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I’m NOT Buying the New iPhone XS nor XS Max!

I’m NOT Buying the New iPhone XS nor XS Max!

Apple announced three new phones this morning iPhone Xs iPhone Xs max Wait a minute. The X is a Roman numeral in Xs So maybe it’s iPhone Xs ma-10 and the iPhone Xr because that letter definitely makes sense They are undoubtedly the worst named iPhones in history, but that’s aside the point Let’s talk about the actual phones because call me cynical But I’m a little bit less impressed than everyone else seems to be so much so that for the first year ever I’m not buying the new iPhone, speaking of less impressed. I’m not that when it comes to Setapp These are the kind of segues that people paying before Setapp gives you access to a suite of over 100 Mac apps worth thousands of dollars For less than 10 bucks a month go to the link below to begin your free 7-day trial Now before all the Apple fanboys get their white ceramic Edition panties in a twist I am a current iPhone X user. I have owned and used this iPhone X every single day since release date: November 3rd 2017 and it is undoubtedly the best iPhone I’ve ever owned nay It’s probably the best smartphone I’ve ever owned now many will be quick to point out that hey traitor You talked a lot of heat on the iPhone X last year and now you’re saying you like it Oh, yeah, I am I said I liked it last year, too Just that I thought iOS wasn’t tailored to fit the needs of the bezel-less now gesture based device in the last nine months however, Apple has fixed nearly all of the bugs and iOS 12 unlike iOS 11 I’ve been running the beta since it came out actually feels like it was made with the new gesture based handset in mind and I can say with confidence that almost everything works well save for the still moronic control center placement In fact, I like this phone so much that it is the first year I’ve made it all the way to September without getting distracted by the new sexy springtime Android flagships Understandably. I was pretty stoked for the September keynote because there were a number of wishes that I had to make the iPhone X go From really really good to near perfect and Apple addressed well None of them. My first issue was size as a goofy kid who owned a massive Dell Streak back in high school? Along with the first Samsung Galaxy Note. I loved phablet sized phones for a long time. However, a couple of years ago I kind of got stuck with an iPhone 7 and I came to love the small form factor of a smaller phone once again When I upgraded to the iPhone 10 a year later I didn’t really like the size and I still don’t sure iPhone 10 is only a little bit bigger than iPhone 7 But it is bigger and it’s significantly heavier because it’s made of steel instead of aluminum And I’m probably not the only one that likes small phones I think even Apple was surprised when the iPhone SE reached huge demand when it was released a few years ago I guess not enough to keep it alive though Because Apple killed the iPhone SE today and now the iPhone Xs which is identical in size to the iPhone X is the smallest current gen iPhone that Apple sells and Personally, I think that sucks But unlike years past the small phone, I guess isn’t the cheap one. So that’s good. No, no the cheap $749 iPhone X Xr Whoever thought mixing roman numerals and letters was a good idea is the entry-level model with an aluminum chassis and a 6.1 inch liquid retina LCD panel Isn’t that the most? advanced marketing you’ve ever heard It just so happens to be the most advanced LCD in the industry with just a smidge over 820p resolution. Yep It’s got the same density as the iPhone 4 well and I guess the iPhone 8 for that matter now once you go high-res It’s really hard to go back. But for most iPhone users who really don’t know any better I’m sure that LCD will look great and I admit that I’m actually pretty impressed by the way apple jammed that screen into such a small form-factor Small bezels. However, the press photos and the photos on do look a little bit better than real-life the bezels are noticeably larger on the LCD phones than the OLED phones and the iPhone Xr is Actually quite thick. For reference it’s immediately obvious when holding an iPhone 7 and an iPhone X that the iPhone X is thicker It’s about 0.6 millimeters, which doesn’t sound like a lot but you can feel it and the iPhone Xr Is that same amount thicker than the iPhone 10 It’s a meaty boy now Most people are claiming and I suspect to be probably erroneously that the iPhone 10r’s battery is bigger than the iPhone X But I think the phone is thicker just based on the simple fact that it’s an LCD panel And those by nature are thicker than OLED ones But I could be wrong because apples annoying obscure specs page does list the iPhone Xr as having a longer battery life than the iPhone X but that may just come down to display efficiency and brightness Other than the case sizes materials and displays the only other Hardware difference between the three models Is that the iPhone Xs and Xs max have a telephoto lens where the iPhone 10 R does not however yet again, we find an interesting reason to opt for the cheaper iPhone Xr portrait mode no longer requires the dual camera setup like years past Apple is finally taking the Google route of focusing more on AI and software image processing than raw hardware prowess Thanks to marketing mumbo jumbo, like the neural engine that’s part of the A12 Bionic chip image processing permits Depth mapping which makes smart HDR portrait mode stage lighting the variable software bokeh slider They showed off etc possible on all iPhone models Well all new iPhone models the only advantage to having the dual camera system on iPhone Xs and Xs Max Over the iPhone Xr is to have that telephoto lens to avoid digital zoom but other than that, the camera experience