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(silence) Lot of us hate to admit it, but were pretty much attention seekers I mean it’s the underlying reason why we do things like post on Instagram swipe right on tinder and even start drama for no reason but every Now and then some of us cross the line and attention-seeking becomes harassment So my soccer or my heckler or my harasser or whenever you guys want to call them start a message you need a little bit Over a week ago now and it started off super super friendly because I meant reckoned as a number I don’t really make it a priority to respond right away. So then another twenty or thirty minutes later They ended up sending me about like three or four messages and they were saying respond, please I know this is your number Please respond. Why aren’t you responding? And I was just like oh my god, like what the heck? Who is this? So I ended up finally deciding to respond and I said something like hey, I’m so sorry. I just don’t recognize your number Who was this then they would respond saying it doesn’t matter who this is. I just love your videos I was so weird. So I was just like lol. Thank you so much I really really do appreciate all the look and I honestly thought that was gonna be the end of it It wasn’t in fact now, we’re literally pulling a sting operation to try to catch this person I’m sorry you guys but before you guys watch the operation that we pulled off you guys have to know the full story So let’s take it back and start from the top On Wednesday November 21st, I decided to post this story on my Instagram. Hey guys I know it’s Thanksgiving weekend’s but this Sunday if you guys live in LA County or Orange County or close to there and you guys want to do a Gold-digger video with us email me like with your phone number though so we can call you all and we could do a video I really really wanted to meet you guys and since it was almost Thanksgiving I thought it was just perfect timing and so Thanksgiving came and went the food was really really good by the way, and then finally Saturday came I Got on my laptop opened up my email and I was actually pretty shocked to see how many of you guys actually Reached out to me Jesus Christ. There are a ton of messages and so I began reading through the emails and choosing out the people that live closest to me to meet up with them and then I Hey, is this Maria, this is Sergio watch my channel UD catching gold diggers What’s up, I’m calling I’m calling good After calling everyone I could I finalized my list and then the very next day I set out with my team to go meet everyone else. Alright guys, so we made it to the first location of the day We’re meeting up with our first person her last Marya. He’s excited. Oh, he’s excited. Yeah, I gotta be honest guys I was really nervous meeting you guys, but overall it was a really great day Even met a freaking cat that supposedly watches us and then it scratched Which am like I said, it was a really cool day We give away a lot of merch we gave away a lot of prop money and even talked to some people that wanted to play Someone they knew – the gold digger text But I can’t let you guys hear any of that just in case we actually test those people This is so funny this was the same girl that when I scream like this, wow, wow, she told me this But you guys are probably wondering why I’m even telling you guys about this day well straight up I’m telling you guys about it because one of these people sadly could be the person who was texting and Harassing me. I’m gonna be a hundred percent honest guys originally We were planning on uploading the video of us going around meeting everyone as its own separate standalone video However, that idea was quickly scrapped after this harasser came into the picture for a very good reason and by the way I mentioned we because since I was actually here with me See initially when I first called up everyone I called him on restricted Meaning that no one had my number but then on the day that we met up with everyone. I Decided to text them from my number my actual personal And let me say this right now I am not accusing anyone or amount saying that I’m a hundred percent sure that one of these people is the heckler because I mean grant and I have done videos with a lot of people that have my number and you guys can even say that I’ve made some Enemies, so to be honest, it could be anyone but the reason I can’t exclude the people who I met up with on Sunday Though is because the first text message that I received from the person who was texting me I received after I met up with all of them So yeah guys we’re basically doing this video because we want to launch an operation To solve expose and confront this person who’s been messaging me and harassing me. Oh, It’s gonna work trust me But before we can start this operation you guys have to know the rest of the story still so as you guys might have guessed The messages did not stop coming in I try to just ignore the other person but the captain kept on just sending these creepy pings, finally I would end up becoming just super annoyed and completely blocked and deleted the phone number off my phone I mean after doing this you would think the person on the other line would get the memo, right? Well, unfortunately, they didn’t