100 thoughts on “I HATE The iPhone X”

  1. Lemme know what you guys think! Gonna be in the comments for the next hour!!! MAKE SURE YOU WATCH NEXT ➡️DON’T Buy a GLITTER iPhone Case! ➡ https://youtu.be/FoHBQzKD5s8?list=PLPCx-1KKqYKyPMb6J4RHYf2DWPJhwFkQg

  2. u suk btw you cant you face id after restarting you idoit! you have to put your passcode in. also its apples 10 anniversy makin iphones thats why they skiped 9 i unsubscirbed

  3. I see that ijunk iphone x for sale here in australia for $1800AUD.. Which is $1338.24USD as of right now…. Oh and you have to pay more money on top for fast charging…

  4. Ordinary payment in Czech republic is 27 000CZK. iPhone X costs 30 000CZK and thats 1 485 US$ good play Apple 😀

  5. Binch you get it on contract then. Sure you wait two years to get a new phone but there is literally no reason to get a new phone before 2-3 years

  6. Okay honestly I had a 6 s and loved it … I have the x and plan on taking it back The no button makes it impossible to one hand type … plus the keyboard is set up different I’m constantly misspelling cuz of it I miss the button to me it’s heavy and I liked being able to make sure to press the button to close out an app and stick my phone in my purse k owing it wouldn’t be just dialing anyone you have no way to move quickly through things that you were used to and typing this keyboard hurts my hand after one sentence bye I hate it

  7. If everyone who hates their IPhone X, video rate their iPhone on Meritmeter, Apple will see the overall rating for the iPhone X, and it will improve the next iPhone.

  8. Sinceramente eu compraria o iPhone 8 Plus (tenho o se) pk detesto o Face ID ent eu n compraria o iPhone X apesar de ser um telemóvel bastante bom para fotografia e isso eu acho q o Face ID é muito pouco prático ao contrário do Touch ID

    ALL my phones are from HUAWEI ❗
    Because i HATE iphone !
    And now for ALL mother fuckers from apple:
    Doesn't matter what you do and you will do against the companies like Huawei.
    You are OUT off the picture!
    You are done ❗
    All the people outside usa.hate you and nobody will by your pieces of shit,apple.
    Here in Europe from 20 cell phone customers 17 are android users and only 2 to 3 are iPhone users.
    We all know, that your government protect you and so what?
    Usa will start just another war only to make us buying your phones ?
    Ha ha ha ha ha 😁😁😁
    Buh-bay apple.
    It was NOT a pleasure for us 👎

  10. It’s not the iPhone 10 it’s x why would they go from 8 to 10 Roman numeral x for 10 years of apple.

  11. The battery life is horrible. It ends up on the charger constantly and I only take it off the charger to use my headphones because you can’t do both. Speaking of the headphones it comes with, horrible as well as the phone. The only plus is the storage available, photo quality and the screen is pretty nice. I would say other than that, the phone is absolutely NOT worth the money.

  12. I switched from Apple to adult's devices and never looked back. Thanks to the awesome developers of XDA and their knowledge of today's technology..

  13. Face ID is good the only reason it failed during the keynote is because when you first turn on your iPhone it requires your password before you can use Face ID it was the same way with Touch ID

  14. I wanted to switch to iphone, I've been a samsung girl but… I HATE the newer iphones! I liked the older ones 6,7,8… but the new ones are SO UGLY. And yeah, no touch id, no headphone jack?? And that notch on the top of the screen is hideous!

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