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iMovie 2019 iPhone動画編集アプリの使い方

iMovie 2019 iPhone動画編集アプリの使い方

This time I will show you how to edit iMovie, a free video app on your iphone. How to import videos in order Explanation of edit screen Cut edit slow motion double speed Transition sound After-recording Video export We will proceed in this order First find iMovie here on your iphone When you start this iMovie A screen to create a project will appear. Other video theater There is a menu like this, but today, you can choose a project here. Then, tap here to create a project Next is a new project Above is movie trailer There are two Tap this movie to use this movie when editing cuts Then the moment here screen came out This moment is iPhone this photo All photos in here You are accessing here. Then I would like to select a video on the moment screen Today I use this, so select this When you select it, a mark will appear at the bottom right If you don’t want to do this, choose here There are also buttons like this Then select this and create a movie next Then, it will become the editing screen from here Here is the preview screen above the screen Here is Timeline This vertical line is the current time axis It will be edited based on the vertical line here. And this triangle button becomes the play button, so let’s preview once Yes, like this This side button This will be the rewind button, so when you press it, you will be back at the beginning of the video. The arrow on the far right is a button to cancel editing the video This leftmost plus is a video or photo It becomes a function to add it, the beginning of the timeline Press on the front side Let’s press this + Then, before this video, click here Will be added. cancel vice versa Behind the video Here Also add with + When It will be added to the back of the current video here Let’s actually edit each one. Tap timeline I think this was surrounded by a yellow frame. It is possible to edit the time surrounded by this yellow frame. When you watched it in the preview earlier, the beginning and the back of the video I think there was a part that wasn’t necessary for this, In this editable state If you get slipped This cuts the unnecessary part of the first part You can make fine adjustments again by doing this again Next is the back part Tap again in this state surrounded by a yellow frame This time to the opposite If you get this way This cuts the back. Let ’s just preview it once. With this, the front and back extra parts were cut Then, in the middle of one video where there was no excess I want to cut and add changes First time line If you have a choice, I think the menu button will come out This leftmost scissors menu This is divided and separated Delete I think there are four of these This split This is a little moving I’ll try to push it once. Split By doing this, the video connected to one will be divided into two. Also in this area Split With this, the video that was connected to one was divided into three. Then detach this. It’s this, but I’ll try to push it once. Cut off If you do this in one video The video and the audio were consolidated into one, but the audio part was separated separately In addition to video, only audio can be edited in detail. I can feel that way. Then, this is a duplicate I’ll do a little with this selected part once. Then this selection will be duplicated back Finally this deletion. Deletion is exactly as it is Delete selected part It becomes such a function I want to change the cut order of movies. I think there is such a time, though. First of all, Press and hold the cut and slide back In the same way, please hold it down. Haze back. It ’s done like this. Then between the videos I think there is such a mark. This is a good transition Cut and cut It becomes such a function how to switch between these two cuts and cuts Just once Let’s tap it. When you tap None now In a state of nothing I think it continues as it is. This a little What should I do? Fade 2 seconds. I will review this once. Then it changed from the previous one There are two cuts I think it has changed Here too. Over here It ’s a dissolve. Wipe 1.5 seconds I’ll preview it a little bit now This is the function Next is the speedometer mark here. I will explain the functions of this menu. This is slow motion or double speed video. Such as a function to change the speed to such a feeling. Well, until now it was a yellow frame When this menu is used to change the speed, a yellow bar appears below when selected. With this feeling It has been selected. If you look here The more you move left, the slower the speed. Conversely The more you move to the right, the faster Change the speed to feel like that Just a little late and preview It’s really late. Next time This time double speed I think it’s faster And when I changed the speed of this video The pitch of the sound will change, so I want you to be careful. Then this freeze Now this vertical line timeline Current This position Display a still image for a few seconds At this yellow frame I think this is a still image only Once I’ll pass it through. That ’s how I stopped the freeze. Create a static state in the video. That ’s such a feature. I want to explain this addition What does this addition mean to you? In one cut Standard speed, double speed slow motion I want to change things like that It becomes a function to be used at that time Add a little around here Add in this neighborhood Then this yellow belt I think this is divided into three parts. Double speed in the middle Behind Slowly slow motion. If you preview this for a moment, I think the speed is changing rapidly And finally this reset is The speed change I’m doing now. Reset this once That ’s such a feature. Next, this speaker mark This changes the loudness of the sound. That’s such a function. This is small This is bigger It becomes such a function Continue to this T. This is a function to input characters and titles Well, now there is nothing, but Anything is okay. Should I focus on it? focus. Then enter the title It comes out like this, so once here Please erase I have osmo action osmo action OK . The title can now be entered. Just a preview Something like this Although it is the leftmost. This is a filter function vintage Monochrome. You can change the atmosphere of the video in this way. If there is a person who wants to add dubbing later to the edited one. First here This dubbing, please push this Then now. I think you can check the volume. recording Testing, testing, testing. Testing, testing in progress Confirm once If OK Below this is the timeline of the sound of the after-recording, so cut off the extras behind Is this okay? Preview once Other than that Since there is an audio, you can add the sound in the same way here If you can do it here, you can write it out. First complete This is the middle of the three buttons below. Save video You will be asked about resolution and export resolution. This completes the export process. Also in the photo album. All photos It’s here. Confirmation It is like this It may take some time before you get used to it, For iPhone, it’s free and it’s very convenient to edit it on your smartphone at any time. If you are interested, please use it once. I hope this video will help you at least, if you like it Thank you for watching so far.

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  2. 自分でAppleMusic買ったのを入れるにはどーしたらいいですか?また、最後の保存する時に1番画質が良いのは1番上のやつですか?

  3. 最近動画編集を始めたものです。とてもわかりやすい説明ありがとうございます。とても参考になりました。

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