100 thoughts on “I Used A Burner Phone For 24 Hours”

  1. my first flip phone was the Motorola razr after my Nokia 3310. Damn still miss my old Nokia 3310 and my razr even in 2019.

  2. I got mine for $30 with $25 monthly Unlimited talk/text on (no contract) on Total Wireless . Paid in cash, buy the monthly cards with cash.

  3. They called trap phones to sell drugs. I got one (samsung gt e1080i) but only because it was the first phone i had. I dont do drugs

  4. Galaxy Note 7 is kinda a burner phone if you tape the cameras..

    The best feature is that you don't need to trash the environment because it destroys itself after a couple of charges.

    Just leave it on a charger at BurgerKing or Starbucks and enjoy your little Anarchy 😉

  5. Did quite have a flip phone but I did have a Sony push up phone, I eventually upgraded to a BlackBerry torch, those were the days. **Like if you remember BBM**

  6. I used Trac phones as burner phones, I still own two of them, but they are not active, one is a smartphone, and the other looks like
    A blackberry phone..

  7. I remember when I was to young to use a phone my friend be flexing his blackberry, that he still has… so now I flex my iPhone XS Max. Like legit he still uses the blackberry

  8. Who else pauses and plays the video over and over again to see what the words that flash on for one second are??? “Clap For Ya Boi

  9. 35 a month.
    Orrrr. Do you lose your minutes if you don’t use them. I’m confused on these plans. What happened to the phones you pay for minutes?

  10. all I want is a phone (cell phone) which I can call out on it and people can call me on it. One that doesn't cost over 10 bucks a month – I don't want internet nor all the extras. The new one I just got (TracFone) has so much to setup for internet stuff, that I am totally confused. Can't even go straight to making call out nor having someone call me. it isn't even connecting with my WiFi. I need uncomplicated as possible…..peace…..

  11. Burner phones are criminal phones, and they’re used to hack other phones, so what is the man gonna do, hack other phones?

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