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I Gave Up My Phone For A Month (and this is what happened)

I Gave Up My Phone For A Month (and this is what happened)

Hey guys! What’s up? What’s new with you? Anything new? Nothing’s really new in the life of Lucas Thomas Korns. Everything’s the same Besides the fact that I don’t own a working phone anymore. I think I was about 16 when I got my first phone and I remember that all my friends already had one so getting my own meant that I was now one of them part of the connected I’ve gone through a lot of phones since then because I’ve broken a lot of phones since then For example, one phone I mysteriously lost in Iceland last year Luckily, I purchased phone insurance and Apple generously sent me this new phone It sucks Ever since opening up the box it has been nothing but problems. (Well this sucks!) The phone speaker doesn’t really work, the microphone randomly shuts off sometimes in the middle of calls, and the cord has to be in the exact position for it to charge but that’s not even the worst of it. So about a month ago one of my friends texted me asking me if I wanted to meet with him at a restaurant close to where I live and I said yes grabbed my wallet, keys, and of course my phone and set out the door Being pretty new to this city, I had to trust my phone to take me where I needed to go The restaurant was farther than I anticipated but with my phone it was impossible to get lost everything was fine and great until… My phone committed suicide! I don’t know how, but he ended himself! And in the process, almost ended me… Being stranded alone in a new city, lost, without any way to contact anyone. I think I need a new phone. The next day I planned on buying a new phone, but, then I gave it a second thought. Wait a second! I don’t need to buy a new phone! I can live my life without a phone! And that was the start of my month without a phone. One month of navigating a new city without a GPS… One month of having to use payphones… And one month without a sure cure for life’s awkward situations. And let me just go ahead and say that living without a phone for me has… well… it sucked. The month started out okay like, it was honestly really liberating to live my life phoneless Well today is day number one without a phone and I kinda like it… it’s liberating I feel free But as I was continuously being left out of different gatherings because no one had a way to contact me It broke my heart! Whyyy! Living without a phone for me is really hard. Yeah, I think it’s pretty safe to say that from personal experience the world we live in in this age, really isn’t meant to be lived phoneless. In fact in 2015, 93% of Americans owned some sort of cell phone. That’s basically everyone. Everyone is using the same way to connect with everyone and what happens if you’re left out of this necessary form of connection? You’re left alone. You miss out on opportunities. You get left out of that group chat conversation… You missed that invite to that party… You miss that phone call from your mom And how are you going to relate to those Pokemon Go conversations??? Is that even still played? Wouldn’t know… Planet Earth is changing. Humanity is evolving and technology is rising We’re living in an age of constant change a constant battle between humanity and our phones Technology rules our world and that’s no secret. And as I spin around Google Earth, I hope you can visualize how our planet is changing. No, but for real It’s actually happening. Take physical maps, for example They’re really hard to come across these days. Also look at payphones; they’re going extinct. Oh and phone books basically don’t exist anymore. Go ahead try and find one. This is simply the world that we live in today. I don’t think it’s any better than before, but, it’s certainly not worse. It’s no secret that we use our phones for pretty much everything but I’ll admit that I really don’t think it’s as bad as people say. Technology really seems to be getting a lot of bad press recently Like somehow we’re being brainwashed with the rise of technology But I think I totally disagree. So, it’s been, like, three weeks, since I’ve lived without a phone And you know what I realize? The older generation always tries to give us a hard time because they think that phones are making us more antisocial but I’ve really never been more antisocial in my life than in the last three weeks. Like yeah, phones can be dangerous and they can serve as a distraction for more important things there needs to be lines that are drawn in your own personal life but, phone’s are really powerful and really useful… I’ll admit that you can never really beat a real life, in person conversation. but text conversations can really be beautiful. Dude! It’s been so long! Being able to talk face to face with friends from across the world, pretty cool! So instead of fighting the direction of technological progress our world is rising towards, I’ll join myself with the norm once again. Once again connected. Once again equipped with these. Everywhere I go, I will have a connection. Yeah, maybe my entire life can fit in my front pocket. But, oddly enough, I’m okay with that.

