I Could Only Use This Mini Phone for 10 minutes

– Hey, what’s good, guys,
welcome back to TechSmartt for the product that I never thought I would ever see again. This is the new Palm phone. It’s actually a smartphone,
and if you guys remember Palm from back in the day,
they used to make some of the first smartphones out there. The Palm Pre, the Palm Pixie. Ev, what was your first smartphone? – The Palm Pre.
– The Palm Pre. So Ev even had one, I didn’t have one. My mom had one, so I was
more of BlackBerry guy, but in 2018, they’ve
brought the Palm back. It works with any Android device. So roll the intro. I am really excited to check this out, not because it starts for $399, but more, it’s kind of a feature phone. And if you guys have no
idea what I’m talking about, or what a feature phone even is, basically, it’s a phone that
really goes in on the features versus the whole experience, and that really comes in the price. So like the one-inch iPhone, interesting. Here, if you guys missed this video, it’s right up there in the I-card. This thing goes for a hundred dollars, so literally for $99, you get basically a fake iPhone that actually runs Android and is pretty good, it makes calls. You can watch YouTube videos. So those are feature phones. Now, Palms starts at $399, but of course, it actually
has some good 2018 specs. And that’s kind of what you’re paying for. Outside of that, it’s got
kind of a catch to it, and if you guys haven’t
read about the catch, you might’ve been livin’ under a rock. You might not be followin’ on Twitter. I’ve talked about it over there, but the catch is this device only works with Verizon right now. So that means you need to actually get a $10 extra add-on plan for this type of device on top of your regular
existing phone plan. So that means this will not
only cost you $400 outright, but then, $10 every month outside of that. So kinda steep when you think about it, but if it’s cool, and
I’ve seen some videos where this looks cool,
if I can even get it out. And it might, well, there we have it. Wow, that looks way
smaller than I’ve imagined. Wow, it’s gotta be the whole Palm legacy throwin’ me for a trip, we’ll
check this out in a sec. See what else we get in here. Any miniature-sized accessories, Ev? You think we get like
some mini headphones? Maybe like a $10 bill, like a
freebie for the first month. So it charges with USB-C,
that’s kind of nice. 2018, it’s future-proof, and
then, USB-A in the wall brick. Would’ve been nice to see C to C. That is the true future, Ev. Are you ready to check this out? So this is… The Palm, interesting,
that’s not what it’s called, but it’s really intriguing to hold. So it’s much thinner than I was imagining, and compared to the one-inch iPhone, it’s way thinner than I think
you might’ve even imagined. It’s got a 12 megapixel
camera on the back, an 800 milliamp hour battery inside, a 1.4 gigahertz octa-core processor. So this thing’s no joke,
and then, three gigs of RAM. So three gigabytes of RAM, meaning, it says you can run some apps on here. I’m just gonna power this on. Front-facing camera so
you can do some stuff. The whole point of the Palm
is to not necessarily need your main smartphone or your daily driver. To have this really be like an accessory, or kind of like a
smartwatch in your pocket that has a little bit more
than just telling the time. It feels oddly good, oddly surprising. There you got the Verizon
logo, you can’t forget it because you wouldn’t be
able to do this otherwise. So wow, it actually, it works. So you can kinda see the whole app layout and kind of what the
purpose of this phone is. Basically, you have the apps
that you wanna check out in front of your face, and
the ones that you don’t kind of just go to the bottom. There’s a few features like
Life Mode and Number Share and a few software updates. So it’s good to see that
this thing is getting love. And it’s crazy that it’s
running Android 8.1. So it’s got some pretty cool features that has a 720p display, so
it looks HD, pretty crisp. It’s basically a feature phone, meaning like I’m just
gonna tell you what it is. It’s not your daily driver, and it’s not what it should be. I’m just kind of in shock
that I’m goin’ through this, and now, I’m gonna try
to watch a YouTube video. I’m keepin’ an eye on the battery life. It’s 6:05 right now, we’re at 40 percent. Not updatin’ it, just show me YouTube. (upbeat music) It’s taking its time. There we go. Alright, let’s check out these speakers and see how good buffering is and this keyboard because the big thing with these small phones is how is typing? You need to type, you
need to text someone, do basically anything, you’re gonna need to use the keyboard. Let’s search Benly.