I don’t know if they got two phones I don’t know if they downloaded into the text messaging app or whatever the hell they did, but they texted me again saying wow I can’t believe you blocked me. Don’t do that again with literal Exclamation freaking marks. I love you, but you make me mad sometimes and then in all freaking cabs I love you reply in all counts So, I mean you guys can see how this can be a never-ending cycle, right I can block them to leave their number But then they can just make a new one or get a new one and then text me over and over and over and over And over again until the day I die. I’ll delete why can’t do that. I can only change See the thing is I’ve had my number for over eight years and I don’t want to have to change it But at the same time I don’t want to live through hell. So with that being said our operation begins All right, this person messaging me clearly wants my attention So I decided to give them more than just that I ended up messaging them telling them that I wanted to do a whole video Around them to try to figure out their identity and to no surprise they were down for it And so I told them that the fairest way to do this would have to be through a 21 yes or no question came that They had to answer honestly to which they agreed but also said that I can only ask them ten questions and I was completely ok with so I began by asking them five questions that would paint a picture of them and also help me figure out exactly how it was that they got my Number the first one I asked was are you a boy to which they responded? Yes The second one I asked was are you of legal age? Meaning eighteen years old to which they responded? No, then I asked them. Have we ever met? Spoken in person before to which they responded No the fourth question I asked him was did you get my number from someone else who I physically know and speak to in person to This day and they responded Yes and finally The last one I asked them was is the person who gave you my number one of the people that I met on Sunday November 25th when I gave them free merchant stuff and they responded no, so, what does this tell us so far? So first off, we now know that it is a guy texting me So that means suspects like her her her and all my other female friends are in the clear Secondly, we know this guy is younger than 18 years old, which means that he’s either in high school junior high or elementary school so suspects like him him these guys and 99% of the guys who have my number are in the clear and the third question pretty Much clears everyone who I met on Sunday, November 25th Because they all now have met me in person and the heckler says that he doesn’t know me in the flesh but unfortunately someone who does know me in person is responsible for all of this because the heckler lets me know that he got my phone number from someone who I Personally know and still talk to to this day But at least we know that he didn’t get it from any of the people that we met up with over 25th Because the fifth question I asked 100% clears all of them So what this also means is that it did not matter at all that it texted these people with my personal number Because I can trust them Do that so someone that knows me in person and whom I still talk to to this day gave the heckler my number so logically If we can find out who this was we can also find out who the heckler is We’re going for the supplier we’re going for the source of the problem because source takes it to the coal port Okay now the culprit not corporate culprit So I do still physically talk to a lot of people to have my number which means that I have to start eliminating some so I ask my sixth question Do you and the person who gave you my number live within a 10-mile radius of the city of bulletins to which he responded? What does that mean? Exactly and that’s an advantage of this? And I said, it means basically Do you live in the city of Fullerton or one of the next cities right over to which he responded? No, no that the Heckler and the person who gave them my number both live either in Fullerton or one of the cities next to It and for reference these are those cities so because of this new info our list gets shortened now Remember the heckler said he was also under 18 years old So I’m gonna just eliminate friends who don’t have any younger family members or friends who are under 18 years old so that now leaves Us with six however with three of these six, I could just never see their younger siblings doing this because they’re either too Shy have no phone or simply watch no YouTube, which means they wouldn’t even know who I am So now we’re left with just three and thankfully two of these three people are actually my two older brothers So I’m gonna eliminate them because worse comes to worse. I will interrogate my younger siblings Anyway, so now we’re left with just one and this one person I can 1,000% see em giving my number to one of his younger friends or family members in order to mess with me You know, I’m talking about right Yes No Well, Callie knows him, too Mme Maria though. It’s a freaking guy not a girl guy’s name All right guys, we’re currently facetiming our friend Martin who we highly believe is responsible for this And you’re being recorded right now. Okay, because we have something we