I Bought $350 Worth of Tech eBay Mystery Boxes

Nice good guys Keaton here and I’m back better than ever looooooooooooollllllllllllllll my mannnnnnn Jatin brooooooo grade 8 jatin \\\\\\ So you guys know how this works basically I hop on this site called eBay you might have heard of it and I buy these things what are known as Mystery boxes here in the internet, you know, it’s a wild play is basically people just filled these boxes up with stuff I buy it a lot of you guys have made your own So we’re gonna hop right out eBay get into it Now before we open up these mystery boxes big thanks to war robots for actually sponsoring this video They have an android and iOS scape. It’s super fun multiplayer 66 games if you want to check it out links down below and since the tactical 66 game you’re gonna need a lot of strategy and that’s something I really love about this I like games a hatch strategy in them because it makes it more fun. So you can choose your own robot You can really define your own gameplay, which is pretty awesome. There’s tons of apps out there tons of games You gotta pick your time you got to be selective and I’m digging this that’s pretty rich 3d graphics and there’s over 90 million players that have already Installed this thing so I’m not the only one playing it You’re not the only one downloading it hit the link in the description get it for yourself and with sweetness There’s constant content updates with new robots Maps game mods. You name it? They’re keeping this thing up-to-date So if you want to settle down on one game This is one that I really like complain it for a few weeks now, and honestly, I really love war robots. It’s fun one It’s not like some of the other ones that I’ve seen so all you gotta do is hit the link in the description below Join me add. Just techsmartt come play along. Let’s open up some mystery boxes So when you hop on eBay, you’re gonna see a lot if you search mystery box You’re gonna see some scams some trash Honestly a lot of crap and quickly go up in the iCard if you guys have missed episode three two and one make sure caught up before you check this out and drop a like, let’s try to shoot for 20,000 likes and I’ll spend $1,000 in the next Mystery Box episode you guys hit it in the last one. That’s why we’re spending 500 bucks in this one It’s tough dude a lot of its mystery box. We’re on trend right now. We are on trend like my hair I’ve had a lot of stuff Xbox 360s iPods. You name it? I’ve had it ooh Mystery box is free shipping. No trash 25 bucks. We’re starting off with a low one charger zero zero two There’s no description on this All right. Let’s check the feedback, you know, all you have to do if there’s no description This doesn’t look good. If this does not look good, he’s got one box up for 51 for 25 We don’t want we don’t need it. All right, we’ll try to find something else a little more reliable Not much insight you just you don’t know. Yeah, honestly do not know with these boxes. Alright, we’re just gonna add it’s a cart and Move on to the next one. Oh, wow. This is a mystery box with contents retailing for 500 bucks So it says here some items might have been damaged mystery box from knockout novelties. What does that even mean? We’re gonna find out no returns and it could be damaged contents retailing for 500 bucks I said 500 would go down here 175 bucks and it’s a card and this episode is brought to you by It’s Fuji back on eBay looking for our third box now this one’s catered to the women mystery box for women $100 $10 shipping, that’s good. That’s insane dude. She has zero feedback Honestly, I don’t think my guts gonna allow me to buy this one. I just it doesn’t feel personalized you know Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter if you guys find any mystery boxes You want me to pick up in the next episode episode 5, it’s crazy. We’re about to be there Ooh, this is it mystery electronics box loaded with electronics and more $100 I’m down free shipping. It says it’s jam-packed. You know, it’s jam-packed Smuckers Wow sounds good with me. We’re on our third box. All right, so I’ve spent 376 bucks so far. Oh this mystery box is 30 bucks free shipping. I know it’s not crazy Let’s check his feedback. Okay, so he basically has no feedback. I hate my life Wow What else is he selling a lot? Dude? This guy’s got hella stuff a lot of mystery boxes. Alright 30 bucks Box 4 has been complete. Where am I? I don’t know where I’m box 5 right now I want I call this bicycle a bit We’re gonna go for a watch since the mystery box watch. I want to watch out for these mystery boxes cool 15 bucks Let’s get that pour under 21 dollars was spent in this video So not the official 500 drop a like next episode a thousand dollars. I’ll make up for it. Here we go Let’s hope he shows up Alright, so it took about two weeks But everything except one box showed up the first box we’ve ever had on this show to never show up So