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I Tried a $99 Uber iPhone Repair App

I Tried a $99 Uber iPhone Repair App

Whats up guys Keaton here But have you ever dropped your iPhone or any phone before had a cracked screen? And then they had to deal with it it really sucks because once you the crack screen That’s not even the worst part you have to deal with it for a few days the glass starts coming up off the screen start to open your fingers It’s not really fun, and I don’t know about you guys But I’ve had a cracked screen on my phone ever since I remember getting a phone So I got to my cracked phones here And I found this new app called fools basically most of a repair person to come to your house And then we fix up any phone any tablet really anything you have and it’s cheaper than town, so Let’s try it So we’re back in the studio right now and in front of me I have four of my cracked iPhones And I actually made a video on one of these the only one that’s not cracked this one actually has a crack in between it Basically with this iPhone. I killed it using one of those iPhone fans. If you guys missed that video I’ll leave a link right up there. It’s like this two dollar iPhone killer. Just stay away from it Yep your seat Please tell me you are saying this so basically how this works is you need to go on to a site called pulse leave a link to in the description below if you Guys want to check it out and basically when you’re here This is how you book or a pair so you can book an iphone repair? They actually do TV mounting smart home stuff, so we’re gonna book a service For a phone repair. It’s really dead simple It’s like three easy steps, so just select the device you have iPhone we’re gonna be fixing up a success I’m gonna enter my zip code the color of your iPhone, so I got a Space Gray one here, and then is your screen broken Well, it’s about to be broken, so yes, we can be there in a heartbeat. They show up the same day Just look at all these time slots 11 a.m.. It’s 10:00 a.m. Right now that means they’re coming in an hour, so we’re gonna go and do that since I need some love here I just gotta enter in my contact info and we’re set and here’s the craziest part at the top You can actually see how much this repair will cost so Apple musta charged For a screen replacement of an iPhone 6s a hundred and twenty nine bucks But pulse only wants to charge 99 bucks You need to enter in my address now And then just any other instructions for him to find me or what he’s gonna be get himself into Because let me tell you we’re about to destroy this phone So I threw my address in there we got the reservation time at the top the phone And I wrote this phone is messed up pretty bad Confirm location. Oh, this is tight so we got everything here now I can add a tempered glass screen protector for an extra ten bucks or a battery replacement for 49 bucks But what’s kind of crazy as Apple is doing a battery replacement for just 29 bucks with the iPhone 6s So you win some you lose some we’re just gonna confirm details BAM just like that thanks Keaton we’ve received your request just got a text message The phone specialist will be here in an hour Whoa he’s coming real fast I am So now that I have my appointment all booked let’s jump into these four phones so each of these phones Has a problem with it this one was the $2.00 iPhone killer. Seriously go check out that video this one’s actually my personal iPhone success and as you guys can see I’ve Show them my mistakes show them what Coachella will do to your phone. Hey, bro. You got a good job. We’re good job I cracked it. Just a little bit, so I’m gonna get this one fixed up this iPhone 7 plus here It really took a tumble um I got really upset I got a bad text from from someone And I just wasn’t having it so the phone took it and this one’s here I hit it with a hammer in one of the weird shopping videos. I’ll leave that up There was I get Walmart with the screen protector now before our pulse guy shows up. I can’t make this easy on him I’m actually gonna beat up a few of these phones Really make them bad and see if he can still repair them And if it still cost me 99 bucks So I think this seven plus is pretty safe to say there’s nothing worse I could do the only thing worse is pulling this screen off which I don’t want to do I actually want this phone to work this success though the success and this success we got a 6s plus here in the middle It’s time to beat these up and see what’s really good so we got a hammer. We’re gonna take it to this one first You saw that When everyone here saw that I hit that pretty hard, and it just took it. They just took it There’s no cracks on that screen at all. Let’s try it one more time You saw it again, no screen protector or anything on this success Maybe it’s a sign Maybe it’s a sign that this pulse guy is not gonna be able to fix this one whatever’s wrong with it I don’t know alright. I have a feeling if we go Wow you saw it I even took the back end of the hammer, I don’t know what that’s called Let me know in the comments what that’s called oh There’s the money shot I was like fourth time’s gotta be a charm, so we got a crack success Still works like a magic if this was you you’d have to deal with this for the rest of Coachella I bet this post guy would even come out to like music festivals alright, so we got a crack success We got a pretty crack success here now what I want to try is breaking something off in the headphone jack or even the Lightning port Not something you would do it’s a pretty sick thing to even think of like what monster would do that. I’m that monster Let’s try to break this off Just like that we rip the Lightning port right off and it’s in the success forever now quickly Pat Alright, we got that going now. Let’s try to mess with the headphone jack now. I’m gonna break this off Yeah, you know what we’re just gonna tell them it’s an antenna, and this is how we get that 5g LTE BAM I Think we’ve done enough damage Wow There we go now. We’ve done enough damage. Let’s wait for the post guy. It’s about an hour later My pulse guy showed up. This is Constantine. Let’s make sure that’s good dude. He just came out He’s chilling so we’re gonna fix three phones We got the to crack successes, and then the seven plus here, so he’s gonna do his magic He’s gonna do his thing vote up in the iCard real quick if you think he’s gonna be able to pull this off Did you seem confident? He’s gonna do his thing so let’s time-lapse it and see how this goes Some avoid Constantine, just left let’s review some of his work So he did three phones a7 plus a 6s and another 6s. This success doesn’t turn on I should have realised that I killed it with the $2 iPhone fan. Make sure you guys check that video out It’s really deadly actually this success does work, and then the seven plus it turns on you get the Apple logo But since the frame is so cracked and bent I need to take this in to Apple and get it professionally done So here’s a success screen doesn’t feel bad doesn’t really feel any different There’s not anything noticeable on the surface that would tell me hey. I’m rocking a fake screen works. Just fine for 99 bucks You’re saving 30 bucks over Apple I don’t know what this does to your warranty, so just keep that in mind But I’m pretty happy with this you guys if you want $15 off your first order of this video is no way sponsored I’ll leave a link down below, or just use code tech smart get your stuff repaired That’s gonna do for this video make sure you drop a like if you guys enjoyed this style Subscribe if you’re new and follow me on Instagram it’s popping over there you guys stop behind the scenes of this early I’ll see you guys later peace

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  1. Tell me what a few years ago I dropped my iPhone 4S when I was like 7 and we took it to the Apple Store my mom was going to get it fixed for me and no Apple Store employee said about $350 and my mom said goodnight just buy a new iPhone 5s for him for that much and then they said yeah but you should just get it fixed which makes no f**** sense

  2. Hi, under a possible threat by the government, there is hidden tech in the phone and there is some wires located around the home button to the left that connects it to the screen somehow. look into it.

  3. I got mine replaced from apple £129 UK Money And When I dropped it again I went to icracked £85 and was bad quality and fell of after 2 weeks and went back to apple they said we don’t replace a third party screen or something like that so now u guys know don’t get it done from those lot unless it’s approved by apple

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