want to ask you we want you to be 100% honest All right, this is my friend Martin, he’s a really cool nice guy and I’ve known him for a very long time But he’s also a clown and he likes to mess with everyone My number Him okay, so with my friend weren’t in cleared there’s really no other older friends who I can possibly think of but just in case I’m missing someone I asked my seventh question is The person you got my phone number from 18 years of age and the heckler responds know This now changes everything this new information now shortens MELAS even more because there are only four people in this entire world Under the age of 18 who I know and talk to Personally that have my phone number and could have given it to the heckler They are my little brother my little sister my friends Michael and my friends, aren’t you one of them betrayed me? And gave this person like number So Denzel doesn’t think my little sister Victoria is capable of this, but unfortunately there are all prime suspects at this time They are all under 18 which means they have plenty of male friends and they could have given my number to that are also under 18 and haven’t met me in person yet So it’s time to head over to them Interrogate them and find out which one of them gave the heckler my number I need a doctor. Yes I’m outside. I need to interrogate you Hey Vicki Do you know why you’re here? you’re being Interrogated, I mean I believe have my free will right Honestly, okay, have you given my phone number to someone else she’s lying So let me rephrase my question if someone offered you money For you to give them my phone number. Would you give it to them? I’m not a gold-digger. So I’m gonna do that I’m not about to play with him right now. I’m furious So even though all three of them claimed that they wouldn’t give my number to anyone I did not believe them so I asked them to prove their innocence by letting me check their phones to see if the number of The person who was texting me was in their phone I also checked their phones for any third-party Taxing apps and then also asked them if they recognize them were at all and in the end They were all cleared. So Michael is claimed Andres planet and Victoria is clean. That means through process of elimination June is not our June Night, so it has to be him Remember guys, there is still one person that hasn’t been cleared from our suspect list Yes, and his name is Arjun. And when Denzel says that we have some history together. Well, he’s technically not lying there was this one time where Arjun texted me because he wanted to show me some thumbnails of mine that he Reata did so I Agreed to meet up with him but unfortunately though the week that we had scheduled to meet up was a Terrible one my laptop broke right before I was about to upload a new video and I mean if you guys follow me on Instagram You guys probably remember this story that I posted I got a couple people might be ends being like oh You’re just using this as an excuse to not put all this now up. Do you know what happened? Ooh, I’m gonna fix the laptop. I’m gonna edit it out. Then I’m uploaded that. I’ma drink a beer get drunk. That’s it. Yeah Yeah I mean you can pretty much say that I had a mental breakdown and it was because of that I ended up ignoring my phone for a while and well You can say turning that time Arjun just blew it up kind of like how the hecklers blowing up my phone now But not really he was mainly just upset that We never got to our meeting and trying to figure out exactly what happened But that’s the history that Denzel is talking about I mean regardless that we’re gonna have to find out until tomorrow because he’s not awake and we gotta go to sleep because it’s late Give me the phone I got to do that. Anyways, that was a Good Arjun, really have given my number to the heckler. I don’t really want to believe it’s true But he is the last suspect on our list and he could have done so to get back at me for not meeting up with Him and ignoring him that day. So I hit him up to schedule the meeting for tomorrow. We head home I send the heckler one last final message and then we go to sleep The next day on the road we went again this time to interrogate Arjun Okay, we’re currently outside the high school where my little brother goes to school with his friends So technically speaking any one of these kids right here could be One of the children who are texting me if our process of elimination proves, correct? We are about to speak to the person who is responsible for giving the heckler my number and soon after this interrogation We will also learn the hecklers identity first off Let me mention I want you to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth Okay, can’t lie to me no matter what don’t lie to me. Okay, and it’s okay. I’m not gonna be mad I’m not I’m gonna actually laugh so you completely honest with me, okay? I have a stalker or harasser, whatever you want to call it The reason we’re talking to you right now is because I’m trying to figure out who’s been texting me who’s been like non-stop Okay So have you given my number to anyone else like have you is there someone that you give my number to who might be pulling? this and stuff or maybe I have gotten my number of Tim okay, two things. Number one. I feel like a complete dick now