is exactly the same on the $749 iPhone as it is on the $1,099 iPhone that’s a first from Apple and I welcome it kudos great job Unfortunately current iPhone 10 owners. Don’t get any of these new features It’s not really surprising but it is a bummer nonetheless So other than the insane price what the heck is my beef with these new phones then well I’ve been watching Apple Keynote s– for years and years and years and a very long time. Okay, and Apple always always Brags about numbers the camera pixels are two times deeper The phone is 30% faster the device charges 15% quicker. The adoption rate is four thousand percent better than Android etc They love to brag and today they didn’t hardly at all They talked about how the new A12 Bionic SOC is up to 15% Faster and up to 50% lower power than the a 11 Bionic from last year, but that’s it And that’s not a very exponential leap and processing power. There was no bragging about the cameras. No bragging about the device strength No bragging about the display. No bragging about face ID. They talked about how great they are, but not in terms of raw numbers It’s X percent better or it is x times better And that’s a little worrying to me because Apple always does that and even if it’s just a little better like that 15% better CPU. Apple talks about it Like it’s the best thing since sliced bread and today they really didn’t face idea was probably the biggest feature of iPhone 10 It’s a big deal. I like it a lot it is way more consistent and reliable than touch ID ever was But it’s slower a lot slower and a lot of people and I can’t really blame them Don’t want to upgrade to face ID until it’s as fast or faster than touch ID this year. I expected it to be better I expected it to improve but is it I don’t know Apple weirdly spun the keynote to make it sound like face ID was faster without Actually saying face ID was faster have a listen and (cuts to keynote) “it does it faster than ever before The Xs now has faster algorithms and runs on a faster version of the secure Enclave. So it’s gotten even better” So the new A12 Bionic chip speed up the hardware that’s used for face ID, but his face idea itself really faster? They never said it! And they never advertised it and that is not like Apple They had just finished bragging about how their chip was 15% faster That’s not that much if face ID were say 2 times faster You better believe they’d say it heck if it was only 50% faster They’d still let you know they’d tell you how it was the most incredible Invention ever and how it’s the best iPhone they’ve ever made and how you’re going to love it But they didn’t and they didn’t do it with hardly anything. It’s weird Furthermore I felt like they intentionally misled people with a number of things including which is the 120 Hertz digitizer refresh rate Which is very much not the same as the 120 Hertz refresh rate of the screen On the iPad pro called a Pro-Motion. In fact, it was misleading enough to confuse an Engadget writer first of all Lol modern journalism, but he is a technology writer totally confused The weird thing is that this is not even a new feature iPhone X had that same 120 Hertz touch refresh rate digitizer So they’re making a big deal out of something. That is not even a big deal. And is it even new why? Well, it makes me think that this year brings the most minor upgrades of any iPhone upgrade in recent history And they had to make it sound better than it really is I guess if you want a different size like the behemoth iPhone Xs Max Well, then obviously it’s a good year cuz last year that phone didn’t exist speaking of sizes I would have upgraded if they released a smaller phone, but they didn’t so I’m kind of disappointed It was a meh keynote and a meh. iPhone year at least for me I’m staying with my iPhone X because the Xs is only a little bit better on the other hand iPhone Xr is a big Deal and I don’t think that people are as excited enough as they should be It’s like last year’s phone the iPhone X But for the masses and honestly, other than maybe the iPhone 3G it might be the most important iPhone ever For people that don’t want to spend a mortgage payment on a phone and there are many people like that The iPhone Xr brings nearly every single feature of the more expensive phones except for it uses aluminum instead of Steel it uses an LCD panel instead of OLED and anyone who is used an apple LCD knows that that is not much of a downgrade and for 250 dollars less than the next cheapest iPhone with many cute colors to choose from it is comparatively a killer deal and Apple is going to sell a crap ton of them Even if it has a stupid name speaking of crap-ton Setapp gives you a crap ton of Mac apps for less than $10 per month look I know this is an ad but I love Setapp and I am a paying customer The app suite isn’t like shovelware garbage you get some of the most famous and well-respected premium Mac apps around like the writing app Ulysses which by the way normally costs $5 per month just by itself photo lemur Which is a one-click AI driven photo editing app that lazy people like me use all the time. iStat menus for monitoring your system performance and temperatures which we all know Mac OS needs from time to time Especially your macbooks that you find in a freezer and a heck of a lot more The Setapp installer is super well laid out and new apps installed in just one click and the app keeps your whole suite of apps Updated please give setup a try not just to support snazzy labs. But because I know you’re going to love it Why because I do go to the link in the video description to start your 7-day free trial with no credit card required Well folks that’s all for me. Will you still watch me and think I’m cool, even if I don’t buy an iPhone Xs? What am I kidding? You guys never thought I was cool. Anyways, thanks for watching and stay snazzy

