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i AM REBECCA ZAMOLO and i Work for the GAME MASTER NOW! Mystery Clues Solved and ESCAPE ROOM Riddles

i AM REBECCA ZAMOLO and i Work for the GAME MASTER NOW! Mystery Clues Solved and ESCAPE ROOM Riddles

hey Sam Sam it’s Rebecca and I’m back
here in Los Angeles and just like the gamemaster had said when I got home this
was waiting for me on my bed you guys saw in my last video while in Hawaii the
gamemaster sent me on a treasure hunt to find secret hidden clues and eventually
a mystery box with a key inside that key ended up opening what looked like a
dictionary but was actually a hidden state and when I opened it that’s when I
received this letter you made it your invitation is waiting for you back in LA
now I am back with what I believe is an invitation from the game master but I’ve
waited to open it because I got a DM from him and it says only open it when
you’re alone so now is finally the perfect time to open this because Matt
is gone running errands and I am so nervous
mad I just wanted to make sure okay so Sam can before I open this letter I want
you to comment what you think it says on the inside also you guys the game master
challenged us to get a hundred thousand likes and comments on my last video and
say fam we did it and the video was not deleted so thank you guys so much if you
are one of the ones that liked and commented in the last video comment
below virtual hug thank you guys so much
alright now it’s time to open it I hope you guys commented what you think it
says see if you’re right it says this is your official invitation
to join the gamemaster and help save a youtube check the box on your coffee
table wait a sec so the game master wants me to join him and help save
YouTube does this mean that game Meister is good hates us check the box on your
coffee table is that you mister here right now alright so this probably is
not a good idea but I think I’m gonna go to my coffee table and just see what’s
there check the box and your coffee table this is this is weird because this
is usually when my little it’s all ok damn fam I’m opening it it says insert
me it looks like something that like a USB Drive but also something that you
can put in your phone ok so insert me means put it somewhere
if it’s in this room it must be for a reason right Zam Fam maybe the TV I
don’t know you guys let me know in the comment section if you think this can go
into a TV never use something like this in a TV but maybe you guys do you think
that that’s where it’s supposed to go I’m really bad at electronics so I have
no idea I got it in alright let’s see if this
works oh my gosh it worked I’ve been watching it for a very long
time and you passed the test you are the first youtuber I’ve
recruited to help save YouTube and bring justice back why don’t you say anything
because what makes you think I should trust you you’ve put me through so much
since we got our cabin and you’ve even deleted some of my YouTube videos to do
that I have to test you and train you to think like a game master so when it was
actually telling first let me take you through yeah you left a bunch of creepy
clues to complete tasks that’s why you did that if you’re part of the Sam fam
and you’ve helped me before and you’re willing to keep helping me I want you to
comment in the comment section below I am a Zam Fam fan you know you’ve put hidden
surveillance in places that I did not approve to protect you but what about
all those times you had me running around and I had to escape like in the
abandoned town and when we saw you at the abandoned second cities you needed
to feel the urgency time is always of innocence okay well everyone’s saying you
hypnotized me why would you do that if you’re good and fighting for justice
like you say you are protective what was going to happen at the mansion
you mean with projects or go and CVX I love this state as a clue for you what
about the other youtubers like Chad wild clay Steven Sharer not everyone can be
trusted well what if I don’t trust you Rebecca
have you noticed people are so strange recently
well I guess Chad and V were kind of acting strange when I FaceTime them and
it’s a little weird that Stephen was all the way in Los Angeles when he’s
normally in Virginia but if I decide to do this I have to do it on my own you
can’t force me to make your own decision can I have a moment to think about it
yes the place okay Sam Pham I need your help I don’t
know if this is a trap but the game master actually seems good let me know
in the comment section below if you think I should join and if you think I
should trust the game master he’s making some solid points which actually made me
kind of trust him right now I don’t know what to do
also he said he was going to demonize me but what if he’s actually just
hypnotizing me more and I’ll have to do more things under his control I don’t
know let me know what you think I should do I don’t know I think I’m gonna have
to trust my gut with this one okay I’ll do it I’ll let you do minute eyes me
under two conditions number one no one in my Zam fan gets her
routine number two you change back all of the thumbnails on my channel that you
messed with I coulda put a nice change okay let’s do it
Maximus now sit back watch and listen how do you feel I feel okay
let’s test and see if the D hypnosis works I’m gonna say it phrase to you and
you’re going to tell me how it makes you feel okay come to come to Cochin why do
you keep saying that I feel fine it worked now about your baby you need to
check under your seats you only have two minutes later Sandman can help you now
two minutes I thought it was done two minutes under the seat okay there’s
nothing under it here thank him if you knew it was this heat cushion let me
know okay it looks like some of its missing but read the clues is that
insight and slack slack what else could that be back stat stack okay let me know
if you think its stat and then there’s a car emoji a lipstick emoji an ice-cream
emoji you guys let me know in the comments section what you think this
clue means miss stack read the clues in sight so must be something that we can
see what if it’s all these books on the bookshelf okay Sam family let me know if
you see anything around here that has to do with a car lipstick or ice cream
nothing looks like a car maybe there’s some of the titles of the books might
have something to do with it something
the Sam fam gave me four could be a car you think that’s it you guys let me know
if you think this is the clue for the first one which is car
so now lipstick you guys do you see anything here that could be related to
lipstick nice guys there’s our I don’t know it’s exposure oh my gosh I don’t
even know all these books you guys know what I had someone come and decorate
look or again here makeup makeup you guys lipstick makeup don’t you think
that this would be the right look okay we need one more device okay have you
guys seen anything related to ice cream hurry you guys we don’t have much time
anything related to ice cream cream cream do you guys think that could be it
I don’t know we have to move fast oh this may be okay so maybe it’s supposed
to be the border if we do this on the bottom because this is like the ice
cream one and then lipstick would go on top of that and then for the car one on
top of that chase you like oh oh my gosh Do you guys see? this opened up Oh says for your eyes only and it’s a flash
drive I’m going to take this to my laptop hey guys okay you guys so by
putting this in it means that I am officially joining the gamemaster
and it says for your eyes only do you think that means that I can’t tell Matt
I mean it must mean that this has to be a secret you guys think that I should
join the game master I want you to comment below if you think this is a
good idea I feel like I have gone so far with the game master and I need to
figure out what is next I know I can’t tell Matt alright Zam Fam I’m gonna
do it so no this you

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