So everyone please go follow Arjun on this YouTube page number two, if it’s not Arjun then who is it? I just for confirmation for the viewers and everything Do you mind if I grab your phone and type in the number see if you have anyone in it or yeah so Arjun cooperates in hands over is Unwillingly and like I did with everyone else I go through it to search for the phone number That is texting me or any other texting app that he could possibly have on his phone but in the end Nothing came up and just like the rest. He was clear. Damn Okay, so even is not my little brother not my little sister, not Michael not Yes, you guys heard that correctly Jinzo has nudes on his phone whose nudes I don’t know probably phalluses Anyways with no more suspects on our list We are officially back to square one with this whole operation Which means we are also now getting Desperate desperate times call for desperate measures right now since we have no leads nothing to go off of we were about to reverse phone Lookup this person’s number when you reverse lookup a phone number you were supposed to get the contact information of that number So we’re hoping to get the hecklers name out of this now. You might be asking yourself Why didn’t we do this since the very beginning? Well, here’s why it costs a whopping ninety five cents on a budget But now we got to do it, but it wasn’t just the money that held us back guys We also didn’t want to do this yet because we assumed from the very beginning that the number that was texting me was a fake Number but I mean heck at this point. It doesn’t really hurt to try it does it and Just as we suspected guys. It’s make Nothing Kings, I’m not saying it’s from its from bland bland ins burg MD. I think that’s Mary Lynn’s I don’t know and it’s also saying there’s no social profiles. No personal details not professional. There’s nothing. It’s a fake number It’s at 100% big number. Okay. Sure The number isn’t totally a fake number because obviously they’re texting me from it, but it’s clearly a spoof number I mean it literally says landline the whole reason I made this video guys Wasn’t because I wanted to meet this person who was texting me, you know The whole reason I made it was because I wanted this person who’s texting me to stop texting and harassing me and stuff And I was hoping to accomplish that by figuring out who he was giving him his attention making a video around to him But unfortunately, it looks like I’m not gonna figure out who he is because I got no more hunches No more leads no more suspects. So I’m trying to figure out a plan in order for him to to just leave me alone But coming up with something guys wasn’t easy. Like I know this was all my idea, but realistically speaking How was I supposed to figure out who this person was by just asking yes or no questions When his number is a spoof number and everything about him could be fake Like honestly can we really believe that this person has been being 100% honest with us? Like what if it’s not even a guy or what if he’s not even under 18 years old or what if it is my younger? Brother or even my friends or at you? I’m realizing now that yes-or-no questions aren’t gonna cut it I need a legit plan of attack now if I’m ever going to stop this harassment So I thought and thought and thought and when I thought something hit me. Alright guys, I think I got a plan Okay, it turns out that it happens. So I thought some more and more and more Yeah, go ahead go But finally after a very long time something finally came All right, guys, I think I legit have just come up with a perfect plan right now You guys know about the legend of the Trojan horse, right? It was this huge wooden gigantic horse if the Greeks ended up building and Gifting to the Trojans and the Trojans accepted the gift and actually thought it was a gift so they brought it into their City however What they didn’t know was that the horse wasn’t a gift The Greeks were actually hiding inside of it and waiting for the right opportunity To hop out ambush kill and take over the city of Troy So because that plan worked so off for the Greeks, I’m gonna replicate it and hopefully it works for me However, the only difference is I’m not gonna give the heckler a big huge. Wooden horse I’m gonna be gifting him some March I just sent the heckler this message where I’m pretty much just placing myself at his mercy and telling him that I will give them Some mulch. But again what he doesn’t know is that like the Trojan horse this March isn’t really a gift It’s an ambush. It seems like it’s working guys. It seems like he’s taking the bait. He said so you’re giving up Lol, you always cut school tickets, but you can’t even catch me. Yes. I’m giving up take the merch bitch I’m not gonna write that so I start placing my plan into action I needed this guy to accept the Merc, which I figured that he wouldn’t be skeptical about but after a couple of back-and-forth messages He seemed decently interested. So now I just needed him to give me a shipping address So I nonchalantly asked for it but unfortunately He was smarter than that and declines because this of course would mean that he’d have to give me his real name and real address Okay, so this kid is a little bit smarter than I thought and it’s not gonna be as easy, but that’s okay I got