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I Bought All The AirPods on Wish…

I Bought All The AirPods on Wish…

– Hey what’s good guys? Welcome back to Techsmart for
another episode of WishBusters this one is with this one again. – I’m back, baby I’m back. – So in case you guys
are new here make sure you guys check out the iCard
for the full series playlist. It’ll take you to episode
one, get caught up if you don’t know how this works. Basically we go on Wish
and try to find items, we buy ’em and then we try ’em. So that’s what we’re
doing and in this episode, upon popular request you
guys dropped comments in the last one so keep
dropping ’em , we read ’em. If you guys want to check
out anything by the way it’s linked down in the description. Like everything else check
out some of the playlists. We’ve got some good
background music in here too. So we’re jumping on Wish
and we’re finding AirPods. Accessories, things like that. – Just like AirPod imitators
or are we looking for… – Bluetooth earbuds and
Bluetooth earphones. Let’s hop on Wish and
let’s just start adding and call out what you see and make sure, like always in a Wishbuster
episode we check the reviews. That’s basically how it works. Alright boom. We’re kicking
it off with $3 AirPods. It’s $3, for one piece of
course that’s the teaser price. – [Josh] Your right ear is $3. – The right ear, is the left ear too? I’m gonna get the double pair, the one pair with charger and box. I guarantee it’s not $3, no way. I’m gonna get ’em in white, boom. Of course, clickbaited $8,
what do the reviews says? This is a great product to use especially for the iPhone 7 and later. Denise, that review does not sound real. 484 ratings, so pretty trusted seller. Don’t even know how to say it so we’re just gonna buy it,
throw that thing in cart. Josh go find your own stop looking at mine.
– Is that worth $8? Alright I found on it’s 16 bucks. – Tell ’em about it. – 16 Bluetooth V5 smart Hifi earphones. We’ll try it. – Alright thank you. So I got a pair of AirPods here. We got the i9s ordinary or the i10 intelligent. For $34 what do the ratings say? These air pods are fantastic better than apple for a very small price. Alright James, that’s pretty good my man. We know it’s your listing,
thank you for the honest review. It’s not even real so…
– Ooh, I found black… – 37 bucks for the i10 – Black airpods – 12 bucks nice dude. – $12 with a charging bank black airpods. TWS earbuds they come in
like a little pen case. – Oh that’s sweet. Cool white wireless earphone professional stereo bluetooth handsfree headset. Slightly bigger than my ear
but cool anyway for the price. That was from Adeosun from three days ago. So he bought it recently. Josh, discount 2018 new. – Do the discount. – Dude I gotta do the discount. The $1 discount, all the colors sold out for the discount except the pure white. It’s like there isn’t any
other colors to begin with. – I got a good one, power
bank IPX5 waterproof. – Whoa, we could going to the pool? – Yeah, with our earphones Bluetooth. Except if you swim with
them wouldn’t they fall out? – We got six items in the cart you’re not working hard enough. This backpack’s not big enough Josh. – I added four, that’s a lot. – Okay it must not be refreshing. – Yeah you have to refresh,
look at these these are weird. – Alright I’m gonna search something new. Getting tired of searching airpods. I’m gonna search A-E-R-P-O-D-S. Aerpods. – What did you type in? – Aerpods (laughs) (baby speaking gibberish) I’m getting a black one piece airpod. No reviews, we’re going in blind. – 3000 milliamp charging box. Dude this charging box looks wild. – Whoa dude we’re getting
really into the Photoshop here. This one promises a rainbow
comes with a unicorn for $2. The sound is great and it’s light weight. It’s funny that it speaks Chinese. For the price it’s not too bad. You see this is really where we’re at. Six hours ago from Annette so I think this one actually comes to you? Like, she got it quickly. – [Josh] This one’s cool, this
charging case like lifts up. – Alright I’m gonna search
Bluetooth, gotta switch it up. Airpods, Bluetooth 4.2
so not Bluetooth 5.0 which I don’t know is actually
in the ones that Josh found, the Hifi 40s but it says it on there so. Bluetooth 4.2 I mean, if you search Bluetooth Airpods they’re
just gonna come up. There’s buttons on ’em too. – [Josh] Oh wow, why would
you need the buttons? – I think that’s how you
pair ’em ’cause they’re $8. My daughter loves them they
work great, four days ago. Darryl five days ago,
great sound and price. Jason, it works like its supposed to. The config is a little tricky but once it’s set up it works fine. So that’s what the buttons are for. This is what I’m talking
about, Josh, check these out. You gotta just check out that out, for $9 and it’s verified dude. – Definitely 100%. – It’s like Techsmartt Instagram, boom. If you get behind a wall
it’s jumpy a little bit and it the ear piece is at
an angle that makes you sore after a while but perfect for the price. $16 sweat proof neckband,
check that out dude. – [Josh] Why do we need that? – [Keaton] Look at where the earbuds are. – Oh, whoa.
