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Inside The iPhone 6S Battery Case

Inside The iPhone 6S Battery Case

– What’s up guys? Lou here back with another video and today I’ve got
something special for you. In front of me is something
you’ve probably seen. It is this controversial
Apple battery case for the iPhone 6S with
this strange design. I decided to take it upon myself to crack this baby open and to look inside to see what it’s made of. To maybe gather some insight as to why it was designed in the way that it was. What do you need? I’ve got a screwdriver, TORX T3. I’ve got a little spudger, some tweezers, a couple of different knives. Probably overkill, to be
completely honest with you. Like many Apple products, this thing is not very easy to get into. We’re gonna need a little
bit of carnage here. I’m gonna start over on the edge and prying up this cover here. It’s just a little bit
of adhesive, I guess, that’s holding it down. It appears to just peel off. Some of you guys might not know, but my background before
I ever got in to making YouTube videos was actually
working on laptops, specifically MacBooks and whatnot. So, I’ve been inside a lot of laptops and various gadgets, so
I’m pretty comfy in here. And if you guys wanna see
tear downs of other gadgets that you’re interested in, let
me know down in the comments what you wanna see next. So, this just comes right off here. Wow, that’s actually on there. Okay, so we’ve got the back cover off now. So, the next part, you’re gonna notice, is this metal plate which looks
like its been scratched up. Probably intentionally
so that that material could adhere to it with
whatever adhesive they’re using. Now, a bunch of screws. Totally overkill on the screws here. Let’s go ahead and twist those babies out. In this particular case you’d want to be super cognizant of where you’re putting these tiny, little screws. It does look like they made
it somewhat accessible here. If you’ve got the right equipment, you can actually get in here. Now, let’s see if this
just comes right out. There you go. So, you’ve just got a plate there. As well as a little bit of padding. Probably also has some kind of anti-static type of treatment potentially on it there. Now, this is what you guys
are gonna be interested in. We’ve got confirmation on
the specifications here. 3.8 volt lithium ion polymer battery. 7.13 watt hours, 1877 mil amp hours. We can also see where it came from. Dynapack Electronic
Technology Suzhou Co Limited. A bunch of Chinese writing, of course. And a potential for fire or burning. Authorized service provider only. You’re looking at him. Now, what’s interesting here is you have some different certifications
from different places. You can see Thailand listed here. Apple South Asia, you
also have Apple Japan in this location here. Now, there is a tiny, little
logic board down on the bottom. That’s kind of interesting. There’s some feedback between
the battery and your phone. The phone gets to know
what the battery status is. How much charge remains and whether or not it’s discharging to the phones battery at any given time so you’ve got some electronics there to support that. The next step, I believe, is
to remove the battery itself. Looks like a little,
yep there we go, okay. So, it’s a little stick-on connector. Not soldered on, which
is kind of interesting. So, maybe Apple does
intend on replacing these. That baby is glued in there. My goodness. Whoo! There we go. There is your battery right there. Funny, that’s all the magic right there. There’s your hundred dollars. We can actually just lift
that right out of there. There is the logic board. Tiny little thing and
then that’s essentially all the electronics in this device. That little, tiny thing right there. Simple electronics really
made this thing what it is. A pretty standard lithium polymer battery. So, not necessarily any
kind of insight into why this would have been the design. A very utilitarian style design. They were just like get
the battery in there. Get a metal plate around it and put a standard case on it. This is your average,
every day, rubber-ish case with a backpack, or as I
called it in the last video, Mt. Kilamanjaro. Hope you guys found this insightful. Potentially the start of
a very cool new series where I can continue to show you the insides of your favorite gadgets. Let me know in the comments
what do you wanna see next on Inside Out.

100 thoughts on “Inside The iPhone 6S Battery Case”

  1. I think I found a look better battery case for iPhone 6s and 6s plus on ebay, , what is your opinion?

  2. Curious to know if you tore apart the case so that a 6s/7 plus could utilise the charging port would the phone recognise the case as those models don't have a smart case to fit?

  3. Am I the only who accidentally zooms in while watching a video ? Is there such a feature ? LOL #randomthoughts

  4. Take apart a 2011 MacBook Pro with the world wide recall. Also if you have iCloud on and you want to turn it off and it is says 53 pictures and videos were not backed up in high resolution do you want to delete the from your iohone WTF?? I decided I don't want to use the cloud and their making me stay or I lose pics and vids of my camera roll?? HELP PLEASE

  5. Gud video I would like to see the inside of how they put the plug itself that connects to the iPhone how was that mantel in there.

  6. I don't understand why everybody is freaking out about the design. Where the hell is the battery supposed to go then?

  7. I really wish Apple would make a better designed case… I love that this case allows you to charge with a lightning cable and see the battery percentage in the battery widget.

  8. Sem contar q: o desgaste desta case e impressionante! No bolso já marca , a case rasga com o tempo a parte de cima por onde encaixa o aparelho! Muito dinheiro p pouca qualidade !!!!!


  10. Eu tenho e não posso reclamar ela é super resistente alem de durar muito ela faz e trabalhar em conjunto com a do iphone pensei que ela carregasse o iphone mas nao ela faz é desligar a bateria do iphone sendo que ela é usada primeiro gostei muito se fosse outra era ao contrario ficaria carregando o que acarretaria no desgaste prematuro das peças internas do telemovel eu recomendo a todos vcs comprem sem medo te garanto qie nao iram se arrepender

  11. I think i am the only guy that actualy have the smart batterie case and it dont love the desing on video but love it in real

  12. could you do a video of the insdide of this phone case (iPhone 6 Plus/ 6s Plus/ 7 Plus/ 8 Plus Battery Case 8500mAh, HETP Rechargeable Extended Battery Charging Case for iPhone 8 Plus/ 7 Plus/ 6S Plus/ 6 Plus (5.5 inch), External Battery Charger Case, Backup Power Bank Case)

  13. Its almost took me a 25 years to understand Apple monopoly when I sold iPhone x, and downgraded to iPhone 7 and then bought Note 8. Now I realize that I missed so much flexibility…Apple is just ripping us and now they dont have any idea how to rip off, after introducing iPhone X clones…

  14. If they would make it so the battery is removable???? then you could take a few extras with you and roll for days without hitting up that wall charger

  15. I brought a charger case for £12 which is about $15. And I’m actually really happy with what I brought. It does exactly the job but 2 bad things with it.. it makes your phone very heavy and you can’t get a proper grip on your phone. And 2) you can’t put earphones in whilst the charging case is on. (But that doesn’t affect me becuase I have airpods). My charging case is 10,000 mah which can charge my phone from 0% to 100% about 3,4 times. Which is very good

    I would recommend buying them but don’t pay no more than £50 or $70 for them. Bye guys have a beautiful day 👋

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