a plan B, so I then offered to drive the merch to him either to his house or near his house But he declined that too So I then offered other Alternatives like having one of my friends drive it to him or just putting it in his mailbox or something I also offered to take it to a school and they even offer to drop it off at his job if he had a job Or his parents job all of which though he declines It declines it declined and I think it’s because he knew that I could eventually learn his identity if he gave me any of that sensitive information so I became annoyed and I put my foot down and I texted him in a very strict tone of the last thing that I Could have think of I told him that I was down to drop off the merch at a public Location near me and then take a picture of where I left it then I will send him that picture I’ll head home and then he can come pick up the merch when I’m gone. And just when every single speck of hope seemed lost He became intrigued. Okay, we’re onto something here. I want to turn up the pressure a little bit more Keep on seeming man. And I’m gonna do you know what? I mean? I’m gonna try to make this happen tonight So I send on my ultimatum in one hour I’m gonna be leaving the back of merch out of store and then leave for him to come get it However, I also let him know that if he tells me that he can’t come pick up the merch tonight then I won’t be doing it and I’ll just be blocking his number right then and there and be changing my phone number tomorrow and I don’t know if it was out of fear of Permanently not being able to contact me anymore Or if it was out of desire to get his hands on the sickest merch on YouTube, but he agreed Has officially accepted my gift but remember it’s not really a gift sure The heckler thinks that I’m just gonna be dropping off the merger then leaving for him to come but in reality I’m gonna be dropping off the merch and waiting for him to come and when he does come I’m gonna confront him All right Look guys at the end of the day I could just let this guy just take the merch and hope that he stops texting me But to be honest, I don’t trust that and plus this guy needs to be confronted He need to be told that what he’s doing is not okay, and I forgot my freaking key dinging I had back to retrieve my key and then also send a heckler the location of the store where I’m gonna be dropping off the Merch, however, I lied and I told him that I would be doing so in about half an hour This would give us enough time to get there early and fully execute out my plan speaking of which let me tell you guys exactly What it is first, we’re gonna drive to the Dollar Tree in two cars. Not one So I’m driving in this car guys And we have Leslie following right behind me driving in her car when we make it to the store I’m gonna be making two videos and sending them to the heckler This is the first one. This is the Dollar Tree right next to Cal State, Fullerton You’re gonna make a left over here and I’m gonna leave the bag with all your stuff right there. Okay I’m in my Tesla. But yeah, I’m gonna leave it right over there I’m gonna shoot the second video after I place the merch at the spot where I want him to come All right, man, dude, like this is the behind of the Dollar Tree. I’m leaving the bag right there There it is with the golden shovel and everything and I am now leaving taking off. I’m leaving the scene, please Stop messaging me. All I ask I Drive a little bit more than cut the recording and send that video to the heckler But now here’s where the twist is I hop out of the driver’s seat and my brother who’s been in the backseat this whole time will now be hopping into the front Seat. Alright guys, this is my brother Clem sway right over here He’s gonna be driving the Tesla home and then I’m gonna go hop into les fils car Which is still parked over there, we’re doing like a little switcheroo here and stuff. Come on I guess you can say my plan is a reverse psychology plan remember in the videos that I sent him I specifically showed him and told him that it came in my Tesla Well now when he shows up and if he’s skeptical he’ll be on the lookout for that car like I said That car isn’t here anymore because my brother is driving at home, and I’m hopping into lessons So he made it safe and sound into Leslie’s car We’re about to turn off the lights right now and just go fricken silent here and just wait and wait and wait and wait I sent them a text message right now saying also hey Let me know when you’re on your way to grab the bag and stuff that way I know what ended up in your hands hasn’t replied to me yet, but hopefully he will soon and Yes, so the waiting game begins and even though we didn’t know exactly who we were looking for Thankfully it didn’t take long before we started seeing some activity Oh, we got some person walking up a person walking up a person walking up unfortunately, though We were at a public area. So that means we were bound to get ran to people who were just walking by I think they’re walking towards that direction But not turns the bag towards the dollar G because there’s a Dollar Tree there. There’s only one person in the world That knows the bag is there that it’s gonna walk towards the bag and a couple of minutes later that one person taxes me Confirmation that they are still