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  1. Okay I gave up my phone few days ago. Maybe I miss it but I am really stuubborn about it. So I wanna have an experiment about how to live without my phone ( until my examinations and their result)
    ps. My dad actually reluctant to using new technology and we have an deal , he will not smoke until my exams

  2. I’ve actually gone a month and half without a phone in 2012. Not exactly choice or planned. Was in bad car accident and in coma a week and hospital a month and half. It was around a month without phone which I was aware of. Only reason I didn’t ask for my phone to be brought to me was cos I had a photo of my dog on wallpaper and that dog had been killed in the car accident. So having to ask for someone to change wallpaper would have been as upsetting as seeing it and doing it myself. By time I got home my mum had changed the wallpaper and I had the phone back.

    Since then I’ve gone 2 days without one and that was when my phone had to be sent away to be fixed. It is possible to go without a phone but not convenient. I think this video shows just how much everyone relays on their phone so would be in a mess without it. Test for everyone how many of the people in your contacts do you know the number of? For me I know my mums mobile number and my house number and over 30 I don’t know.

  3. I have been without a cell phone since July 2018 , there are not many pay phones around in Alabama where I live. However my worse case scenario would be a 5 mile walk to my work or home to call a tow truck if my car broke down.   I  do have a magic Jack landline type phone at home to stay in touch with my mom. Other than that I have no regrets of not using a cell phone anymore they are a distraction and a waste of time, money. I don't really care about Facebook and all these social media sites.

  4. Honestly, this makes me sick. People are so attached to their phones these days, that it’s SO dramatic to be without their phones for only one month. Phones are important for SAFETY! Not everyday use! I wish we could go back to the past. I’m honestly really sad right now. This makes me angry.

  5. Having a phone for youth today is like what having a PC was for youth in the 90s – early 00s. The tech has shrunk down and improved a lot. Those who condemn it simply don't know how to ride the flow of time. Cling to the past and you will be left behind.

  6. I thought this was going to be like a clickbait video and a person who stalls a lot so they could get 10 minute videos. But you’re different and I like that, you gained a new subscriber

  7. When I was younger I got banned from my phone for 3 years I didn’t really care and I did great after a month you just get used to it

  8. I kinda feel like I’m a more socialized person. As in not being nervous and talking to any gender easily, or just doing risky things like running through school hallways 🖖🏻

  9. I'm an old guy I hope. It must be difficult for young people to live without a phone. A least you gave it a shot. I agree modern tech gets bad press. I like videos like this, very clever

  10. March 11th 2019. First of all I don't know what city you live in but a New York City it's a must to have a cell phone there is no working payphones anywhere and no one's going to literally pull out of their pocket their phone and say you can use it even if it's an emergency. Secondly why would you need to buy an iPhone they're so expensive and they're crap in the meantime you could get yourself an Android that's more cheaper and that's does everything almost even more better then an iPhone. and of course you can live without a phone because you're using your computer the thing that you would do in your phone you're doing it on the computer. if you need somebody to call you they can call you through Facebook Messenger whether it's a video or just voice talk as long as you leave your computer on and you tell your friends and family to call you their. I know somebody who did that because they couldn't get a phone at the moment. so he was able to still be in contact with all his friends and and family.

  11. Firstly its called a Landline kid ….i am 36 years old, it is 2019 now, I do not now, nor have I ever owned a cell phone in my life. I never liked them and did not want one. People keep saying that I'm like a 'Unicorn' …honestly I find it very telling about other people, I have slowly watched the people around my throughout the years get more and more addicted to cell phones (digital leashes) to the point they cant seem to even imagine the act of simply 'NOT' being available. The Human race managed just fine for thousands of years without the cell phone, it will not kill you to go without.

  12. Want to find out who real friends are ask for there number.. 95% on your social media wont give it to you.. now you have 5 % left.. sms and call them see how many respond. Now try meet up with them and have fun …. how many real friends did you have? fake friends aint worth anything. Social media and smartphones create drugs for your brain but no real joy.

