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I Took The Phone Of Mom’s Boyfriend By Mistake. Oh. My. God.

I Took The Phone Of Mom’s Boyfriend By Mistake. Oh. My. God.

Hi! My name is Rosemary, I am sixteen years old. I have nothing to hide – I will tell you
this story in order to reveal the terrible thing that my mother has done… and I am
sure she will pay for it, you’ll see. And I hope you’ll understand where I’m coming
from. Until recently, I lived with just my mother
in our spacious house, even though once I had a full and happy family. But everything changed around five years ago,
when, long story short, my mother threw my father away. Well, I have no idea which reckless Cupid
could’ve made my mother and father fall in love with each other anyway! My mother has always been a bossy woman. If somebody did not agree with her, it just
meant that they were wrong. And my father is totally different – he
is kind and attentive… he always listened and was happy to support people in this way. I would probably prefer to live with my father,
but you see, I had gotten used to these high standards for comfort, and my father… From my mother’s point of view, my father
was a softie and a looser who had achieved nothing by his current age of forty-five. I hate to admit it, but my mother was right
to some extent. When they separated, my father moved to a
cheap and kind of ghetto neighborhood, where he rents a tiny apartment. He can barely even afford this rat-hole and
has to share it with his friend. So, moving in with him was not even an option. As I grew older, my mother paid less attention
to me. She thought that if I was able to make a dinner
for myself, to wash my own clothing, and to get decent grades at school, her parental
duties were done. In addition, she taught me discipline, severely
punishing me for disobedience and mistakes, so the lack of attention from her side was
not that bad at all. Even though sometimes I missed talking to
her, you know, as mothers and daughter usually do. Almost every night I made myself dinner and
ate it alone in an empty dining room. It felt sad. She was always hard to live with because of
her harsh character, but at the same time, her severity to everybody (including herself)
helped my mother to become who she was today – a successful self-made businesswoman with
her own company, it wasn’t very large, but it was super-stable. So my mother was always busy, either at work
or at meetings with her numerous friends and business partners. All this had one positive impact on me – I
always had pocket money, so my life was totally bearable… before Dylan came into it. Dylan was my mother’s boyfriend. The first one I had seen since my parents
divorced, which meant that things had gotten serious. And it was… very strange. Because it was impossible to call them a harmonious
couple. You see, Dylan was about 10 years younger
than my mother, and he was one of these men who pays a lot of attention to how they look
– regular visits to the gym and the barbershop to get this perfectly trimmed beard, expensive
cologne, you know the type. As for my mother, no one would really call
her a beauty, and she looked exactly her age, which was not very young, so they looked strange
together. Anyway, I guessed I would be happy if my mother’s
private life would be whole again, if only Dylan had not invaded MY house in the most
presumptuous way! Nobody even asked me if I had anything against
Dylan living in our house – just one sunny morning I went down to the kitchen to get
a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, only to find a stranger in a long bathrobe
in there! I nearly screamed, but then my mother entered
the kitchen and explained everything. Can you imagine how upset I was? Because I just had to accept the fact that
he was there, I felt like I was nobody. And this feeling only grew stronger with time. Dylan did not even try to make me like him. He quickly started to behave like he was the
master of this house and filled it with his belongings. But what made me furious was that he kept
treating me as if I were his housekeeper. Dylan thought that he had a right to scold
me if I didn’t wash the dishes, for example. Including his dishes! Soon my mother and Dylan started to allow
themselves to make sarcastic comments about my presence in the house. As if they couldn’t relax and take it easy
because of me. It sounded like joking, but these were very
unpleasant and even mean jokes. They hurt me a lot. They even said that they should probably make
me live with my father. I overheard this conversation when they thought
that I had already gone to bed. And I was thinking about it myself… but
my father was so poor! Later on it turned out that I had my reasons
to dislike Dylan. He was not the person he was pretending to
be. One morning, when I was in a hurry on my way
to school, I took his smartphone by mistake – we had identical models that were the same
color. I didn’t realize this had happened until I
was already in class – Dylan, looking for his phone, called from somebody else’s number. When I realized that I had touched the phone
of my nasty step-whatever-he-was, I could not resist the temptation to browse his contacts,
texts, pictures… any and every place not protected by a password. And guess what I found out? I discovered Dylan had been talking with some
girl. I did not like the tone of his texts, because
they looked as if they had a close relationship, so I decided to pay more attention to this
dialogue. It took my entire class time, but it was totally
worth it. First of all, Dylan was texting his ex-girlfriend,
with whom he maintained a very warm and even intimate relationship. Second, Dylan admitted that he was living
with my mother ONLY because of her money. He did not even like her! And Dylan had a plan – first to get rid
of me and afterward to gradually take possession of all my mother’s savings — she was in
love with him and generously spent money on his needs. After that, Dylan was going to dump my mother
and get back with his girlfriend with a good sum of money in the bank, so they could start
everything again, from scratch. Honestly, I was so shocked that I was not
sure if I should tell my mother – I could not even imagine how she would react. And when I finally dared to tell the truth…
she did not believe me. I insisted that my mother check Dylan’s
phone, but it was too late – Dylan had guessed that I might have seen the compromising texts
and deleted all of them. I was declared a liar. And my mother… my mother sent me to live
with my father. In the same manner she has thrown him away
several years back. You know, I have been through many things
with my mother, but after that I am totally disappointed in her. And I even think that she deserves what Dylan
will do to her when he finally gets his money. As for life with my father, everything has
turned out to not be that bad. We get along very well, and recently he switched
to another, better job and started talking about moving to another apartment. It seems to me that he’s feeling stronger
and caring for someone else was what he needed to succeed. Please, support me with likes for this video
and write in the comments what you think about it. And remember, if you find something that outs
and compromises your enemy – make a copy of it!

100 thoughts on “I Took The Phone Of Mom’s Boyfriend By Mistake. Oh. My. God.”

  1. Here's what I would have done

    Texts the ex girlfriend:we are breaking up, Your ugly and don't deserve my stolen money s. l. u. t*sorry for bad language*

  2. "I took the phone of my moms boyfriend by mistake. Oh. My. God."

    he didnt have my hero academia in his search history >:(

  3. what the freak?!?! so you’re telling me you wouldn’t like moving with your dad because HE’S POOR?!? wtf i would definitely like to live with my dad in this situation even if he was poor.

  4. The first painting in side the house and if u don't know what I mean here is the time 0:24 remixes method the Simpsons

  5. When yuh said ghetto I kinda got mad because that’s what starts this little war between different people

  6. I would have screen shot and sent it to her from his phone and to my self … I would have also brought it directly to my mom to read before switching back

  7. Dylan was an asshole and a gold-digger but the mom is no better,she deserves everything that Dylan wants to do to her

  8. Dear rosemary i had the same problem with my mom and dad but my mom got with so many people that I can't trust any of the men she has been with and my dad went to court and told the judge that he didn't want me as his daughter but keep being beautiful and smart rosemary.😁

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