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I Found Weird Pics On My Bf’s Phone. I Don’t Know Him At All!

I Found Weird Pics On My Bf’s Phone. I Don’t Know Him At All!

Hi! My name is Brie and I am seventeen years old. I live in a small town and currently I am
in my final year of high school. My boyfriend, Jason, is one year older than
me, and he has already finished school and moved to another town where he is attending
college. So this year, we haven’t seen each other often,
maybe once every couple of months. I am planning to move to the same town and
go to the same college, where I will study art, while he is in the computer science program. Of course, Jason has made a lot of new friends
there, and he is not really eager to spend 6 – 7 hours driving to see me in our hometown. And I have a lot of studying to do in my final
year, so we both cannot afford to see each other frequently, anyway. And we are totally fine with that, as long
as we remain a couple. Life is hard sometimes, and we both accept
that at the present time, we need to concentrate on what is the most important for us, while
still maintaining our relationship. But right now I can’t be sure if we’ll manage
to stay together as a couple. How did this happen? I’m going to tell you. …It was one of those happy days when Jason
had found some time to come to our hometown to see me. We were cozily cuddling on the sofa, watching
a movie, when he suddenly fell asleep, tired from the long drive home in a shared car,
which his friends and he were taking turns driving. I was sitting next to him, looking with tenderness
at my sweetheart, thinking about what his college life was like, wondering why he posted
so few pictures of his new friends and surroundings on his Instagram account. He left his smartphone on the table, buried
under the bowls of popcorn, half empty potato chip bags, soft drink cans, and barely eaten
chocolate bars – in other words, under everything that we had prepared for a quiet movie night
at home. I could not resist the temptation, so I took
his smartphone and, holding it in one hand and a chocolate bar in another, I started
looking at the pictures. Oh, please don’t think that I was SPYING on
my boyfriend! I wasn’t thinking anything like that at all! I only wanted to look at the pictures of his
college life. He told me a lot about it when we talked on
the phone almost every other night, but he never sent me any pictures and I wanted to
see what his friends looked like. So, I was scrolling through dozens of pretty
but also standard pictures… when suddenly I saw a bundle of pics where my Jason was
dressed up in a fluffy pink dress and was wearing an excessive amount of make-up, with
pink lipstick and glitter eye shadow. He was posing on the street, and it was late
at night, judging by the dim lights. Jason was surrounded by a crowd of boys I
did not know, except for one. It was his roommate Marek. And in one of the pictures Jason was kissing
(or pretending to kiss) Marek on the cheek with his pinky-colored lips. I was shocked and could not come up with any
explanation for these bizarre actions, but I thought that Jason would tell me what was
going on and how it happened that he, dressed in a pink frilly dress, kissed his roommate. Right at that moment Jason fidgeted and woke
up, I barely managed to put his smartphone back on the table. I decided that, this evening, I wasn’t going
to ask any questions. I was too nervous because of what I saw, and
was afraid that I might say something wrong. In addition, by the time we had finished watching
the movie, I had to hurry home, since it was getting late, and my old-fashioned parents
still expected me to come home to sleep That next morning Jason and I went out for
a breakfast together. Sipping my coffee, I casually asked him what
his life was like at college, how his roommate Marek was doing, and what kinds of jokes and
pranks they did at his dorm and in computer science school. He told me so many stories about his studies
and about his new friends… but nothing about the cross dressing pranks. But I did not give up. I pretended that I was very interested in
his friends (well, in fact, I was) and asked him if he had any pictures. Jason willingly took his smartphone out and
started showing me the pictures that I had already seen yesterday, making comments and
explaining to me who was who, where these pictures were taken, and when. Jason scrolled through all the pictures on
his smartphone but there were NO pink dress-wearing boys… Did it mean that he had erased them? But why? At that moment I felt really uncomfortable. Was he hiding something from me? But this time I did not get a chance to find
out. Jason had do get going. He jumped in his rental car, picked up his
friends, and left town. The new semester was starting in two just
days, and he had to plan his schedule, get his textbooks, and do everything that was
needed to prepare for another studying marathon. Well, as I said, it was totally acceptable
since we both agreed that our studies were a priority… if only I hadn’t seen those
strange pictures!I HAD TO find out! The best way would have been, of course, to
