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I Found a Full Backpack & iPhone X Submerged Underwater Beneath Bridge

I Found a Full Backpack & iPhone X Submerged Underwater Beneath Bridge

[Music] [Music] good morning everybody here we are in a brand new spot of the river to the south it’s gorgeous what’s up dude so yeah we’re gonna jump in and see if we can find anything that people lost if we do find any cell phones or wallets or anything like that you guys know I always try to get it back to the owner so make sure to keep watching to the end if you want to see that and let’s get in the water and see what you find guys [Music] [Applause] [Music] a little personal fan and a stupid [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I didn’t want to like open it Rao is in the water I do feel something like water bottle in there but I hope there’s more than that so let’s take a look and see if there’s anything good in this thing oh yeah you never know what’s in the back really never know did you find anything what’s in the bag Oh a monster unopened whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what what is this I don’t know I actually looks cool look at the tent like that it’s still aluminum top and then I drink it oh is that it I think that snacks only water oh just drinks you never know that’s the weirdest thing look at this it’s like translucent but it’s got the aluminum top I’ve never seen that either okay no just be found in the water tastes a little fishy does it really it smells a little fishy smell only smell no I smell all right you smell on the outside of the can chug chug chug chug chug chug it’s a nice and cold it’s actually good and he’s about he bit hop on a plane so maybe this isn’t a good idea you want to take a nap so honey I can be able to sleep at all send it send it in okay so I got this home I dried it out in a tub of silica gel beads and I tried to power it up after about three days of drying and unfortunately it did not turn on but some of you guys in the comments gave me a couple of tips and we’re gonna try those out right now all right so somebody’s tip was to basically dunk this in 91% isopropyl alcohol and then he said just to let it dry out for about a day and then trying to power it up so again this is after I already tried to dry it out like my normal method didn’t work so that’s why I’m resorting to this now oh this feels so wrong all right so I pretty much almost emptied the entire bottle so let’s give it about a minute alright let’s take it out I don’t want to spill alright so basically I’m gonna I’m gonna set this out we’re gonna give it about 24 hours to dry and then I’m gonna go ahead and try to power it up okay guys so I actually gave it 48 hours to dry out got it all put back together this is the moment of truth if this doesn’t work that’s all I got unless you guys got some more tips for me but let’s go ahead and give it a try guys alright here we go here’s the moment of truth ready come on come on come on come on dang it there was one last tip somebody said that if you use an iPad charger it has a higher voltage and so we’re gonna go ahead and try that – this is my last shot come on push the power button nothing well I guess you can’t win them all but that was fun trying that tip out make sure to hit that subscribe button if you guys want to see more adventures a lot of times I am able to find the owners and get those phones turned back on make sure to leave me a thumbs up you guys that does help me out a lot and makes a huge difference and we will see you guys on the next video well we’re not gonna drink these so let’s throw them away [Music]

100 thoughts on “I Found a Full Backpack & iPhone X Submerged Underwater Beneath Bridge”

  1. Love you guys! If you're ready for tons of new videos, make sure to like the video. Summer is here!!!

  2. Love the channel but beware of the comments left by subscribers!!! Isopropyl alcohol will destroy the digitizer (the main part of the screen) of a cell phones. If that phone didn’t work before the alcohol, it’s definitely not going to work now! Alcohol works great for cleaning electronics because it evaporates residue free but it will completely destroy the digitizer of a cell phone.

  3. Poor phone but at least you tried your best so thats still good and makes you a nice person ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Guys today only I saw your channel , I was just checking this video for time pass but later that 1st video , I stared to watch few videos in your channel and I became a fan of Man+River . The most important part is you picked up the trash too and you have the phones to the owners , that was cool bro and I like your attitude bro, it’s more interesting to see you channel videos. Keep rocking guys. Waiting for you next video.

  5. Man + river : OoH WhAts gOnNa Be In Da BaG??? A iPhone X oR a mIlLiOnS oF gOpRoS???🤪🤪

    Bag : 2 bottles of water and a beverage

    Man + river and Cameron : aw man well at least we got some drinks :

    Cameron : drinks the beverage

    Me : isn’t the drinks supposed to be disgusting????? 😦

  6. I really enjoy watching your videos. Its relaxing and really fun to watch. Hope I will learn also to swim and dive. 😊

  7. Muy bueno lo que hacen encontrar y devolver las cosas si se puede eso es bien visto PULGAR ARRIBA por eso que sigan los videos saludos desde ELJAGUEL ARGENTINA

  8. Perhatikan keselamatan gunakan sarung tangan anti robek.. kamu tidak tahu apa yang ada di dasar sungai ,, sangat berbahaya bila kamu terkena pisau, pecahan kaca, bahkan jarum suntik yang terkena virus berbahaya

  9. You had to put the phone into rice for 24 toc 48 hrs,the alcohol you shouldn't take it out so fast,and then you have to rub with an smthn small to all wires etc.

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