  13. I took a whole term off my phone for grade 8 because I failed 🙁 then i got pushed back up to grade 9 cus I wasn’t as distracted 😀

  14. I had given up my phone for a month but its not effective if u use a laptop instead . Cut out entirely and I promise you will feel the BEST you have ever felt . Extremely social , outgoing , self amused etc etc .

  15. I was here cuz I broke my phone last week because i always used it when charging then the charging pot got burned…

  16. my phone died tho…well not actually but the screen broke and it doesnt wanna turn on,
    still tho i am gonna buy a refurbished iphone 6, so i gotta live 1 whole month without phone and use my ipad. 22 days left😫 and i am not even sure if that phone is going to work well lmao

  17. This young guy has alot of good points especially this one… The operated coin Pay phone has gone extinct or almost extinct and you have to have a Android or a basic cell phone.

  18. I mean, before people didn't have cell phones, they had landlines. So it's not like you couldn't get a hold of people. Also, why couldn't your friends like email you or facebook message or something. You don't need a cell for those either.

  19. Your content is super engaging and entertaining literally found you cause I was looking at reviews for the automatic toothbrush to help get my 2 year old used to brushing his teeth lol! -!Heather 🇨🇦

  20. You know you can buy it and enjoyed it much cheaper if you don't have any money in your f**** broke you idiot

  21. As someone from the older generation the only thing i hate about smartphones is people use them like computers now only you can take it anywhere with you now. I think we should keep our social human lives and our entertainment seperate. But i i wanted to(i can lol just dont) i would just get rid of virtual entertainment and enjoy real life. Only use them when you are lost or obviouly need to call cuz of an emergency. (Flip phones i never had a problem with I dont feel like social media or games are necessary. Like tv and video games that stuff can become addicting. And can affect your personality I came from an age where watchimg tv all the time was seen as a depressed person. Then when laptops and computers came out online dating took over and now ppl are scared to talk to the opposite sex.

    But yea i understand there was always those late night chatlines to back in the days but nobody really tool those serious as ppl take online dating now

    I just feel like certain things todays cellphones isnt necessary because phones today have changed humans natural brain. (Yes smartphones effect your brain its called dopamine)

    But who am i to give me opinion im a youtube user and a social media user i am a shamefull cellphone lol addict😩

    I believe the same thing with video games, internet and lowkey tvs. But ipods mp3s refridegerators etc are ok lol

    I have a friend who works for the juvenile hall and he said 90s juvie teen's were way different then todays teens.he said the teens nowadays cant function without there phone and do there time peacfully. Theyre social skills are terrible theu dont look eachother in the eye. More insecure. These are the affects of excessive cellphome use/internetvideo games

  22. Instead of doing like a movie keep a camera with u n don't use mobile phone for 1 months n do it practically

  23. I did not had a phone for 4 days and I saw a lot of improvements trust me try to not use your phone for 1 week and I see major improvements like reading book , and getting up early , btw I don’t lie reading book but now I saw what’s the truth of keeping me away from books is my phone trust me it will improve your life

  24. Leaving the phone is a useless way. Phones or "smartphones" are powerful weapons to seek knowledge and be a better educated person regardless of games and other ways to waste time, in which should be ignored by smart users.

  25. 2:54 yeah!! Pokemon go is played by millions. Harcore fans still play it. People who got on hype bandwagon aren't playing it.

  26. hahaha my mum wants to take my phone away for the next 3 years because I got a 90 minute detention after school for "cyber bullying", which I didn't even do because it wasn't over a long period of time, only once and as a joke.

  27. My wife and I went 4 years without phones a few years back. Pros and cons for sure. But honestly, we paid for skype's phone service they had back then and people called us and left voicemails like back in the day when people only had home phones. I for sure missed Apps that I used regularly. I used an android emulator on PC, but still not having them on the go sucked. But at the end of the day it saved us a ton of money and we weren't lacking not having phones.

  28. I was watching this on my phone, and when you said my phone committed suicide, MY PHONE DIED LMAO😂😂😂

  29. I got my first cell phone at age 41. I went through most of life without a cell phone but ever since getting one it's like "Where have you been all my life, you gorgeous creature, you?"

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