– Like, I think they pull out and they’re just retractable. – I was gonna say that would
be really uncomfortable just sticking out of your ears.
– Yeah Yeah yeah, it looks, yeah okay, in the pictures. Android 16 hours battery black. I’m gonna get the size, nine nine one. Get it in black, works and
feel good around the neck. How many have you got?
– I have 11. – Whoa your budget’s huge my man. 176 bucks, I think I got
more items than you too. – No way, you got all the
cheap ones I got nice ones. – Whoa easy does it there
with the shots my man. Easy easy it’s variety. (thump)
– And just like that, sorry Josh I hit you in the
face there bud, you alright? – I already fell on your vlog. (falling and laughing) – We’re gonna wait three weeks
or however long it takes. Some of these things came early
and we’ll see what happens. Airpods, you ready?
– Yeah. – How do you like your Airpods? – Honestly like they’re nice
– I think I know the… – But they’re not amazing.
– Really? Pixelbuds? Are you a Pixelbuds guy? – No those are really fat
and ugly so no can do. – (sighs) Hard to please Josh. – I am really hard to please. People were commenting in the last video saying I was like negative
and hard to please. Well guess what I am. (beep) – So we’re back, it took about three weeks for everything to come in. And you guys can probably
tell already what happened. We got clickbaited and that is super true. – Like, actually though. i7s i7s i7s, i7, i7s.
– So what we’re gonna do is basically rip open all the ones that look alike. Kind of see if there’s any
similarities any differences. Then we’re gonna try them
out on both our phones and kind of just tell you guys
what’s good an what’s not. The goal is to find the secret pair that is worth a little
bit more than we paid for. Are you ready for this, dude we ordered the same damn thing.
– I can’t believe that we got so many Airpods to be honest. – Well it’s the same one because
the photos look different. And that’s ecommerce for ya. – Wow that actually,
that looks pretty cool. Uh, question.
– For a singular… – Why is there only one? – Question, why is it so dang large? Like, that doesn’t, okay
I got really large ears. Throw that in yours.
– I was gonna say like that looks like it fits dude. Very uncomfortable headphone,
is that the second one? No that’s the charger. – No that is the charging cable. – Wait, it literally only gave you one. – Yeah we only got one. I think
we might have ordered one, or it might have just clickbaited us. That’s the charger dude. – Look at this. – It plugs in like that. – Why?
– Ready? – Well ’cause that’s how they do it. You see? There’s holes on that one too. There’s no inductive charging. – This looks like Bionicles
did a collab with Apple. You know what I’m saying? – If you get that reference
let us know in the comments. – They’re noise canceling because of how thicc with two
c’s these are in my ears. – So to pair these up
all you do is hold down the two buttons on the side. – Wow she sounds like
she’s talking through a really old phone. – It’s true.