coming. Okay, cool. I got a response for him He said hey, I was getting ready and heading out in five right now what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna be like Okay, sounds good and then send him another video the video that I’m about of sentiment as one that I Pre-recorded at home to further add to the reverse psychology technique that we’re using. Okay. I just made it hum I hope by this time you’ve already been on your way or on your way for the merge and everything But yeah, I hope you enjoy the shirts That was a pre-recording hopefully you Falls for that and he thinks that I’m home and so time ticks on we continue to wait and the activity continues we Got three other guys here. Oh, this is them. This is bad. This is bad. I know But like I mentioned earlier we’re in a public area So we’re bound to see people just passing through so this wouldn’t be the only time that we saw someone and wondered if it was The heckler. Oh, we got another person right over here. We got another person But every single time we go to get super excited, oh the Burger but at the end of the day, everyone was just walking by disregarding the back they like promising But it’s not him and this can seem to happen every time with people and even cars that would pull in and then just leave Nope, just reversing and leaving gosh, damn it. What? If that was him and he saw the cameras and saw us through the tinted windows and then to go Again, the truth of the matter is that we just don’t really know who we’re looking for I came you got a gentleman coming over here. No, this is not him He looks too dressed up for this to be him. He looks like a manager from somewhere. This can’t be here We had a very broad description but no one so far even fit that description But like I mentioned earlier in the video what if this person has been lying to us about everything again? We think it’s a little kid, but then like what little kid is gonna be out this late Right. That’s a yeah, that’s an insane And to make it all worse about the cherry on top the one time that I actually wanted this person to message me He did it. So we thought was gonna be a quick and exciting sting operation ended up turning into an hour of absolute nothing I’m starting a thing to be honest like this person Either doesn’t exist or has been completely lying to us about like everything Like what if he’s just like doesn’t even live in frickin Fullerton or in California or in the US for that much You know Dollar Tree is already closed. We’ve been here for about an hour ish Maybe a little more and I’m starting to lose. Hope I Really really really really really am there’s a person walking and I’m not even excited anymore I know he’s just gonna walk past the bag doesn’t fit the description doesn’t fit. Yeah. Yeah, keep on walking We only have a couple minutes left on these SD cards So we’re probably just gonna like stake out here for like another 20 minutes if that’s okay everyone. Yes 20 minutes I mean, we’ve been here already for a long might as well stick it through right if anything happens For as long as we possibly can right And thank God we decided to stick around a little longer because things were about to get very very interesting We have suspicious activity yet again. Looks like a Minute and he’s probably smoking no Okay, I know it sounds bad. But I initially thought this guy was either doing drugs or selling I mean he was just on his phone kind of pacing around almost as if he was looking for someone We’re not to mention. He also didn’t fit our description and wasn’t even going towards the back at all He was literally just there for almost five minutes, but then Oh Oh I’m not gonna lie if this kid was actually fast and it was actually a moment when we thought that we were gonna catch him But we just kept on chasing. I didn’t even realize that we left our camera crew behind though I completely forgot that she was just wearing shine clocks But finally after an exhausting two minutes the chase was coming to an end At last after days of harassment five interrogations and hours of trying to figure out who this guy was It was finally time to learn the identity of the heckler and confronted That is right guys The person who has made my life a living hell and sent me message after message was none other than my friend Martin There’s only one person that I know who is capable of doing To me hold on My hunch is throughout this whole test were correct I knew that I was being lied to and I strongly felt that the heckler was giving me false information this whole time Why did you do it What are you doing I am NOT your stock Okay, hold up after getting caught legit red-handed Martin right now is claiming that he is not my stalker So I hit a full sway and I told him what he doing I wanted to go have a beer have bollito or whatever He told me who was helping you with the video so that I had an idea I was just like all right I’m gonna go I’m gonna drive over there and I’m gonna mess with him and I said what video you guys working on and then I was Risky, okay I’m not gonna lie guys This completely blindsided me and I’ll speak for Martin right now because he’s catching his breath still so he is claiming that supposably tonight He wanted to hang out with my brother Josue So he calls him up and asked