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Impractical Jokers: After Party – Uneasy Alien Encounter | truTV

Impractical Jokers: After Party – Uneasy Alien Encounter | truTV

Sure. Alright, well, Murr
and Q were — they were actually working
together, of course, in this episode,
but it got a little weird. There was an argument
in the middle of your turn? -Oh, yes.
-Mm-hmm. Take a look at this. Alright, so… Murr, you’ve been probed
and abducted already, right? And Q, you’re praying it happens
to you, but the odds are slim. You know how, like, you were
lucky you got abducted and they probed you
and everything like that? It wasn’t luck, bud. That — That — It wasn’t enjoyable. It was traumatic
and horrifying. -“Anyway.”
-“Anyway.” Anyway, what I’m saying is,
you remember that time that you got abducted and I didn’t? Yes. Well, I was thinking that
if the aliens won’t come to me and probe me, I’m going to them and let them probe me. [ Laughter ] In my experience,
getting probed — it has been
not my choice. I don’t think you can choose
to get probed by aliens. Yeah, but it’s easy for you
to talk about getting probed like it’s no big thing when
you get probed all the time. I want to get probed. Well, this — you don’t understand. You’re not understanding.
This is not a good thing. It was not enjoyable, getting probed. [ Laughter ] You’re probe-dusting
the whole place. Do you know the pain I felt after getting probed
in the [bleep] from aliens? It was not enjoyable. My [bleep] still hurts. You cannot say “probe”
and “[bleep]” enough. You know what it’s like to have
an un-probed [bleep]? I wish I could remember. I’ve been probed in the [bleep]
so many times. Let’s say you spend a year
of your life building a ship to
go up to space, right? Yeah. And you get up there
and they don’t want to probe your [bleep]? You’ve wasted a year
of your life. [ Laughter ] Do you guys believe
in aliens, though? -Oh, yeah.
-I do. Statistically, one out of four of every group of friends
is an alien. Oh, I thought you were
gonna say an asshole. Both. What’s the biggest fight
we’ve ever gotten in?

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  1. This was the same episode. Where they argue in complete silent. Then murr slowly turn around and notice the guys taking a video out of them. Lov it though.

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