(mumbling) – So trying out the i7 TWS’ three, two, and it’s updated every Friday
so link in the description Apple music, Spotify, YouTube,
whatever platform you have. You know just replay those four. – Alright so these sound…
– How does that sound so far? – Really bad. – Mine don’t sound all that bad. – Really? – I mean it’s the same
pair, compared to the price of these, these were $7 Josh. – Yeah that’s true for seven bucks. – Let’s keep that in mind and keep in mind is it a Wish or a Dish on all of these? – Alright alright alright so for 7 bucks – One through five. – For seven bucks this isn’t bad because you’re technically
still getting a Bluetooth like earbud experience, Wish
or Dish one through five, I would say the fact that
they’re gold adds a little bit so I’d give these a three wish. – I’m gonna give ’em a three as well. I’d also say it’s a wish
for $7 they’re not that bad and you know prices always fluctuate so, links down in the description
as you guys know like always. Let’s move onto something
a little spicier. We’re checking out the i10s now. You guys by popular request
slammed the commments on the $4 fake Airpods video. – I’m already in it
I’m sorry I didn’t wait for you at all I opened them. – Whoa these are as good as you guys said. – These are really good. – This case looks like an Airpod case. – Is that USBC? Look at the bottom. – No no no no – I think yeah yeah yeah yeah, 100%. – [Josh] No way, it’s too big. – No it’s not Josh, you wanna know why? – What dude, What? – Whoa look at that LED notifier. It’s the closest to the
clones that I’ve seen but I did also order the i12 TWS. So in front of us we have four Airpods and let us know in the
comments if you can guess which one is the real Airpod. (Keaton and Josh humming Jeopardy theme) (beep) – So the actual Airpod is this one and they really are
similar, if you stack ’em up side by side they’re not
all that bad looking. And these are the i10s keep that in mind. The i12s could be game
changing I’m waiting for those to come in the mail. Oh and what’s really nice is
they don’t charge with a hole. They just charge with magnets.
– Oh they don’t? – Yeah that’s really dope.
– Oh they’re okay so there are – Like they’re legit.
– Here’s the real test. – The real eye
– Does the real one charge with the fake case? – Whoa put ’em in your ears
the noise is delicious. – Delicious I love that. Dude they charge real Airpods. – No way no way stop stop
dude it’s the same technology. – [Josh] I think or it
just geeked out on me, Right?
– Plug ’em in this one plug ’em in this one. Wait did we just find something? – I don’t know, I can’t tell if that means it’s charging, it’s crazy. – I think we might have just
found a little bit of a hack. Hey if you guys have real
Airpods or fake Airpods at home the i10s, try this out and
let us know in the comments. So here goes the i10s hearing test. The bass is there. – I like…
– They fall out. (beep) – How do yours sound? – Honestly this sound is really
good how much were these? The i10s were $24, dude these are really good. – Oh and they autoplay when
you put them back in your ears. – I know I know that’s what I’m saying. – Even on android? – Yeah even on android. – Wait no I think
they’re touch capacative. I think if you touch ’em,
hang on wait check this out. Yeah dude the right ones play and pause. Oh and if you double tap
it goes to the next track. I’m blown away by all technology. – Does it actually, it actually works wow. – Yeah I’m telling you
the right i10 works. So if you take it out it doesn’t pause it. I think my finger touched it last time, just so we’re totally accurate. Wish or dish Josh? – Dude wish five out of five. – Five all day from this side wish, wow. – You guys were so right. – The only thing I will say
is I wonder what the battery life is on these compared to the Airpods. I bet that it’s not good, I
bet it’s not like the best. But for $24 compared to Airpod
price I would go with these. – So how much does this pair go for Josh? – Ten beans dude. – Ten beans, price is
always changing on Wish. This is like this tube
pair, it’s Bluetooth 4.2. Now you put this in your pocket and you say you have something going on. – Watch your profanity. – Oh these look like the Louis V ones. The headphones,
– Oh dude it can… – Dude this is really small
– It can charge your phone, it’s got a USB port. Led indicator right there. – I mean if they make the case that big I hope you can do something
other than carry these. Oh wow the most uncomfortable
thing I’ve ever put in my ear. I feel like I’m sticking something… – Here give me your right
I’m gonna give me your left. Oh wait, wait that’s
left, oh my, no no way. – Yeah no no no I know. Alright we’re gonna listen
to another playlist. Josh has got the right one in his ear I got the left one in
mine, it says it’s playing. – I don’t think it’s connected to yours it’s connected to mine I can hear music. – It says it’s playing out of the s2. – I can hear music. – Alright, do you think we
have to like power ours down? – No you need to turn yours back on. – Mine are on though,
I can’t even hear it. – At all?
