1. Hey my friends!! Thought I'd experiment by taking away the one thing I use the most!! Hope you enjoy!! Lots of love as always xx

  2. I use to go off my phone for a few days to a week and during that time I just felt so much mental clarity and I was more positive. It's definitely good to switch your phone off every now and again xx

  3. Great video! Love the more mature outlook you took rather than filming yourself moaning about how much you miss instagram everyday like I'm sure many youtubers would have :'Dxx

  4. 22 degrees at 7am in your bedroom?! And here I was wondering why are you pouncing around the house in shorts haha! Love you & the video!

  5. Every tho I don't have any social media, I'm still on my phone too much! I left it at home a few times on accident noticed how many times I reached for my phone just to Google things lol

  6. Sadly I did this using a book (how to break up with your phone) but eventually went back. You have inspired me to try again

  7. Great video. I stopped using Instagram and Facebook for almost 3 years and the first few months were hard, but got easier.

  8. The fact that you are donating all the ad revenue to charity just shows what a kind-hearted person you actually are! <3 And this definitely was another great video Natacha! Thanks for being an inspiration!

  9. Is it possible for you to do a "I quit using the Internet for a week" video? Hahaha that's really really challenging tbh but worth a shot! Btw I love your channel and content 🙂

  10. Natacha, the ending of the video is so incredibly sweet. You have such a kind heart. This video is incredible! 💛

  11. And I was wondering , where did she go all these days? Is she ok ? Hahah. What an incredible experiment, this must be a trend for 1 to 3 days for all people worldwide. We would have been amazed by the change in people's behavior .

  12. I think kids under 13 shouldn't use therm at all.
    They won't be able to not have them later, and be controlled.
    Parents should use house land lines

  13. I really enjoyed this video. I’ve always wanted to try and use my phone less and I know I’m subconsciously addicted to it hahah

  14. I did a no internet (except for work) challenge for two days and I accomplished what I usually do in a week or even more.
    It was such a great experience and i want to repeat it again but for a week

  15. Wow I loved this! In a weird way, it made ME feel more weightless and more stress-free just watching you go through every day life without your phone. It really makes you step back and think about how simple life can be if we aren't constantly bombarding ourselves with information and distractions just through our phones alone! Very eye opening.

  16. Hi Natacha!! I've bought your CUT program!! So excited to start it today!! But the gym in my accommodation doesn't have a leg press machine any subsitutions for the workout?

  17. I think it's one thing to say that the ad revenue is going to a charity (which is great!), but even better to have stopped to talk to homeless individuals. I find it really uncomfortable and difficult for myself to stop and make conversation with strangers, so thank you for doing that, and it has challenged me to try and do the same. <3

  18. I really love the way you work out. You genuine train for strength and fitness and just to feel good rather than jut aesthetic reasons which I feel is the main reason for so many fitness youtubers. I am a rower, weight train to go faster, frequently have men in the gym telling me I doing an exercise wrong although I'm just adapting it to best train rowing specific muscles (like Russian deadlifts instead of conventional), love how you work x

  19. I'm asking for a video camera to begin my own YouTube channel. And a video you gave me in mind, a week without social media.

  20. there's actually an app named forest where you can plant trees for a certain time e.g. 15 min or an hour. If you try to leave the app you have ten seconds or otherwise your tree will die…so you have to stay in the app or leave your phone on standby

    i think it costs one or two franks (im from switzerland) but it's really worth it. And the best thing is, that you can plant real trees if you earned enough money:)

  21. This reminds me of the times that i would sometimes leave my phone turned off all day a year ago and how truly amazing and peaceful it is to just look around instead of looking on your phone all the time. Thank you for reminding me of that

  22. I have to ask, what kinda lens/camera did you use to shoot this video? It's insannneely good looking. I'm guessing a Sony A7 or A7r w/35mm lens with a looow aperture

  23. I quit social media for a couple days and had the same realization as you! I am writing a blog post about it, i will link your video on it!

  24. I think if you substitute the phone alarm with an alarm clock you could have substituted Spotify with an old MP3-Player or similar for your workout 🙂 but apart from that, great video!

  25. Loved this video! I might try something like this so I can find a better balance because I'm always distracting myself with my phone. I would love to see a video on what apps you find really useful!

  26. You’re such a babe with a big heart, love that you’re donating to the homeless ❤️❤️❤️ you’re such a motivation in so many ways!! Have a lovely day!

