the Apple ecosystem. Now the P30 Pro is also
not going to be available in the US and that is because Huawei are still having issues
with the US government in terms of selling those devices. So if you are based in the US, you might have to get it imported. So there we have it guys, that is the Huawei P30 Pro
versus the iPhone Xs Max. Which one of these will you go for if you were given the choice? Definitely drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts, and also let me know which other comparisons you would like me to do with the P30 Pro. I hope you enjoy this video and find it useful, if you did then do hit that thumbs up button for me. If you want to see lots
more content like this, and lots more coverage with the P30 Pro, than be sure to subscribe
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is Saf on SuperSaf T.V. and I’ll see you next time. (techno music)

98 thoughts on “Huawei P30 Pro vs iPhone XS Max”

  1. To me the camera on iPhone is almost like an elitist camera made only for people who have perfect face features. The camera make a reversed photo. The result is horrible on ppl like me with asymmetrical features so you just take mirrored pictures of you looking like a perfect monster. I wish the tech team will correct this major flaw but iPhone after iPhone the cam is still the same. Appart from that it’s a very good smartphone.

  2. Go buy iPhone make USA rich. IPhone it's over priced. I own Huawei it's far more better than iPhone.

  3. The USA is so pathetic… I'm an Iphone user, but im going to go with Huawei now. How pathetic is it that youre gonna boycott a brand and spread fake news because you're scared of the competition. Typical USA imperialist behavior. "Oh look a brand that's better than our nations brand and growing fast, lets try to take it down by any means"

  4. Im getting p30 pro next year.. Will b lot cheaper thn getting it now. Just jumped from P20 to P20 pro last month…

  5. Iphone that can't even open Excel files is useless. Why i ll give about 1000$
    Im a huawei user's and im so happy and satisfaction.
    Iphone users can just watching videos answer to call sending message and takes a photos. But with huawei phones you can use likes your main computer.
    Iphone is down. New trend is HUAWEI

  6. Can I get P30 pro?
    IPhone X Max is also good but not better than P30 pro

  7. Hey Guys im an Croatian guy living in China. Iphone X face ID doesent work, many chinese people have problems with it so Its not that good as mentioned. Im thinking to buy an Iphone X or huawei p3o, and I kinda wanna buy just to support huawei, im not an android fan but im a fan of lw and fair trade, why to support US economy now? So we in EU cant use Google on Huawei ?

  8. Huawei products are far better than over priced Apple , Dumbfuck Trump stop boycotting Huawei products .

  9. Got Huawei and hate it the screen is unresponsive and when you do get it you have to pound the screen, the letter N Is the worse

  10. The phone is OK but screen is not sensitive enough and it looks like I'm the only person who has found a problem with a Huawei

  11. Go p30. ..pretty sure the alarm doesn't only ring in the morning, but remove the blanket!!!Lol dope features …I love the P30 yoohhh

  12. Of course P30 pro. Apple is just bad… it is so expensive and it is worse than all of the other phones like S10 and P30. And also I just like the colour of the P30 pro!

  13. I think both are good. I will get a Huawei just to see how it goes, I had an iPhone for about 2 years now. The iPhone really works well with me, but I’ll switch it up a bit to experience something new.

  14. USA…. no trusting evermore! Since iphone 3gs I was very loyal. But not anymore. And a lot of my friends has change from apple to another phone. Apple computer same bullshit. I have built my own watercooled system with different components. Apple ökoshit is only brainsashing and contolling all your personaldata.

  15. Being selfish of apple they never think about 1 day 1 tycoon will come to rip there ass….HUAWEI is the APPLE KILLER…. apple made a year a.brand but then apple will.make us stupid to buy their product and suddenly they cook another sales again … our phone.will last 8 will gonna be.old when apple decide to release a new one.again… i love huawei

  16. wow I have been an IOS user for a couple years and Now I’m gonna switch too an Android I feel excited!

  17. Imagine wasting 1400 dollar on a base model of a phone that doesn't have special features 😂 Thank God I just switched from Apple.

  18. I have a p30 pro disappointed I m giving it to my dad and buying a Xs max ( to be honest I want the Xs max just for the Airpods commands XD)

  19. You know when you get in a rental car on holiday? They're almost invariably the base model, so you look around the interior and see all the blanked out spots where buttons would be in a higher specced model. That was the best way I could explain my experience when I use an iPhone after my Huawei. It feels like I'm holding an older handset.

    I know it's a weird analogy but that's what it reminds me of.

  20. I used iPhone for 10 years, about a year ago I switched to a Huawei p20 Pro, it is Not better than iPhone, Gmail is way worse than the default mail app on iPhone, annoying glitches like starred emails not showing up in starred folder, voicemail has never worked properly, notification always pops up saying I have a new voice message, when I call voicemail nothing is there, the phone randomly crashes to the home screen when typing messages, something no iPhone I ever owned ever did, and the Google play store is flooded with malware, something you don't have to worry about on the apple app store, I got bored of iPhone being the same thing year after year so I switched to Huawei and yeah, I've tried both, in my experience I phones are still better quality built and run with fewer glitches, literally the only thing I prefer about my p20 Pro is the contract deal I managed to get with my carrier (02), you could never get the same value from an iPhone, but that's more of a marketing issue than a hardware issue, iPhone still wins for me and Il be buying the next iPhone after my contract on my p20 pro runs out


  22. Apples the best but the most selfish company ever. And a Android will always have the upper hand in terms of fetures, other then that iPhone is all about statistics. If not don't get a iPhone.

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