just ask him directly, when he came home the next time. But I was reluctant for two reasons. First, how is a girl supposed to ask her boyfriend
if he is gay? I think, it can be difficult to come up with
a more stupid situation! Second, and even worse, I would have to admit
that I looked through his phone while he was asleep… And I had no idea how he would react to that. So instead, I decided to talk to Marek. The easiest way, of course, would be to chat
with him on Facebook. We were not following each other’s accounts
there, but his profile was open to everyone, and I could easily scroll through it and see
his photos, read the comments under them, and, perhaps, understand what he was doing
there together with Jason, in their spare time. Can you already guess what I saw there? Exactly! Marek, dressed in a canary yellow dress, wearing
high-heeled shoes, proudly marching down the street, lit by lanterns. And he was not alone but holding hands with
my precious Jason! Jason was dressed in his regular clothing
in these pictures. And I don’t even know whether this reassured
me or alarmed me even more. After that, I realized that I HAD to meet
Marek and talk to him on their campus, in person. This was going to be complicated… I had to be careful and prepare for the visit
in order to really find out what was happening. Finally I had everything planned! Jason told his parents and me that he was
coming home for the next long weekend. But I pretended that I was going away with
my parents (they were going to see my father’s brother, my uncle, in another state), although
in reality, I took a bus and went to the town where his college was… I knew where Jason lived and I was lucky:
Marek was there alone. I started some small talk with him, and quietly
turned it to the various pranks and jokes that were hot among students. But as soon as I started asking Marek about
whether they have cross-dressing parties, somebody suddenly entered the room.It was
Jason! Marek, laughing hysterically, asked Jason
exactly what he told me about their bet with the guys from the neighboring room, which
they lost and which meant they had to cross-dress. But Jason did not find it funny at all. “I have NEVER told you about the bet! So how did you find out? Where did you see these pictures, I never
told you a word about them,” he asked angrily. “Wow, take it easy, bro, don’t be so mad!”
— said Marek, who was still laughing, and was now starting to mock Jason for being so
diffident and not showing these cute pictures to his girlfriend. Marek then opened his Instagram profile where
he had placed the very pictures that I had already seen, — there he was proudly smiling,
dressed in a ridiculous, canary yellow dress, wearing bright crimson lipstick and looking
right into the camera with his “smoky” eyes. Jason looked also gorgeous, no doubt, and
the guys took some pics on his camera, so… Huh, you must have snuck into his smartphone
while he was asleep? All girls do that!” — said Marek with a
cunning smile. “But I thought Brie was different!” — Jason answered with bitterness. Then he turned toward me and asked, almost
yelling at me: “How did you DARE go through my stuff?!” Do you see what was happening? Yes, I understood that what I had done was
not really right, and I was already feeling ashamed of it. But anyway, Jason should have told me about
that stupid bet, and his silence only meant that he didn’t trust me. And now he was so angry, even though he was
guilty, too! Guilty of silence and of hiding things from
his girlfriend! Well, I had no intention of talking to him
in this way. And even the fact that he decided to not go
back to our town when he found out that I wouldn’t be there, did not soften my heart. So I turned around and left the campus in
huff. And I didn’t want to talk to Jason ever again! But on the bus ride home, I already started
to regret that I did not manage to keep my temper in check. But then I returned home and immersed myself
in my studies… And, you know, I began to realize that I didn’t
really miss Jason. He has his own life there, and despite the
fact that we had agreed on every little thing about our relationship, at one time, usually
people who love each other just TRUST each other, right? Yes, it was just a bet, but if he kept silent
about the little things, would he not keep silent about much more important things in
the future? But still, it was my fault… I shouldn’t have taken his phone. And I decided that I would take the first
step toward reconciliation and went to his college again. And guess what? It turned out that he had already gotten himself
a new girlfriend. Well, I will give him and myself time to think,
and when I finish school and come to his college, which by that time will be my college, too,
maybe we will get back together. Or maybe not. I haven’t decided yet. What do you think, is it worth hiding something
from those you’re close with? Tell me in the comments and do not forget
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100 thoughts on “I Found Weird Pics On My Bf’s Phone. I Don’t Know Him At All!”