him what he’s don’t my brothers M precedes to telling him that he’s actually helping me out with The stalker video and stuff and how we’re sneaking out so then Morgan has this brilliant idea to get more details on exactly where we’re at and then proceeds to messin and Staging that he is a stalker. I mean, it’s a great story, but does that even sound plausible to you guys? And why would I be here You’re fuckin right now, I’m not buying your story there. There’s only one way to prove if Martin is or isn’t lying So I start going through his phone and honestly, I don’t know if I should have been mad or happy with what I found Five goes through Swain. Okay, so he’s been keeping in frequent contact with my brother at least that much is true However, this is gonna just be a cover story stuff So I start looking through his messages in to see if he has any texting app or something. I’m telling you Why why He literally just pulled up right now and just was looking for his bag You find that much pleasure and you Let me down your mom now, you’re not the stock right we’d Put it down on like fries or I put it down on mama your mom. Nobody dunno mama So Martin is sticking to a story because I couldn’t find any concrete evidence against him in his phone I can’t for certain say that he is or isn’t lying But the one thing I can’t say for certain though is that this operation is now Over assuming that Martin is not my real stalker. We just blow our cover and the real stalker could have spotted us by now This is it. This is the end. We’re not continuing. We already lost reporting space on one camera How’s your camera doing over there? Losing it? He’s dying over there. Um we missed our chance we missed our opportunity Martin Damn, dude, I’m still leaving this right over here because you know, I want to fulfill my promise I want him to see on camera on video that it’s still there and I just please just stop texting me So I left the merch there just in case Martin wasn’t lying and the real stalker hadn’t came yet But like I said, unfortunately, I will never know for certain who it is now I mean for all I know the real soccer could be Morton just that he’s using a second phone or something I’m lying or maybe it is one of the people that have my personal number including my siblings. I my close friends I mean at this point, I just don’t know who to trust or believe anymore I can only hope that if he or she is watching this they got a good kick head bit and stop seeking for my attention But I mean heck I guess only time will tell right Hey guys, don’t miss our huge holiday sale today you guys can get one duty long sleep one keep digging Sure, and one you decide sure for only $24.99 Or you guys can get our awesome sure in our youth dad hat for only $12.99 Honestly guys, this is our best celje and we thank you for purchasing because it does really help us make more videos I love you guys, and I’ll see you guys next time You

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  1. HEY GUYS!!! I know we took a VERY VERY LOOOONG break, but I’m gonna be honest with you guys here…. Our Gold Digger Videos just take a VERY long time to film and sometimes they don’t go as planned, so because of that, we’ve always struggled to bring you guys videos on a consistent basis….. SOOOOOO, we’ve decided from now on to expand our content and upload different kinds of interesting videos rather than JUST Gold Digger Videos! Our goal has always been to upload on a consistent 1-3 videos a week basis and we feel we can now do that if you guys will allow us! I know I’ve been uploading nothing but Gold Digger Videos for like the past year, but I hope you guys can give our new content a chance! We are putting in just as much time and efforts into those videos and won’t upload anything that WE OURSELVES don’t enjoy. We hope you guys understand and here’s the best news though…..We will still be uploading Gold Digger Videos on the basis that we currently have been, which is about 1-2 videos a month! Thanks guys for your never ending love and support!!! New video will be up later this week 🙂



  3. i always found u as a very smartminded person but this video just proves how clever you could be! like, you got deep into the clues, u made it to a very far point in the investigation. sure, u still may not know the full truth, but if you didn’t put a lot of thinking into this then you would still be stuck in square one. main point is: great job man, impressive!

  4. Who else tried pausing at when he shows the phone number and who also went to text it I know I did 😂😂 I LOWKEY DID

  5. I dont know why not out your caller ID off then phone the guy pretend to be one of like a foootball couch to play in real life and meet up with him then confront him xx

  6. Why did you reply if you dont reply he will get the memo that you do not want to talk to him and he will give up and if you do reply he knows that you will reply and will keep talking to you and you will have to answer

  7. They could have 2 phones and have a different number…love your vids and I know this is old but I still want to comment

  8. There is nooooo way that it's Martin bc he has an iPhone and so do u so when u text someone who has an iPhone, the text message is blue not green.

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