(upbeat music) See what we find. So it loaded pretty quickly. Alright, let’s check this out. So there’s no volume buttons
on here, that’s surprising. Only the power button. So to change volume for this ad, gotta swipe down, not bad,
pretty solid interface. Buttons are really friendly. Pretty solid layout too. (melancholy guitar music) Colors look good. Speakers loud enough
where if I went for a run, I only brought the Palm, I
could probably take the call and not really need to worry. It’s, I don’t know. I feel like it’s missing something. – Something’s not right. – See.
(upbeat music) Google search. This is it, this is it,
let’s see if this works. How old is Matthew McConaughey? (upbeat music) – [Phone] Matthew
McConaughey is 49 years old. – Okay, I mean, that’s Google Assistant. It’s been pretty good for a few years. There’s actually a few
smart features on here. Like if I double tap the power button. (upbeat music) Google Assistant pops up. There’s actually a feature on here where if you swipe down going to settings, it’s called Life Mode, where
it just minimizes distractions. So you have to toggle this on, and it will basically keep
everything uninterrupted. So you can select what apps you want to actually deliver notifications
when you’re on Life Mode. Whoa, it even has facial recognition? (upbeat music) What? I had no idea. (upbeat music) I guess it’s true. All phones have it.
(upbeat music) Turn on, okay, that might
make it a little bit easier. Let’s see how accurate it is. (upbeat music) So a little slow, little bit of a lag, but I mean, I’d sit there and wait. (crickets chirp) So what’s really sweet about the Palm is you can customize almost everything, and then, kind of nothing. And here’s what I mean, so
there are a few features on here that make the Palm a
little bit more worthwhile and kinda why you’d wanna spend $400 and then, $10 every single month. At least, to make this worth it for you, and I kinda see it, but like
features like Gesture Pad, for example, are these
three dots at the bottom. So what’s kinda cool is
when you go into settings, and then you go into Advanced Features, quick launch, I could just
double tap the power button and that would quick launch the camera. Voice search, like what
you guys saw earlier. Now, you can actually
mess with the nav bar and get rid of the virtual nav bar. So if I turn this on,
that three dot button at the bottom is all I really have. So what’s cool is I could
just hit once to go back. Double press it to go home, and then if I long press, I’ll have all the apps,
so that’s pretty handy. Obviously, they need to kind
of maximize the screen space since it isn’t bezel-less. You can see one at the top and bottom. That’s not what I’m on about. It’s a cool device, my only
concern really is battery life and kind of how much more of a problem this might
actually be than a solution. It just feels crazy in the hand. A little too small where it
can kinda be hard to type, but the last test I really wanna see is what Number Share’s about. So with Number Share, a call or a text or really anything that
happens on my Android device, the Pixel 2 XL should go to the Palm. So let’s see if that works. I have a SIM in here, a SIM in here. It’s the $10 a month thing, and I’m gonna call myself
and see what happens. So let’s how this works with the Palm, see how notifications are delivered. My iPhone’s on AT&T, both
of these are on Verizon. Text myself, “Yo.”
(upbeat music) Pixel 2.
(phone buzzes) Now, the Palm, so not bad. I mean, if you’re out and about, and you don’t have your daily driver, you’re at least getting to know your notification came through. But when I started this,
and I’ve only been playing around with it for like five minutes, haven’t watched any videos. It’s at 30 percent battery,
now it’s at 20 percent. So that’s something to keep in mind. So I think that’s really it for the Palm. I mean, basically, when you look at it, it’s for some people, I don’t
really think it’s for me. Let me know what you guys
think in the comments. It’s really just a smaller
version of the phone that you have in your pocket, and if you wanna bring
that phone along with you, this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But if you wanna leave it at home, you want something kinda
smaller but just as powerful, I’d say this is an interesting
option to check out. Got Google Play Music. You got Google Drive, I
mean, really the essentials, and then, 12 megapixel camera on the back. So if you’re taking this
on runs and you’re a runner and you need an option, I could see this being for you, don’t totally
think this is for me. So that’s it for this video. If you guys liked it
and made it to the end, make sure to drop a like and
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videos right after this. I’ll see you guys next time. (upbeat music)

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