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Impractical Jokers – Q’s Leaked Phone Number

Impractical Jokers – Q’s Leaked Phone Number

I’m a fan of professional wrestling like the WWE
and stuff like that, right? Man: [ Cheers ] Me and that guy,
we go every month. And, uh, I befriended
one of their wrestlers, Hornswoggle, over Twitter. And I was going back and forth
with him and direct messaging, which is like private messaging. And I was like,
“You know what Hornswoggle? Let me give you
my phone number.” I type my phone number
and hit send. Did not put it on private
messaging like I had thought. Yes, what I had done was put
my personal phone number on public Twitter, for
my over half a million followers to just call and say,
“Hello,” text, send pictures of genitalia,
all sorts of things. Hey, hey, hey, Q, that was me that texted you
the genitalia. [ Laughter ] That was your vagina? [ Laughter ] It was bald, too? [ Laughter ] Yes, I have
a receding vagina — male-pattern vagina. Those are probably
the most disgusting words I’ve heard
in my entire life. At least you own it. You’re like, “Yes, I do!” -[ Laughs ]
-“Don’t make me show it!” Please don’t show your
receding vagina to these people. Thank you. So, I was upset. Man, I had that phone number
a long time, going on eight years. So, I turned
to my friends for aid, for comfort, for advice. Did I get any of that? Spoiler alert — No. What I got was mockery,
their cameras in my face, and this video
you’re about to watch. It’s been my phone number for —
going on eight, nine years. I just accidentally put it
on Twitter. I can’t even… Murr: [ Laughs ] I can’t —
-[Bleep] I have 85 — 85 text messages
in 2 seconds. 202 text messages… -In five minutes!
-…in less than five minutes. [ Laughing ] Look! [ Laughs ] [ Laughter ] Murr: You got to change
everything fast. Hold on. 646… Would they give you
a new number? They gave me —
It’s done. It’s done. I can’t even —
-[ Laughs ] I can’t even talk
to the woman, I’m so — You got Hornswoggle’d He was P.M.-ing
Hornswoggle! 646-458 [bleep] That’s it? And that’ll start right away? Joe: [ Giggling ] [ Laughter, cheering ] [ Laughs, coughing ] [ Laughter ] Some one text me the —
-I’m serious. Dude, I’m serious. -Oh, my God.
-Oh, my God! [ Laughter ] -You’re still getting texts?
-Yeah. Hello? Hey.
Who’s this? [ Laughter ] Who did you just call? One of you wrote it down
when I said it. [ Laughter ] [bleep] I just got
another [bleep] number! Sal: [ Laughing ]
He tweeted it! Now I got to call T-Mobile again
and get my number changed. [ Laughter ] The number’s — I’m on the phone
with T-Mobile, again. I guarantee
the fans are calling me. Customer service. [ Laughter ] Customer service! Okay, so, I just changed
my phone number, like, 10 minutes ago,
and I have to change it again because my [bleep] friends
put it online. So, I have to change my number
for the second time today. Could you do that
for me, please? Woman: 458… [ Laughter ] Q: No, wait a minute.
Wait a minute. [bleep] [ Laughter ] -I just posted the number.
-I told you this isn’t funny. [ Laughter ] Female voice: Please tell me
why you’re calling. I have to change
my phone number.

100 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers – Q’s Leaked Phone Number”

  1. This is why I follow these guys, because they play jokes on themselves, unlike other youtubers who prank the public just to get a petty laugh

  2. This standup is weak. Looks totally scripted. I understand it is scripted but they have a responsibility to perform at a level where it actually doesn't seem so scripted.

  3. We hand British impractical jokers over here in Britain not as funny as the American one they push the limit they use sarcasm they are the best

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