99 thoughts on “I’m NOT Buying the New iPhone XS nor XS Max!”

  1. I'm pretty happy with my iPhone X and am going to stick with it. I think the iPhone XR will ultimately be the device with far more legacy than either the XS or XS Max. They also have terrible names. The whole lot of them.

  2. i had an iphone SE from 2016 to the end of 2018 the final few months of my SE was glitching and malfunctioning and i had waited for the new phone after the X so i bought the XR and its everything i was looking for. 🙂 also the touch ID on my SE wouldn't work half the time. had to punch in my code most of the time to unlock. with face ID it works alllllll the time. and its fast on the XR! i just love it! 😀

  3. iPhone XR is basically Nexus 4 with apple logo apple sell 2013 device 1000$ in 2019 apple is joke that's why apple dying 😂

  4. Hey iSheeps! I will tell you a secret. It is not your duty to run in front of aple store door, and spend 2 nights in tent and spend 1000+€/$ every time they anounce new iShit. Believe or not, but it is ok if you buy new i or mac shit just after that old one is broken or obsolete.
    Feel ashamed, cause somebody sees you with older model, makes you werido actualy. iDiot, to be precize.

  5. I have the iPhone XS Max coming from the iPhone 8 Plus and I really like it a lot I think people are a little over critical about the gestures they aren’t hard to get a hold of at all

  6. Im using iphone u think that should i upgrade my iphone to xs max or wait for xi ? Or should i upgrade to note 10?

  7. Disagree with the iPhone XR vs XS portrait mode. My mom has a XR and the portrait mode isn’t very accurate. My XS is much better portrait performance

  8. I'm in between the xs max and the xs, the xs is small and the xs max seem a little too big and bulky, it's only 100$ but I kind of like smaller phones.

  9. Yes i bet all iPhone users clap like that, and thats find just as long they dont act like you cause you make me feel nervous, what are you on cocaine relax with the eye and hand movements

  10. The screen of the XR not being capable of 1080p is what killed it for me, I knew if I went for anything less than flagship I’d end up regretting it. Like I’m already in for $799 what’s another $300? I might as well go full tilt.

  11. Apple should just name their less expensive phones iphone airs or something. Make them really light or smaller like the pixel 3. Use that as a selling point instead of advertising less than stellar specs. This iphone X, R, Z bull** confuses people.

  12. It's easier to think iPhone X anniversary exclusive model was "premium paid early access" for those who bought it when all others had iPhone 8 in a row. NOW a year later everyone have the same model access but it's regular with regular "in-line" price. It's not exclusive, it's not anniversary. It's just a new model. It's like 30% price drop for AAA game in Playstation store in the 6 month after release. 🙂 You don't need to buy iPhone 10 on 11th year of iPhone history. Just 'cause you bought it in time being faithful enough to trust Apple and celebrate with them. 🙂

    We already bought mode 10 on 10th year. Let's wait for model 12 on 12th year… And I think Apple should rename "Max" to "Ex" and sold it with price drop just like expected for slowpokes.