I railed them on eBay feedback their account got banned actually as soon as they sold me at their account got banned So we got four things here looks like the watch showed up something else something else sends something else So let’s get on into the biggest box first. We’re just going for it Alright so this is one of the boxes I don’t even know it’s five boat up in the iCard Which box you guys think was most worth that we only have four to choose from? And a note what is the note set thank you for your purchase basically, thank you for your money This mystery box was happily put together by Michelle. I hope you love it. We got a factory of boxes here Did this bunch of like kids my age making this three boxes together is dude. Everything is wrapped We thought in episode 3 we had a lot of stuff This is custom at the dollar store, he’s on cleanup today So basically if you guys missed it, I’ll leave it link right up in the iCard You probably did the other series where we go on Amazon I don’t know about any of the stuff that’s bought but a bunch of money’s burned basically Well, this is one of the products you checked out. It didn’t work So I’m not gonna waste my time or your time. You’re about to get a burn here boy Yeah, bro burn is deserve messy some headphones Sharper image. Yeah, although I feel a little dull Whoa Arm roll doesn’t armor I’ll make like gloves and Stouffer’s that arm and hammer or wait to see stealth tires Nice another VR headset, what’s that’s so cool. This probably was our $175 box too wasn’t it actually sort of useful. It’s a six port two USB. Ooh winner winner chicken dinner Mmm, this is a SmartWatch. It’s an activity tracker me. Let’s check out these headphones a sharper image, man jeans a little dull But I don’t know how long these headphones have been sitting got some fake leather cups here adjustable headband Got a big head You’re covered dude. Imagine that. That’s whack buddy go get an adapter because my phone there’s another headphone jack All right. This is pretty good. These headphones aren’t too bad. Listen to some Georgia Smith I’ll link below my Spotify playlist If you guys want to follow all bangers, I updated weekly so I want you on my mind all my mind Oh my mind my my my what is love? Sounds good bass is there I can hear a voice which is good. Yeah, these have been sitting for a long time maybe even used So box number two is this what’s open it? I think it might be to watch Definitely watch watch out Sick, dude. Yeah, definitely definitely bro. That’s a $15.00 watch right there. It’s almost like Givenchy Givenchy Givenchy I don’t know if it’s a small watch Kyle. Oh, look at this Mike. Darryl’s gonna love this Wow It needs a battery who gives you a watch without a battery installed Joker’s absolute Joker’s CEO looks my wrists are too fat I broke my hand. That’s a scar tissue like awesome 15 bucks. Is it worth it Alston evidence? alright, this is Item three can’t be called a box I’m not compensating Okay, Kyle, I would have got a katana but you said no we already blew the insurance liabilities on the last one Oh, man, we got some chopsticks. Not again What this is $30 dude, there was no promethazine Included just the Jolly Ranchers. This is a lens kit for your iPhone. That’s neat that’s Actually extraordinary and another watch this one for a guy now if I go and look on ebay I bet I’m gonna find that this was actually the $15 one that came with some free jollies but no mixtape and no purple rain Not a bad watch and there’s a battery in it It doesn’t look like too bad of a watch nice little gold bezel. I think that’s three time zones Maybe even a little temperature check not bad probably So this here is the last box sadly we didn’t get the other one so there’s got to be something good in here We’ve been through a lot in this one It’s arts and crafts time o get okay. We got a salad tosser. Nice. I’ll toss your salad for you What looks like a game of score and what looks like a carrot from veggie gels can paint your own Easter Egg Well, basically this was an Easter themed box and oh There’s one cool thing that’s in here and I got it Both boys and girls is that the coolest thing, you know, the spinner was cool. I mean we might have found the fidgets spinner They call me fidget boy. This is the fidget stick It’s fizzy, okay boys and girls, so this is what’s really cool about the fidget stick. I Got two men right here absolutely block pinches mines are below. So what’s cool by the fidgets sick is because there’s these like rubber pads Basically will You’d one job Whoa, that’s a low price. I probably paid $175 to this box So that’s it for this video episode 4 of mystery boxes, make sure you guys get subscribe by hitting that circle icon right there If you’re new and subscribe to my second channel, if you want to see the daily vlog, that’s it Drop the like I’ll see you guys later. Peace

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