  27. I have been here, and I can say I have found my balance, just go to settings and turn off the notifications of every app, except Gmail or something important. But I have turned the notification off for all my shopping apps, games, social media everything, I just check them when I want to now. ✌️

  28. This is so different from your other videos but I absolutely loved it. I’m glad you covered how phones both help and hurt us! Definitely going to try to cut back a bit myself 😊

  29. I genuinely want to try this phone detox. It’s seriously surprising how much we rely on our phones just to have something to stimulate our minds with, when in reality, the whole world around us can do that!

  30. I few weeks ago I did "a week without Instagram" and it completely changed my view. Now I feel like it doesn't control me, instead, I am the one who is in control. When I'm studying I just leave my phone in another room or I hide it because if I don't see it I don't feel like checking it. I'm so happy that you did this week and you learned from it💙 Also the fact that you talked to homeless people and you're gonna give the money to a charity is amazing! I love it! Hope you have a good week💙

  31. I broke my phone 2 and a half years ago and I got it fixed but I kept breaking it (dropping it) and I go sick of paying for some to fix it so I just left it, and I ended up living without a phone for almost 3years 😂😂 I only got one now becausey partner brought me on but even still I haven't gone and topped it up

  32. Very interesting video! The whole waiting-for-people-to-show-up would probably drive me nuts. Using the phone booth seems so much fun though! P.S. Thanks for donating the ad money to a charity 🙂

  33. I just had a week without a phone too as I went hiking, it’s crazy how much less anxious and more happy I feel overall when it’s all switched off. Cheers natacha for another beaut video you are a gem

  34. Hey Natacha!
    First of all I loved the video!!
    1) I couldn't have done the workout without music
    2) other than that I can easily ignore my phone the whole day
    3) the only number that are not mine (I have three for 3 different countries 🤓😳) is my Mom's as well
    4) looking for phone booth in London in a seemingly red coat by accident… 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
    5) actually, I find it very sad that for many people it's a getaway from real life where they avoid normal human contact; it's inspiration to live a life that seems perfect, however, it's 100% curated to the best and only the best moments… Even though it promotes connection, most of the time is disrupts it today. 😳

  35. I love that your videos are never gimmicky or made just to get views. Most people would settle for a glute workout from a fitness YouTuber, but you explore health as a combination of sleep, diet, and habits, and I think that is SO POWERFUL. Such a fantastic message. It’s content like this (and your “I Halved My Sleep”) that I particularly love the most. Your channel is one of my favorite because of this!!

  36. Can you please do a I workout once a week for a month or something experiment. I’m super busy with uni and when it’s like a month before exams I just don’t workout as much as I want to. I think some people can relate to that too. I want to know what would happen to my body during those periods. Or can you please explain to me if you’re not interested in making the video ly x

  37. LOVE the fact that the ad revenue is going to help others! You’re truly amazing Natacha and a great inspiration to so many. Blessed to have found you! ❤️🙏🏽

  38. Phones are more accessible than laptops. That's why it's addicting. You can use it anywhere and anytime. And you don't need a table or to sit down.

  39. Ha! Try two years…been there done that. If people needed to get into contact with me they had to email me lol. It great though because you become very active and productive! Also awesome video I enjoyed it.

  40. I absolutely loved the video idea ! It made me realize I check my phone during work too much too!

    I also think it’s awesome that you’re giving your ad revenu from this video to the homeless. You’re amazing ❤️

  41. Honestly this is the best and inspirational video for me to get out from my phone..all the best sister!! Keep going..!!

  42. I lost my phone and I'm 17. My mom is not going to buy me one, which is reasonable. But I don't have a job and I'm not looking. So it's going to have to take me a while to save up. This is going to be a struggle.

  43. hey girl! where is your black jeans jacket from? love this video! i always do one to two days without my phone or i leave it in the house when i go out <3

  44. Smartphone is very useful as a tool and connection devices. If you delete and stop using YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, it'll help a lot.

  45. Hey I’m living in Vancouver and I’m doing the same challenge this week I found You’re channel and I loved it .

  46. Yeah i need to try this! Im always constantly on my phone. It's like a drug now for me and im hooked. Hmm. I should get one of those old phones where you can call, text and play snake. That's it. I should try that out.

  47. I had to grab my calculator when I saw the '60 days on phone per year' fact… I just couldn't… But it's right. OhMyGod. What. And I have to admit that sometimes it goes far further than 4hrs a day. Damn, it's time to slow down. Also I aprecieate the amazing intro, your profesionalism and the serious information. Great video! ✨❤️

  48. Just found your channel, I’m so glad I did! I love your content. I’ve watch this video and the marine and army fit tests! 😊

  49. I know this video is a bit old, but how did you do it? I’m addicted to my phone.. I seriously can’t get off it, Can you please share some tips on how, thankyou so much <3

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