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iCrocs 5c Commercial – iPhone 5c Parody HD

iCrocs 5c Commercial – iPhone 5c Parody HD

39 thoughts on “iCrocs 5c Commercial – iPhone 5c Parody HD”

  1. It's a nice parody, that's true. But we should also ask ourselves we have to mock especially the iPhone 5C. Media and sales statistics tell us that people want bigger phones and that they want colored phones. So Nokia already made commercials themselves promoting their Lumia how colorful it is compared to the iPhone. There's no way you can make it right for everyone.

  2. But why buy a 5C when you can buy a 5 of a different color? It was a stupid move for Apple to discontinue the 5 and have the 5C being expensive when it's made to be cheap (that would be the C). Stocks are down because there's not new from Apple. The fingerprint scanner was just a boost for "security" but we all know where our privacy ends up. I give props for the 6bit but that's still not enough but it's up to the consumers if they want it . Hopefully the Apple fans wake up from their trance.

  3. Parodies usually has the level of product they're making jokes of. You've just said Apple sucks not even knowing it. That parody is OK for me. making fun of plastic iPhone just like iDiot used to make fun of Samsungs plastic 😉

  4. People want colors – proven by… Gameboy in '80 and '90. Nokia has proven it again in 2003 with 3310. Apple designs are nice, but… well… boring and hasn't changed in a long while. Samsung made Galaxy S3 in diffrent colors, and phone wasn't looking cheap like iPhone 5C does.

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