– No it’s like cutting in and out between channels. – Alright so these are a bust. – Trash. – They don’t sound good anyway. – You can’t even listen to
music I’m giving it a one. – These are garbage. HBQ-Q32 TWS, these look bomb. – It says it’s got V5.0. I don’t know if that’s Bluetooth 5.0 in here. – They have a microphone. – Light as a feather if you couldn’t figure that one out there. Kind of charged, HD, I don’t know what this is. – Oh, noise canceling. – What’s up with this case dude. – Whoa dude I love this color. – If you didn’t like those last buds you’re not gonna like these. – Okay, actually take that back I don’t know if I like this color. – It’s skin color, I got a skin color. – At first I thought
it was like a nice tan, but now I realize it’s
kind of a puke green mixed with like a skin green. – But like the last one it
also can charge your phone. That’s kind of a nice bonus, I’d deal with a little larger of a case. – This looks like a Bandaid case. – So they both powered on, HBQ-Q32 TWS, What does that mean?
– HBQ-Q32 TWS like dude name it something else. – The bass is there. – The bass is there the
trebel is whack though. – Yeah it’s unbalanced just it wavers. – I mean it’s not bad it’s not bad. – These are probably the best sounding next to the i10s, Wish or Dish? – They are rough, I hate the case. I don’t know how much they cost because we can’t find them
on wish and they look gross. So I’m gonna give them a
two and they’re a dish. – I’m giving them a two as
well, the bass is there. I’m pretty impressed by that
but the flesh colored case. – It’s gonna be a no from me dog. – We don’t know what’s inside this one. – Cool, much needed. – What, dude what, oh
they’re like little earbuds. Do you remember this
design and they used to be corded back in the day. – Wait these are actually cool. – Yeah those are pretty nifty. – I like this design. – And then a micro-USB
cable to charge that. – They look nice though I
will say this is not that big. Like, it’s manageable.
-But the buds aren’t gonna stay in your ears, they don’t really have any design to them,
it’s just one plane. How do you get ’em to pair,
is there a button on it? Do you have a button on yours? – Yeah, you just hold the middle button. – The button in there is pretty
weird it’s like centered. – Yeah I can’t press it well to my ear. I feel like I’m shoving
it into my eardrum. I’m good I’m connected,
she said gweat connection. – Alright Daffy Duck come on. – No that’s what she sounds like. – This is definitely
something to take into account when you’re buying airpods, earphones. I can’t get mine to pair. – See I like how they
look though look at that. – They’re bullets dude.
It’s like bullet earphones. – It looks nice dude. – See it’s like a tiny little bullet. – It’s playing for me. – Awesome it’s not playing for me. – Maybe it only plays
for one ear at a time. – Okay we’re good now. – Well now it’s not playing for me. (bangs on table) – So I think we’ve heard
-Now it’s playing for me. – But now it’s not playing for me. – That’s hilarious. Alright
we just like these but.. – Alright let’s just do
it once at the same time. – Alright, wait, wait, wait. Three, two, one. – Did you get it? – Do you got it?
