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Impractical Jokers – Thank You For Being a Friend | truTV

Impractical Jokers – Thank You For Being a Friend | truTV

We’re in San Diego at the big “Impractical Jokers”
Island Block Party. Jokers!
Jokers! Joe: We know
you can’t be here with us, but we’re bringing
the party to you. Jokers!
Jokers! Jokers!
Jokers! Jokers! We’ve been here
for like three hours. We were so excited
to meet the Jokers. We love watching the show.
Can’t wait to go inside. Probably my all-time favorite,
though, was in the grocery store when he’s yelling for Larry. Larry! Larry!
Larry! Larry! Shut your face, Grandma! Shut your face, Grandma! Captain… Fatbelly! Like a boss! Like a b-o-o-oss! Are you guys ready to bring out
the Impractical Jokers? [ Cheers and applause ]
Make some noise! I’m going to try my best
to kind of walk through there and hang out with you guys. Woman:
We love you, Murr! We love you! [ “Thank You for Being a Friend”
plays ] ♪ Thank you for being a friend ♪ ♪♪ I’m so excited! ♪ Travel down the road
and back again ♪ They’re just awesome,
great guys. ♪ Your heart is true ♪ ♪ You’re a pal
and a confidante ♪ Yeah! ♪♪ I’m gonna try and take a photo with every single person
at the block party. ♪♪ I took this picture last year
at the block party, so I’m having it
signed this year. Joe, you’re my favorite. We love Jokers!
We love Jokers!
We love Jokers! That was awesome!
That was awesome!
That was awesome! They make me laugh
when I have a bad day. I can watch them
over and over again. You ever been
to Staten Island?
Yeah. You’ve been
to Staten Island?
No. ♪♪ Thank you for being a friend,
everybody! Hey! Whoo!
Whoo! So, thank you so much, guys,
for coming out. It means the world to us. This is literally
one of our favorite, favorite days of the year. We love you all so much.
[ Cheers and applause ] Sal:
We’re not going anywhere. We’re just telling you
we love you. We’re here.
Yeah, just telling you. We’re gonna tell you
we love you, then stand here for another
hour, make it real awkward. ♪ Thank you for being a friend ♪ [ Laughs ] ♪♪

25 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers – Thank You For Being a Friend | truTV”

  1. That was awesome I love impractical jokers I’am so glad there finishing season 8!!!…🥰😆❤️👍🏼😊😍😎💯😘😱😃😄☺️🤩😀👏🏻😮😁ps.poor sal the reservation punishment was so funny and a fake DiCaprio and a damon that was funny!!!…

  2. I dont understand how anyone can give a thumbs down to the jokers…ahhh…it's carbonaro and adam. Makes sense.

  3. They are ABSOLUTELY amazing! If I'm having a bad day, the Jokers will pull me out of it. Thanks guys 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  4. Bumped into Q in Jacksonville airport in 2017…he was so gracious to talk to me even though he was clearly hiding from people. I admit, I stalked him a little after I saw him. Got a picture and a little chat…one of my fav memories of all time! Thank you Q!!!

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