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If My Phone Were a Person (ft. Connor Franta)

If My Phone Were a Person (ft. Connor Franta)

– In 100 meters, turn… – Turn? – (indecisive squeal) – Left? Right? Which way? – (indecisive squealing) – I’m turning right! – Make a U-turn. – (long enraged groan) (whimsical music) – Battery low. Battery low. – Okay. – 20%. – (impatient sigh) – Battery low. – Okay, if you’d shut
up and stop telling me, maybe you’d live longer! – 10%. – Oh my God, what a coincidence! – What a coin-dance. – What a coincidence! – What a coin-dance. – Coincidence! – Coin-dance. – Coincidence! – Coin-dance! – (enraged bellowing) – (robotic bellowing) (whimsical music) – Oh my God, I cannot believe we’ve been talking for three hours. – (heavy breathing) – I’m having so much fun! No, you hang up! No, you hang up! Stop it. Where are you? Where are you? Where are you! – (distressed whimpering) Mom! – (gasp) – (staccato buzzing) (pained gasping) – Oh my God, are you okay? Oh my God, my poor baby. Okay, cool. Yeah. Okay, I’ll start a group text right now. Okay, bye. – (short buzz) (spastic buzzing) (thud) (short buzz) (shrieking) – Shh. – (muffled shrieking) – I am so sorry. (groaning) Hello, I need help! I need help! – Uh-huh, huh. – Hello? Hello! Oh really, now? Okay, time to get up and do some work. – No no no, you should stay in bed and scroll through me for another hour. – You’re probably right. – Turn down for what! Duh duh duh…ding. Duh na na, na na na na na na na. – I finally bought an iPhone 6! I can’t hear you. I still can’t hear you. (clattering) – (pained groaning) – Hello! I can’t hear you! Oh my God, are you serious? (clatter) – (pained groaning) – I can’t hear you! – But then I was like we should– – Okay, I can hear you!
– –collab again! – Oh my God, we should totally collab! I– hello? Hello! (clatter) (swooning exhalation) (indistinct grunting) Yo, hope you enjoyed that video. I love collabing with this star. Thank you so much. It was an honor to have you
– I do what I can. I do what I can. – If you liked this video, make sure you give it a big thumbs up, comment below, and make sure you check out our video on Connor’s channel, called– – Title again is a work
in progress, but it’s like if people on the internet
were as they were in real life– – – Mm-hm, that’s right, I’ll
put that in the description, make sure you check it out.
– It’s relatable as hell. – So relatable.
– Relatable. – O-M-G.
– Oh my God. – Make sure you subscribe to Connor. Make sure you subscribe to me, because we make new videos
every Monday and Thursday. Gonna do it with me?
– Do it people, do it people, do it people.
– Okay, ready? One love. – Love. – Superwoman. – Super. – That is a wrap. And zoop doop doop! (disjointed scatting)

100 thoughts on “If My Phone Were a Person (ft. Connor Franta)”

  1. warning: no phones were hurt during the making of this video (of how many times you dropped your phone 3)

  2. If u shut up and stop telling me maybe you'll live longer

    That doesn't just apply to your phone you know

  3. Conner: ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh

  4. I was watching this in school and the minute the phone was screaming everybody just looked at me like Say WHAAAAT?

  5. It would have been funny if u had one of your friends had a person phone and they called yours 1:00

  6. The school nurse can NOT see this! If they do they will start giving us rice instead if ice for our broken legs

  7. It’s hella hard to make me laugh


  8. As I keep my phone on my bedside table, I can only imagine the person sitting on my table knocking everything over….

    I won’t need a alarm clock now..

  9. I've watched this video and other types of videos similar to this (made by Lilly, of course, lol) and I will never cease to love them.

  10. "If my phone WERE a person.."

    Not being rude I love u but it is

    If my phone was a person*

    Love u!


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