– No. – Wish or dish? – Dish
– Dish – I was really excited for
this pair, I’ll be honest. – I like the design I’m giving them a two. – Dude they don’t work they get a zero. You’re too nice you gotta
cut em down dude. Zero bro. I like the look, I liked
everything about ’em but they don’t play in sync slash you can only play through one earphone. So you’re dead to me. Next pair, wireless headphone. – [Keaton] Wireless Headphone. – Good well that’s what we wanted. – We can read, ooh
you’re gonna love these. What else do we get in here? – Dude if you roll up anywhere with this. – Some extra U-Tips. – If you like, just imagine (laughing) – Try ’em as a headband. A micro USB port to charge it. And then buttons on the
side, zips ’em back up. And volume and and down. On, off. Is the battery in here? – Here’s what I’m saying, you’re like, chilling. You’re at work, and people are like, looking at you ’cause you
have this new weird thing and you just go, (cord zipping) And put them in your ears like that. That’s the only way you can wear them. I just don’t get the point of the cords if like, I don’t know. I don’t get it. – So you’re not gonna try ’em. – I don’t get it. The design is already too much for me, that I literally don’t even
wanna hear what they sound like. Are you supposed to wear ’em like that? You look ridiculous. – More ridiculous than on your neck? – Honestly, I don’t know. (laughs) – Well, good news is,
do you need a listen? – This is the worst way to do this. Alright, let’s here what they sound like. – Yeah, do be honest,
they sound pretty good. – They sound pretty good,
I still wouldn’t buy them. ‘Cause they look ridiculous. They sound okay.
– I’m confused. Wait, Josh. Are you meaning to tell
me, after the news reports came in last night, I look ridiculous? – So sound quality, I would
say is probably a three. Design is about a two. Keaton seems to like them.
– Yep. – So that makes them a one. Don’t buy ’em.
– Yeah me too. Me too.
– What’s yours? – I would give these,
probably a three out of five. Definitely a Wish, they sound pretty good and I think if you really
just have an open mind about the style, you might be
able to pull off a new look. – Mmm-mmm. (beep) – Alright we got another one, Q8 baby! What does Q8 stand for, we don’t… (beep) – [Keaton] These are kinda cool, I see it. – Is there only one? – Yes.
– Yes. – Oh dude, look at the tr… No way! Josh, Josh! (laughs) You get another earbud,
you have to plug in. I have not seen that, Whoa! Check that out! Where the micro USB port
is, to charge her up. You now have two. – Oh, so you do have two headphones. – Yeah!
– It’s a wrap around. Okay, I like these.
– You’re a spy! – No these are sick. – Do you wanna, do you wanna take a quick little studio sesh? – What do they sound like?
– You tell me. $13, be optimistic. (phone drops) It’s a new haven out there. Check this out.
– Well other than that… Well they sound pretty good for $13. I would buy them honestly. – Wish or Dish?
– That’s a Wish. I give them a four ’cause I actually like, I like the design. – I’ll let you try ’em on. – I think it’s cool that like,
you have this weird little like, wrap around thing with your ear. I would use these. – I think these are the only
Airpods/earphones/earbuds on this list from Wish you
can run with and confidently say you’re still gonna get music. At least from one ear.
– Yeah. – From one ear, you’re getting something. But I give it a three out of five too. Both wishes, onto the next pair. Alright so these are
the final pairs we have. We’re just gonna kinda whip through these. – These are the same dude. – [Keaton] The i12s or the i7s? – [Josh] These are the i7s. – Uh, same holes, same case. Alright so same-o, same-o. Don’t need to test those out. This looks like a computer mouse. No joke, it actually
looks like a Magic Mouse. – [Josh] I like those, those are cool. – [Keaton] Got a cool
design, little earbuds. – [Josh] These are similar,
but slightly different. – I don’t like this case,
just feels way too cheap. – Yeah I don’t like that. But this case, this is nice, this is nice. This is like the upgraded
version of this case. Right? – Yeah, it’s the same one in here too. So you got… – [Josh] You got white, cheap black, and more expensive black. – So let’s give these a try quickly. – Look at the lights on these dude. Wow, look at them. They’re amazing.
– Alright, got both of mine on now. I’m gonna go with the AZ6, or A6Z, is there any markings on these? – Oh, you’re connected
to mine, here you go. (Keaton sighs, Josh laughs) – Do you have it?
