Impractical Jokers – Order Like a Man, Not a Millennial | truTV

Hey, Q,
say to the guy, “You should order like a man, not a millennial.” [ Laughter ] I, uh — No, no, no! No, no! No!
Don’t you dare. I would do your best
on that one. [ Laughter ] Smoked — Okay, okay. Yeah, that’s fine. I would just say, you know… Oh, God, I can’t even take it. This is too hard. [ Laughs ] I couldn’t hear you.
I’m sorry. I’m always saying,
you know, like, “Order like a man,
not a millennial,” you know? Oh! Oh! Way to go, partner. I’m always saying stuff like that. Murr: Okay, Q,
ask what she wants. But do you know
what you want? Can I get
the zoodle pasta? Sure, but let’s not play the race card. Yeah, where’s, uh —
How do I tag? [ Laughter ] [ Ding! ] He’s tagging you in. He’s tagging you in.
You’re in, Sal. My associate’s gonna… Already?
Already? Oh, my God. What the [bleep]? Get up there. Good luck, my friend. Tell her not to play
the race card, buddy. There he is. All right, Sal. Did you guys need help? Yeah. What do you want? Oh, the zoodle pasta. The zoodle pasta, sure.
Is it to go or to stay? To stay. You guys aren’t racing out of here? -Nah.
-Okay. Don’t play
the race card on me. Oh, sly! Smart! He did it! Don’t play
that race card on me. You got it.
Especially you. He did it. Q: Doing good, bud. Hi.
How are you today? Sal, just get caught
curiously staring down the front of your pants. This is an easy one, bud. You got this. Coming right up. Joe: Go ahead, Sal. ♪♪ Murr: [ Laughs ] There you go.
Come on. Oh! Oh! Why is it over there? [ Laughter ] Look at her face. So, reach in with your hand down your pants. Q: You got this, buddy. [ Laughter ] ♪♪ He’s gone! Where’s he going? Where is he going? Sal, where’d you go? I don’t care what it is,
I’m just tagging you in. I’m tagging you in
at this point. Into what? I’m just gonna tag you in
in a general sense. That’s not
how I saw this going. Joe: Oh, here you go. Woman: Can I have
a cappuccino to go? Oh, your outfit’s
hysterical. A what? A cappuccino to go. A cappuccino to go? Do you have oat milk? -Oh, my God.
-You know what? I’m gonna tap in my friend to help you. Don’t even sit down. Here he comes. Alright. Thank you. Terrible tag.
Terrible. -I know, I know.
-All right, Sal. Hi. Your outfit’s gorgeous. Would you like
to sample the matcha? Yes! Love the jacket. Woman: Thanks. Murr:
You’re both fired.

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