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I Built My Own Phone

I Built My Own Phone

This is dumb and dumber, making a smart phone Hey what’s up guys, Keaton here. So Have you ever thought to yourself, your phone Sucks, and that you could build a better one? The day is today! I found a kit, that lets you make Your own phone, from scratch, and It actually works! Lets do it. So Yeah guys, this right here is a kit that Lets you make your own phone It sounds crazy, thanks so much Mackenzie For sending this to me on twitter. I’m just at techsmartt. If You guys find any weird gadgets, send it to Me over there, I don’t know what to expect In this video, and drop a like on it if you’ve Ever thought you could make a better phone Like serious, think about this. Have you Ever had a phone that you’re just not happy with, like My iPhone 7 plus, its cool [phone placed on desk] But making your own phone is ten Times cooler, and I don’t think I’d lose this You know? Because like I made this, I don’t know Maybe that’s just me. Like, you made something You never lose it. So if you guys want to check out this Thing called the rephone, links below. It’s an Open source modular phone, and Yes, I am really good at reading I read that right off the box, and the Whole point about this is, you kind of build Your own phone, and then kind of tweak it And you can add stuff to it later. This is what project Aura wanted to be Like through Google everything. This Really looks cool. Like I’ve never Made my own phone. I do a lot of like DIY’s You guys know that. Making my own phone If it actually turns on and if I could Actually like make a call from it, that’d be Super lit! Cool, so lets just get right into it You get like this nice box Looks kind of cool. I don’t think this was too Expensive. Like if it works, and I can Make a call, I’m never using my iPhone again Alright, got some start guides… Okay! That is getting real Crafty. We got some cardboard And here is like the parts you need To make this phone, so This is the screw… I don’t want to rip it I’m going to be that kid, that rips it Before the video even Starts… I think that’s For wi-fi, I’m not too sure Right now. Come on out, come on out… Come on out to play… Got everything out! [Chuckles]. So I’m reading Through this manual here, and this phone hasn’t even been Built yet! It’s getting awesome I’m really getting excited! You can add on Like these different modules. Thats like the whole point Of like this module or phone thing, and Honestly, project Aura would’ve been sick! You can add on a gps if you want and a Seeve to do some payments, set up some shortcuts So I called my neighbour Matt over to help Me, since I’m not the best at reading Instructions… That’s not a joke This phone, honestly… wouldn’t It won’t look like a phone, unless I have Some help from my neighbour, Matt. So we’re just going to Go ahead and start building this, I hope It actually looks like a phone when we’re done Step one. Connect the Two things together I know pictures are nice. I’m not good with Picture books either. Should I, should I connect it, then rib it? Or should I rib it, then connect It? So This is fatty McGee, this is the fat Screw. We got to stay consistent on the Screws, like that could easily [bleep] us up Like mhmm Ben, when the video’s not on [Murmurrs] So I didn’t think making A phone would take this long. But through The power of editing, I’ll come back and it’s Gonna be done. [Snaps finger] I can’t Believe it, but this actually took 20 minutes To do, and I think we got it It was, kind of easy Matt helped me with the reading, because my Comprehension is trash… We did it! Like, we did it. This is a group project Like, this is all we, this is all we! So it kind of just folds up, like there’s like two Colours you can go with. You can go with the Regular cardboard, this is boring… We wanted to go with the colour one And this is actually a one inch phone Coming up real soon, that challenge. I I, can’t actually believe This is looking, like a phone…? I hope it turns on? That’s Kind of it, like this is what it’s supposed To look like, when its tucked away and all pretty Lets try to power it on It charges via like micro USB And the power button is right next to Here. If this works It’s gonna be Great. We made our own phone. We legit made Our own phone. Here we go [Music plays] You’re joking me… We made… our Own phone! And the screen Actually looks good! That actually looks like An HD screen. So I’m going to go Ahead, and try to like call myself… And if it works Matt is going to go in the other room, so you guys Can Hear how good it is… Thinking juicy… Here we go! Here’s my phone… [Phone Rings] Answer it dude! It actually worked… Alright, I just answered Hey what’s up [voice mumbles] Hey can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you loud and clear captain That’s the mic on, this Phone we made. It sounds Pretty good. And like, I’m not Joking here Yeah dude you sound fantastic man We did it dude, we did it You can add a bunch of different stuff to this, but If I can text and call myself… On a phone that I made, that’d be really sweet So, lets just hope it works Touch screen is really good too New message My name yeah To… Pick my contact… Thick and juicy Send it! No way… Done… This is the coolest thing, ever Honestly guys, like this, I’m calling The lego phone. It’s pretty cheap It works! And You can’t really like get the experience Watching two guys, trying to read some instructions And build a phone, but I can’t Believe it, you can add NFC, GPS A bunch of other stuff, and if you want You can add that LED board and do an LED matrix, add some music To it. It, its this small Like, I could put this in my pocket Although, I’m a little suspect Because it is made out of cardboard And I have a working 1 inch Phone. So yeah guys that’s Pretty much it, for this insane video Thats so much Garin and Hockey for having my YouTube notifications on. If you guys want a notification shout out Make sure you turn them on, and let me know in the Comments. Get subscribed to my channel if you’re new And tweet me at techsmartt if you guys find Any of the weird gadgets like Mackenzie This was lit! Thank you So much, I’m done with my iPhone This is it Even, my dad Is watching the video! Go Go, now!

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  1. Title should say: how to built a phone for dummies… Everyone can built this… It's only plug and play…….. And not even worth the money…

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