  1. What do you think, is it worth hiding something from those you're close with? Tell in the comments and do not forget to subscribe to this channel!

  2. I wouldn't date him again because he didn't do anything to solve the problem and was like let's get a new girl then

  3. This is one of those stories where I struggle to see the other side of it honestly. She seems like a bitch

  4. You're the only one who's wrong. Not Jason.

    Let me explain:

    You checked his smartphone, invading his privacy. Even after you were freaked out by the photos, you didn't ask him anything when he woke up. Ok, admittedly you were freaked out.

    However, when you had coffee with him and he showed you all the pictures, you should've asked about the dresses and admit you had seen the pics and videos. You could've easily solved the situation.

    Not only did you hide things, but you also went to social media to check him in the internet. That's worse than a stalker. You just tangled everything to satisfy your curiosity.

    True, couples have to share more to each other, compared to other relationships. But there is something called an individual privacy, y'know?

    Besides, did you once even think about the fact that Jason felt ashamed showing you pictures like that? He felt like you might dump him becos of his bet and regretted it. Now, you'll never really know.

    What's with your possessiveness? You just want to control him.

    Moreover, you lied to him and visited his roommate when he wasn't there. If a girl acts like that with her boyfriend, then wouldn't he normally be angry cuz he has no idea what was going on in the first place?

    People deserve respect and privacy. You went overboard. He moved on, you should too. Don't cling to him and make his life more miserable that you've already done.

    Lastly, get some check-up for your mental and psychological problems. Learn to trust others.

  5. Despite of being it's both of their fault here I want to say a few thing

    Jason is another place and already have friends to spend time with while Brie is alone..thinking about him all the time while he was enjoying his collage life….

    For Jason Brie is an option not priority…

    he can't just say 'How dare you touch my stuff??..honey what if I see your cross dressing pictures….you could have just cleared me everything…if I had any bad intention I would have burst out when the moment you woke up….I didn't cause I don't want to ruin this relationship

    and I want to say…Brie could be little but sensible and asked him politely about the thing..but she didn't…

    It's very hard to love someone who thinks you as an option…she will never leave me….what if I'm with my friends..can't I enjoy my life????well Baby…you're my life…but you don't see me in that way

    you can't even say that…cause some guys don't understand what is the difference….until you make them as you option to priority

    thanks for listening to me 😊😊😊😊

  6. Me and ex used each other phone regularly. I cant believe that looking at ur significant others phone is such a big deal. Heck even my close friends and I use each others phones. If the batteries are low or one person has better connection.

  7. Everybody has rights to keep things to themselves but if u don’t like that u should agree with ur love partner to keep no secrets!

  8. That's soo stupid, like no girl you acting like a victim and then saying oh we might get back together "I haven't decided yet" nah now you won't even let him move on. He has every for acting the way he did, it's not his fault you acting like a baby

  9. That a kinda secret that you don't want to be shouting to everyone plus if he that willing to move on with out talking to you then you should look for someone else that more willing to talk things out .

  10. Nah not for me my bff and me literally have a secret code we speak and we know everything thing about each other like we are so close. We could be sisters 👯‍♀️ they get mistaken for twins or real sisters all the time

  11. im expecting that her boyfriend will feel embarrased and very sorrY but he shouted like dumb….im cofuse now😵😵😵😵what's that?? I cant marry or deal someone that cant explain whats going on!

  12. she's playing the victim all because he was too embarrassed to tell her about the bet and then she thinks that he's gay for wearing a dress, I seen a bunch of straight men wear dresses, it's called acting, being drunk or a bet. She shouldn't even gone through his phone to begin with.

  13. Why didn't you say, that you saw the pics in Marek's Facebook, because his fb is public. And Jason does NOT owe you to tell every little things, like bets with his friend. It's not a big deal

  14. Jason's not guilty of anything. He made a stupid bet and didn't want to share it with anyone who wasn't there. That's his right. What isn't right though, is going through his phone without asking and then getting upset when he calls you on it. So I can't blame him for wanting to move on after your argument. No one wants to be with someone who complains about trust but shows she isn't capable of it herself.

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