  13. BTW FaceID AND TrueDepth + ARKit made iPhone X unique device for me because I work in CG/3D. I thought with TrueDepth we'll have 3D scanning and motion tracking apps in a few month…

    And there still just a weak fragmented ideas poorly implemented in a couple of doubtful apps to really release full potential of these revolutionary technologies. They made such huge scientific breakthrough with it and everything they used it – entering passwords in other way ??? WAIT WHAT ???? AR + hardware neural networks + Depth Scanner … and ? "Stare on your phone now" instead of "keep holding it as you do for a second…" ? The only app they do with it is "Clips". Useless toy getting zero updates. Worst than custom Apple Watch faces…. Damn. What a waste of potential and technology ! Shame on you Apple and shame on you all devs who ignored this for 2+ years.

  14. Went from an 7 Plus to XS Max for the Oled screen and the camera – I have it on a 2 year plan with Unlimited Data and worldwide calls. Originally I wanted to upgrade my internet capabilities and now after owning this XS Max is such a nice phone. Agreed it is way too expensive but paying it off the pain is spread over 2 years. I can for a small fee upgrade the phone to the latest 2020 etc and LOVE Apple all the way. Cheers everyone from Western Australia

  15. i have one question that why Tech companies which are two for this instance skip the number 9. dont tell me that infuriating 789 joke which is useless but i heard this from one of my professor that microsoft did not released windows 9 after 8.1 because japan has natural disaster on 9 the day
    as per my knowledge and Wikipedia help japan has 2 disaster on 9th Aug 2009 and 11 Aug 2009. and for this reason windows (9 )wont get released in japan and microsoft wants to have market share so the skipped 9 to 10. i dont think same strategy would be for apple though.

    by the way weird stuffs happen and the more you know the better have a nice day

  16. damn apple customers are really stupid blind and brainwqshed by apple is cult of stupid people i dont understand how apple sell same stupid phone but with new name damn i feel sorry for stupid apple customers buying sams cheap trash foe high price 💩💩💩💩💩

  17. I recommend switching Phones every 3-5 years. You don't need something slightly diffrent. I usually buy a few year old phones. And they work perfectly

  18. Wait, so the older phone is the iPhone X and the new ones are iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr? That's really confusing, why not just make it iPhone 11s? Are they embarassed they made so many? I can't say i blame them, get ready guys! for iPhone X episode 2s! The iPhone EX=mc²s Max and don't forget the iPhone 33⅓ = X(π/r²)!

  19. In terms of innovation, Apple has had a "meh" year ever since Steve Jobs's kidney decided to yeet him into the grave. Sure thing they make hella stacks, it's a no-brainer for a stock broker to invest just before the september keynote, but as for a consumer, they don't really offer anything much. I jumped the ship from 5.

  20. Can’t wait till they release the new iPhone 9 or 11 to clear up wether the iPhone X is Roman numerals or not. This phone is confusing

  21. the iphone XR is a bad phone. it does not have 3d touch, its smaller and has worse screen quality than the Xs.

  22. I got myself a XR. I’m not impressed with the battery or the screen, but the price can’t be beat

  23. I love your videos! Just bought a MacBook Pro and I'm in love with it. I love MacOS and the bash terminal, love the keyboard (hopefully mine won't break) and Touch Bar, love the way it runs silently, fast, and cool for almost everything I use it for. I wish Apple would wake up and realise computer games are becoming the most profitable entertainment medium and encourage people to make their games old and new compatible with Mac because I do actually want to play games (although I'm building a Windows desktop for that purpose.)

  24. Guess where apple gets their "8K ULTRA SHIT THAT MAKES U DIZZY" displays? from Samsung's obsolete products junkyard.

  25. The one thing I'm keeping from this video are the Obama hands :P, can't unsee that or pay attention to anything else ^_^

  26. I did and I'm happy with the XS Max. I upgraded from Android. But if I had a x I would have stuck with it. I really prefer phablets.

  27. Imagine if in the new iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS had thermal paste… THERMAL THROTTLING!!!
    Also 7:03 X percents faster

  28. Are you reading my mind? Cuz I really want a sammller phone I just upgraded to the x in march because my 5s was not catching up but I loved the small 5s but now it feels like small phones are neglected that now BIGGER is BETTER.

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