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2019 is an interesting year for Huawei. They were doing really good in the first half
of the year but they found themselves at the center of a global tussle between the US and
China limiting the business US companies could do with it, and leading to Google blocking
Huawei’s future access to Gooogle Apps and services. In the face of all of these setbacks, they
decided to launch the Mate 30 Pro lineup without Google apps and play store. The lack of Google services seriously limited
the Mate 30 range’s appeal to western consumers. As a result of this, Huawei launched the Mate
30 Pro exclusively for China. Now it’s looking like Huawei will not get
access to Google apps anytime soon which means their future phones including the flagship
Huawei P40 Pro look set to follow in the footsteps of the Mate 30 Pro, meaning they won’t have
access to Google’s apps or services either. That really sucks because these are really
good phones but what can you do. With that being said, rumors about the P40
Pro are swirling on the internet for the past few days suggesting Huawei could do something
revolutionary with the P40 Pro lineup. In particular, rumors are saying the P40 Pro
will have a 5500mAh graphene battery. But before you get too excited let me tell
you it’s a total BS in my opinion. First of all these rumors originated from
this guy, who also shared the full specifications of the handset. Some of them makes sense, some of them don’t. He has no track record, it’s highly unlikely
to get the full specifications of a high profile device 3 months well in advance. So my advice is do not believe these rumors,
it’s totally baseless and the graphene batteries are not even ready to be commercialized yet. Samsung is making the graphene batteries for
smartphones, considering the revolutionary aspect of it I don’t think they would let
their arch-rival Huawei use it first before using it on their own device. So don’t believe this guy. I wasn’t going to actually talk about this
considering how stupid this is but a lot of big publications were covering it and a lot
of you were asking me whether or not the rumors are true, so I had to make a video. The bottom line, these specs are totally baseless
so don’t believe it. Huawei makes its own processors for its smartphones. The current one is the Kirin 990 which appeared
on the Mate 30 Pro and will appear inside the P40 Pro as well. It’s based on the 7nm process. Now, we already have information about their
next processor the Kirin 1020. It’s codenamed Baltimore and it will appear
on the Mate 40 Pro which will launch in the second half of 2020. It’ll be a 5nm processor, the lower the number
the more transistors fit inside a chip bringing improved performance and more energy efficiency. It’s been reported that the Kirin 1020 will
offer a 50% performance boost compared to the Kirin 990. The interesting thing that you might not be
aware of is that Huawei used Cortex A76 for the Kirin 990 instead of the A77. Their CEO said A77 uses more battery and people
don’t really need that much of speed which is weird because ARM says the A77 provides
a 20% performance boost with no additional draw on the battery. Anyway, the good news is Huawei will directly
jump to Cortex A78 cores on the Kirin 1020. Apple is going to be the first one to use
the 5nm chipset on the iPhone 12. These are made by TSMC and will offer significant
performance boost compared to the 7nm processors. That said, do consider subscribing for all
the latest smartphone tech news and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

100 thoughts on “Huawei P40 Pro – GRAPHENE BATTERIES?”

  1. Talking about huawei products is kind of irrelevant as we're nit going to get our mitts on them anytime soon. As for the graphene batterie, someone had to open their mouth and blatantly spill some bs.
    It was inevitable.

  2. 50W charging and 5500mah in phones is already achievable without graphene, it'd be weird if they went for graphene batteries without using the benefits graphene provides.

  3. Something you need to consider is where batteries are concerned I sincerely believe Samsung learnt their lesson after the note Fiasco even if Huawei is going to introduce graphene batteries first Samsung is in no hurry to have history repeat itself. In all likelihood Samsung will roll it out in the A-Series first.

  4. Don't believe what huwaie says. They will just lie to get people excited and later they will give bs excuses about not having it.

  5. I don't like what is happening to Huawei without Google services, but Huawei is sketchy in the way they conduct their business. The USA has reason to be cautious.

  6. You always have the best tech videos. You are probably used to me saying this by now, but you deserve it. Keep on keeping on, brother.

  7. Huawei itself is a total BS
    The Chinese govt. is opressing millions of Ughyur Muslims and keeping them in Concentration camps.Their children are being the Chinese community and several acts of criminals are being done against women. I won't forgive Chinese Govt. as well as Cheap Spying Huawei company

  8. C'mon Sal, you don't need this kind of title.

    Writing "GRAPHENE BATTERIES" big into the title but saying it's BS in the first 3 seconds.

  9. Great video sal again. A request (as i always make 😅) — Make a video on the rumoured OnePlus wireless earbuds please.

  10. I think the P40 Pro will come with 4500mAh battery
    same to what happened with the P30 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro both of them have 4200mAh
    and the ones before them P20 Pro and Mate 10 Pro 4000mAh.

  11. Maybe they wan to try on other phones and after the feedback of costumer samaung will bring even in the own phones this have been done even before

  12. Huawei's founder & CEOs lie and talk pure bs as soon as they open their mouths 🙄 I mean isn't the SD865 more efficient than the SD855 despite using A77 cores?! 🤔
    how is huawei planning on getting trust from customers & governments when pretty much every other statement the make is a lie?
    the reason they didn't use the Cortex-A77 (and Mali-G77) is simply because ARM cut the ties with them due to the ban and they didn't want to risc using last gen SoC on the Mate 30. But the Kirin 990 is just an overclocked 980 with an integrated 5G modem. Now that ARM confirmed their technology is UK based and they are not effected by the ban they go for the A78.

  13. One point i dont agree with. Samsung COULD test new technologies on Huawei, before applying them on their own phones. Specially, when is about new kind ow batteries. I think, that Samsung don't wanna any explosions more in their own flagships. Much better, if the competitors phones eventually explode, and Samsung got paid for batteries anyway XD

  14. The speed of flagship chipsets have come to a point where it really doesn't matter anymore in real life. It turned into overkill last year already. Just bragging rights now, nothing more.

  15. Bro see the New video Of Gary explains With the Speed test With Snapdragon 865 reference device vs iPhone 11 Pro max With A13 Bionic and Snapdragon 865 is now equal or better than A13 by a little and make a video for this please Bro😃

  16. For the people who don't know any better, it is easy to see why they would fall for it but for everyone else, they should know that graphene batteries isn't happening anytime soon.

  17. graphane is not gonna happen in next 2 years its still in research stage and its not ready for anything they are still looking for properties of the element

  18. They have new tech that allows a different cell configuration within the battery, resulting in roughly a 50% increase in storage within the same amount of space that was previously required. Though, thos doesn't mean graphine in any way. You can still expect typical charge times and battery cycles with these new batteries. I think graphine still has a long way to go before we see it in any products.

  19. That leaker is probably the same guy who works in "Microsoft Support" in India who would call you and say your computer has a virus and he can fix it for $500.

  20. pls stop producing stupid curve useless display. you will increase more profit if you keep doing flat display and improve it in the future.

  21. In 5 years, Apple will copy the graphene battery on their iPhones and people will go crazy over it

    Also: 5nm, that is basically the lower limit for transistor sizes, unless we discover the magic bullet (metaphorical) in quantum computers, that's basically the architecture we're gonna be seeing in smartphones for a long while (Once it's adopted).

  22. My not10 plus is performance poor bad with exynose in india I played pubg in not 10 plus and my ping is very low and my game is frame drop and enemy kill me I hate hate this processor. But snapdragon far better performance than not 10 plus exynose snapdragon is amazing performance in low network is really amazing please give snapdragon 865 in s11 in india

  23. Its official huawei will use graphene battery

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