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I Answered My Dad’s Phone And It Killed Our Family

I Answered My Dad’s Phone And It Killed Our Family

Hello, I’m Evan and currently, everything
in my life is falling apart. My family, my studies, everything… and all
of it happened just because I helped my father at his work. And I wish I could just travel back in time
or erase what I found out about him from my memory. It was hard to find anyone who didn’t admire
my father. Everyone did. My mother, me, his colleagues and partners. You see, he was a rich businessman with his
own company. But he started from NOTHING. So of course, it’s hard NOT to admire a
man who did everything on his own and still remained a loving husband and father. And I totally wanted to be like him. I didn’t want to take what I had for granted,
I wanted to be as hard-working as he was. And my parents knew this. So my Mom gave me the idea to ask my father
to become an unpaid intern at his company during the summer to learn the ropes. I’m not gonna lie, I loved this idea, and
I thought dad would love it too. But he was so… hesitant about it. Like, he wasn’t sure if I was needed there
and said that I should relax while I’m young. It was weird because he was always saying
how a man should be hard-working, even in his youth. I thought this was a test, but of course,
the truth was much darker… Well, anyway, me and Mom finally got him to
make me an intern, and I was working very hard helping with everything I could. And soon, everyone at the office started to
like me so much, saying how much I resembled my father with my hard work. And I could see that my father was very proud
of me for exceeding his expectations. “I passed the test!” I thought, and it made me work even harder. I knew I was working for my future. But… soon something happened. You see, my father was very strict about dividing
his work and personal life. He would never talk about his work while at
home, because he was fully concentrating on us, like a perfect father and a perfect husband. One day my father went out to some meeting,
and he was supposed to take me home that day. I thought he was busy so I decided to just
wait for him in his office since it was unlocked, and I had been in there many times before. While I was waiting there, the phone rang. It was in his desk drawer, so I decided to
ignore it. But it kept calling again and again, like
every 3 minutes, and I got tired of it so I decided to answer and to say that my dad
was away. Thinking that maybe it was Mom. I opened the drawer and looked at the phone,
and it was… weird. You see, my father had two phones. One was a personal phone, and the other was
a work phone. And this phone… I had never seen it before. I answered the phone and a woman’s voice
said: “Hey…want to come over today, darling?” I quickly turned the phone off. It wasn’t my Mom. I didn’t know what to do or think so I just
left the office and never came back. My mom tried to ask me what happened, but
I just couldn’t tell her. And I knew my father knew, but he just acted
like nothing happened. That was the reason he didn’t want me working
for him… From that point forward I just actively avoided
my parents, because it was too painful for me to see them talking to each other and smiling. And I couldn’t just tell Mom because I found
out about it by snooping around. I started to hate my dad and even my mom for
not seeing what was happening. One day, my mom confronted me for avoiding
them and spending a lot of time outside of the house. I guess she thought I picked up bad habits
or something. I was trying to explain, but she was worried
for me and started to check my bags and everything else for something like cigarettes. My dad just kept silent because he knew what
was really happening and why I was acting that way. But he didn’t say anything, and I could
just feel my respect for him dwindling away completely. I was so angry I said “ask DAD what’s going
on.” There was silence for a long time. Then they left and went into their room and
I had to listen to them shouting at each other for the whole night. And it was my fault, I mean… was it bad
that they were living a lie if they were happy? Then they tried to act normal, like nothing
happened, but I saw how everything had changed. After a few months, my Mom said that they
were getting a divorce and she didn’t really explain, because she knew I knew. Now they live separately, and I live with
my Mom, and she is very unhappy. My dad called me recently and told me that
I did the right thing by telling her the truth. He also said that he couldn’t work normally
after the divorce and that he doesn’t know if he will be able to keep the company. And I just keep asking myself if it was my
fault… it was my Dad who was cheating but… I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore, except that… I would never cheat because… you will be
caught eventually, no matter how good you are at hiding it. And it will ruin everything. Please share this video, so people will know
how easy it is to destroy a family… and if you already know, share your story in the

100 thoughts on “I Answered My Dad’s Phone And It Killed Our Family”

  1. Please share this video, so people will know how easy it is to destroy a family… and if you already know, share your story in the comments.

  2. To be honest cheating isnt really a big deal like my dad has tons of girlfriends and still lived happily of course my mom wont be all that happy about his promiscuous nature but she realised filling for divorce was in a way pointless because in the end he might play with the girls but nothing more the girlfriends cant be more than that besides his wife and his wife alone… So at the end every man no matter how holy must have come across temptation …..

  3. My dad and mom got a divorce when I was about 3 years old and I never got to see my dad because he's in a different country

  4. Bro, I know it is hard being in that Situation but you have to STAND FOR THE TRUTH whatever it may be…

    I know it may be emotionally distracting but you have to live by it and that is where you should STAND ..


    But above all that, you should love your father because he's your one and only father but you should not condone what he has done…


  5. Dont worry buddy, it wasn't your fault. His time was up, for who know how long did the universe waited and given him chance after chance to change his way, but he did not and paid a price, such is karma. Basically, his action was a ticking time bomb, and it blew up indeed.

  6. You did the right thing your dad was right that part no it's not your fault that everything happened the way it happened your father knew what he was doing he's a grown man no one didn't force him to have that affair with that woman

  7. Your fault kid. Definitely your fault even if he were cheating he still treat his wife and you better than any father did

  8. My life fell apart too… for 1 I didnt know I had a dad till I was 16… for 2 I was taken from my mom…

  9. people say they hate cheaters and half of them cheat there damn selves bunch of hypocrite s hope u guys never get cheated on cause it's painful much love

  10. Cheating is NEVER okay or acceptable. No matter what. As to who is the guilty part? The cheater ofcourse. The son just stumbled upon his father's dirt. Such a cowardly bastard.

  11. Its not your fault but atleast ur that he was in the wrong and called you and said he was in the wrong and you did the right thing

  12. Evan? Um no you aren’t Evan , but anyway this guy is a pimp ho! Don’t worry “ Evan”
    He is ugly loser cheater, take all his money and you and mom go live the good life, he be living in his GF’s basement 😂

  13. Hi my name is james I'm 12 I had a great family of four I was the oldest bc my brother was younger than me so much I got a girlfriend next I got a lot of money for working at my dad's work we had a a lot of money but when I got in to my dad office his phone rings I pick it up in here this woman at that time I thot that and I really thought that my dad was cheating on mom so I tell do not TALK TO MY DAD i. Said I told my dad and mom what happened my dad said that that was his ex my mom said she does not like her and that's it the for watching if u had the same problem with this tell us about your story

  14. Eh don't feel bad, like you said, it was going to happen sooner or later… and you should have scared that woman!

  15. I wish all the boys could be like him: hardworking and honest. There are a lot of boys on this planet that are to lazy and would cheat but this guy seems nice!

  16. I'm so sorry about everything you had to go through. My parents got a divorce, too, but it wasn't because of an affair. It was because they just sort of . . . fell apart. 🙁

  17. Just don't forget yes your dad messed up he's only human it's okay to be mad at him it's even okay for you not to forgive him it's not your fault it's better that your mother and you found out sooner rather than later in life I hope you and your mom can pick up the pieces and move forward

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