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I Can’t Live Without My Phone

I Can’t Live Without My Phone

hello internet so some of you guys may
know the other week I had a few stressful days and I realized in
hindsight that actually they were all caused by the same thing not having my phone one day I made plans
to go out and buy a new shirt and then later meet up with a friend for a movie
so in typically 43 minutes late fashion I ran out of my house jumped onto the
underground whacked out my phone to do some flappy birding and realized that i
only had seventeen percent battery I forgot to charge my phone overnight
you know that sinking feeling that you get when you realize something really
terrible like did I just text a nude to the wrong friend or I forgot to give grandad his heart medicine this is like that but worse i’m talking standing
on the edge of a black hole levels of sinking feelings okay I didn’t enjoy my shirt shopping experience
because the back of my mind was just going oh my god what if all my friends are sharing a hilarious joke and I’m missing out because i’m not on Twitter and they’ll still be laughing about it in 20 years and i’ll have missed out forever what if i get lost and I don’t have maps
I have no orienteering skills I could walk to Iraq what is a friend
of mine gets kidnapped and the kidnappers tried to call me and I need
to be Liam Neeson I can’t be Liam Nieeson i survived
just but it made me realize how quite worryingly dependent I am on my phone yeah being able to call someone an
emergency is helpful but I realized that without all of my handy apps I’m basically just a potato with a weird haircut there is an app for everything and I have most of them but i have no
actual skills as a human then the next day after that traumatising experience i
left the house and traveled for about half an hour when i suddenly realized
that the lump in my right front pocket was actually a deck of cards I have no idea why I had forgotten my
phone completely and it’s like this sixth sense awakened where I was hugely
aware of the gaping hole in my reality where my phone wasn’t pressing against
my leg in my pocket it’s not like it’s just the convenience that i missed
though I had this feeling like something was missing as if my phone was this magical object that
contains all of my power like I’ve been separated from my demon or got sucked
by a dementor which I think just came out wrong but I think you know what I
mean I felt like I left my baby on a bus or something I was really questioning my
emotions like was I really feeling guilty over abandoning an inanimate
object I mean I know I talk to Siri in bed
sometimes when I feeling kinda lonely but that doesn’t make much sense does it
and at that time I was with one of those annoying friends that’s like
oh i choose to leave my phone at home sometimes I think it’s healthy to unplug yourself from the
internet and just enjoy the world you know one of those weirdos with their
backwards priorities i was just like go away who are you my grandma at the
dinner table I’ll put your phone down in my day we
actually have to talk to each other and use our brain yeah okay but could you message your
friends and listen to music while pooping at the same time I think not
grandma this is the face of me taking an astral projected step back and looking
at myself I mean I know it’s handy but we’re
ruining our own immersion in the real world by having access to the internet with
us all times are we undoing millions of years of
evolutionary instincts as we inevitably turn into the fat floating people from
Wall-E i’m sure i could say something like hey try turning off your phone and
the next social event you’ll go to or why not go on an adventure using only your
wits and the contents of your trusty backpack but to be honest you’d probably
get eaten by a bear and even then you would be able to share
the pics of him eating your flesh as he does so yeah remember to charge your phone what about you guys how dependent know you
on your phone or what do you generally think about the importance that they
have on our life these days let me know down in the comments and if you haven’t
yet and you would like to be told when i upload your video then you can click
here to subscribe to my channel make sure you guys stay tuned if you are from
the UK as me and Phil have something very very exciting to announce sorry if
you’re not you can blame the Queen I could not have gotten the inspiration
for this video at a more convenient moment I hope you’re ready for a flawless segway ok Phil come in let’s tell them about the thing D: I do not trust you with a chair, put that down
P: the thing D: can I have a drum roll please Both: that was even worse
D: ok we have been working very hard recently D: with E on something absolutely
ridiculous sounding but it is amazing P: come on Dan my fingers hurt
D: we have our very own D: dan and Phil phone simcard yeah I know
right D: and anyone in the UK can get these sent
to them for free D: all you have to do is go to the link in
the description D: and put in your address that is it
for two months they come with a hundred D: gigabytes of 4g internet
P: which is apparently
enough for nine hours of video a day D: wow really and not just that but people
will get a free dan and Phil gift every D: single week just for putting the sim in
their phone including sounds we’ve D: recorded, pictures, music and coolest of
all we will be able to personally text D: everybody with the sim
P: I don’t trust those
eyes Dan you look mischievous D: oh com eon as if you aren’t planning loads of stuff to
say these are very limited edition so if D: you want to make sure you click on that
link in the description right now and D: put in your address D: we really hope you guys enjoy this
there’s no catch it is just completely D: for free and hey i look forward to know
what internet your creepy tweets are coming D: from
P: you mean lovely happy tweets D: no I mean creepy tweets
P: this is the
coolest thing in my entire life ever D: i know right D: okay bye

100 thoughts on “I Can’t Live Without My Phone”

  1. I literally can’t put my phone down once I pick it up and even if it’s only on 10% I don’t come off it until it’s on 1% 😂 and when it goes fully out of charge I keep picking it up to go on it even tho I already know it's out of charge😂 that happens like every 3 mins 😁

  2. I had a dream once that i forgot my phone in stan Lee's car and i couldnt get it for like 2 day and i sobbed. Also idk why stan Lee was in my dream

  3. My eyes literally lit up when he said they had a personalized sim card.
    but then i noticed his hair and it's from 2014.

  4. lol, such a damn coincidence. today i had to go out for an event and i woke up and unplugged my charger, ready to go but it only had 9 percent of battery….it was plugged in but the switch wasn't on. so the whole time i was outside i didn't feel complete. lol. i need my phone to survive….

  5. I value my phone more that I value my life then again I don’t realy care about my life ummm I value my phone more than I value my clothes

  6. The last time I was without my phone I got dumped by text and didn’t respond till hours later. So yeah I never leave my phone behind.

  7. Four years ago I couldn't relate, but now that I have a phone yeah i can understand that feeling of forgetting your phone all too well. It's only happened to me once so far lol.

  8. To the wrong FRIEND
    To the wrong FRIEND
    To the wrong FRIEND
    To the wrong FRIEND
    To the wrong FRIEND
    To the wrong FRIEND
    To the wrong FRIEND
    To the wrong FRIEND
    To the wrong FRIEND
    To the wrong FRIEND
    To the wrong FRIEND

  9. I have trained myself to leave my phone in my pocket when I'm with friends, and I only pull it out to check the time or if they pull there's out first.

  10. Haha i do that. I feel so empty without my phone :c
    I bring my tablet for music, my phone for texting, while i eat, do homework, and even go to the bathroom 😂

  11. If you were a girl with big boobs, you will panic looking all over for your phone, forgetting that you put it in your bra before drill practice and accuse your best friend of stealing it……yeah! It gets REAL!!!lmao 😂😂😂

  12. in both the video and the description he makes referances to iphones but in the video he uses a samsung??

  13. “What if my friends share a hilarious joke and I miss it….."
    I don't have friends so, problem solved….

  14. "remember to change you phone"
    Me sitting on the couch watching ttis: *checks battery life*
    Me: *charges out of room likethe battery precentage is my life force* g O t T a g O f A s T

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