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I made a weight sensored phone alarm // MAKE SOMETHING

I made a weight sensored phone alarm // MAKE SOMETHING

One hour make in one minute. Episode number 3. Smart Cookie Alarm. Hey World! This year I decided to put together a quick
detector to wake me up when someone takes my Santa cookies. And to do that I am going to hook up a Raspberry
Pi to a weight sensor and calculate the difference in cookie weight. When the cookie weight drops, the Raspberry
Pi is going to send a signal through Wi-Fi to Pushover’s cloud which will notify my phone. Then, a Tasker program on my phone will catch
the notification, trigger an alarm, and wake me up. Let’s make a Gravity Based Mobile Alarm For Vanishing Confections. Let’s get started. Stop! Done! Looks like Texas So… …now… if I remove one cookie… …it should work… YES!! It works! I got a Raspberry Pi, a battery, and the weight
sensor, inside the box. When I place the cookie platter on the box,
the Raspberry Pi is going to calculate the cookie weight. Then when I take one cookie, the Raspberry
Pi is going to sound the alarm on my phone. Alright guys, if you want to make your own,
I am going to put the code in my github account and links to Tasker, Pushover, and these cookie’s
recipe in the description below. So check it out!

30 thoughts on “I made a weight sensored phone alarm // MAKE SOMETHING”

  1. Estefannie…..Eu queria falar uma coisa para você mas primeiro você deve se sentar e ficar calma certo. …… Lá vai. ………. papai noel não existe…….Fui.

  2. Hi , This is what I have been looking for since long time.
    1] Can you please let me know which battery did you use and how long will it last? I want to use a non rechargeable one for my project , any suggestions.
    2] Can you please paste the amazon load cell link here?
    3] Can we set a threshold weight which can be configurable via the app ?

  3. It's very nice to see something else than temperature sensors beeing made out of pis! I like the style of your vids.

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