– It just stopped. – Oh I got it (laughs) – Alright let me… – I got it out of both ears so… – Let me put this into
Bluetooth paring mode by forceably shoving them into my eardrums ’cause that’s what it feels like. Dude, they need to figure
out a way to pair these in a different way, ’cause
like it hurts so much. – Sounds pretty good
like, I paid $30 for these but they probably cost five. No good?
– Got nothing bro. We’ll just have to go from your phone. – No worries, you listen
to those. I got these. – These are really clear. – Yeah, what do you think? – I just don’t know how they go in my ear. – No that’s how they go in your ear. – Feels like it’s out of my ear. I dropped them. – So on the white ones, I’m gonna say Wish, four out of five. – Wish, for sure, they sound pretty good. I would give them a three
’cause I’m more stingy but sure. – I can’t get these to play. – Yeah, let’s try these. – These are cheap, I wouldn’t buy these. These are just an auto-dish. – [Josh] These are 10 bucks
so I think they’re worth it. – [Keaton] Those are $10?
– [Josh] Yeah. – [Keaton] Dang. Dude,
look in at these bad boys. – [Josh] So I feel like
they’re kinda worth it. – [Keaton] Got a USB port
to charge your phone. It’s a good sign.
– [Josh] These were 15. – [Keaton] It charges micro USB… – [Josh] Is it worth 5 extra dollars? That’s the question. – Got a pretty nice case. – Alright, pair it with your phone and see what they sound like. – Yeah there’s no buttons on them. – These suck.
– So there’s no button, it’s just touch capacitive
so if you hold it down, both of them just connected.
– Oh cool. You hear that? – I’m not hearing it. – I had high hopes for these. – Me too, me too. $15.
– [Josh] Man. – [Keaton] Look at this case. – [Josh] Well, that’s a shame. – Wish or Dish? – Unfortunately a Dish. ’cause they don’t, we
didn’t get ’em to work for us, but like, I guess 15
bucks they might work for you but I…
– Save your money. So after buying all the
Earpods and Airpods on Wish, Josh, which is your favorite? – I mean, you have to go with the i10s, these are like actually good. – These are heaters
and they might actually charge the real Airpods. You guys have to let us know
if they do, but for $24. – It’s worth it, yeah. – So that’s it for another
episode of WishBusters, make sure you guys drop a like, if you guys want more
episodes and get subscribed if you’re new and consider being a member by joining. Whoa, you get livestreams?
– Livestreams? – Livestreams, dude what? Q+As? Sneak peeks? You know
it, so make sure you check out the Instragram too, just Techsmartt. We’ll see you guys in
the next Wish Episode.

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  12. The i10s are good because apple just raises the price because name brand. Apple AirPods with case costs like 90 bucks maybe. Idk just an estimate

  13. ๐Ÿ›‘๐Ÿ›‘๐Ÿ›‘๐Ÿ›‘๐Ÿ›‘

  14. ๐ŸŒญ๐Ÿ”๐ŸŒญ๐Ÿฅฏ๐Ÿ–๐Ÿฅ“๐Ÿ–๐ŸŒฐ๐Ÿฅฏ๐Ÿฅ“๐Ÿ–๐ŸŒฐ๐ŸŒฎ๐Ÿฅ“๐ŸŒฐ๐ŸŒฎ๐Ÿง€๐Ÿฅ•๐Ÿฅ‘๐Ÿฅ“๐Ÿฅ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿ๐ŸŠ๐ŸŒฐ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ ๐Ÿฅญ๐Ÿฅฅ๐ŸŒฝ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ…๐ŸŒฝ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿฅญ๐Ÿฅ•๐Ÿ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿ๐Ÿฅข๐Ÿต๐Ÿด๐Ÿต๐Ÿด๐Ÿšฅ๐Ÿด๐Ÿต๐Ÿฅข๐Ÿšฅ๐Ÿ“ท๐ŸŽš๏ธ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ†๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽซ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽ›๏ธ๐Ÿ“ท๐Ÿ…๐Ÿฅ‡๐ŸŽซ๐ŸŽป

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