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Install iOS 13 On Any Android Phone(No Root) | How To Make Android Look Like iOS 13! (Free – 2019)

Install iOS 13 On Any Android Phone(No Root) | How To Make Android Look Like iOS 13! (Free – 2019)

a lot of you guys loved the new iOS 11
feel & want it on your device as well so today in this video let’s check out how
you can get the iOS 11 look and feel on your Android device without further ado
let’s get right into it the very first thing you have to do is download an iOS 11 wallpaper from the browser so open up your browser and type iOS 11
wallpaper download any iOS 11 wallpaper whichever you like
so here I have a wallpaper of iOS 11 now I’m downloading it after downloading
the wallpaper you have to set that wallpaper as your phone’s wallpaper for
both the lock screen and the home screen now after that you are done go back to
your Chrome browser now in here type for ilauncher now search now you will see an link for ilauncher go in there now in here you have to click on the latest version that is three point one point four of iLauncher and then
start the download so this will download the iLauncher on your phone now install
the iLauncher.. so after installing process is done hit the home button and
then select a launcher as the I launcher now you will see that you have got the
basic iOS 11 UI.. now go into preferences and in personalization you have to
enable the fifth row… now go back.. then in your Chrome browser again search for iNoty.. i-N-o-t-y and then search again you will get an link go in
there download the latest version and then start the download and then after
downloading go back to your file manager and then install the iNoty app.. so after
you’re done downloading open it up now you have to enable the iNoty and the
battery percentage option now you will see that your status bar has been changed just like the same which was there on the iOS 11 devices and you can also
change your carrier name to anything you want now you have to open your Play
Store which is the App Store iOS device now search for control center
iOS 11 now you have to install that… now open it up proceed ahead now in here you have to go to size and then position wherever you want bottom is for
the iOS devices now set the size whatever you want set the color whatever
you want now swipe up and then you have to grant
all the permissions to it now go back now swipe up from the bottom and you
will see you have the control center of iOS 11 yes this is almost very much
perfect when you long hold any option such as the volume option you will get
further options such as for the ringtone music and also the system volume you can
change everything you can enable a flashlight or you can also check out the
calculator with the help of this app this is a great app and you guys should
give it a try now go back to your Play Store and in you then source for emoji
keyboard 7 so you have emoji keyboard 7 install it after you’ve installed the
emoji keyboard 7 open it up now after you open it up complete the initial
setup so when you are done and open up emoji keyboard 7 in your local option
you will see a white flat theme which is used on the iOS devices so you set the
white flat theme and then you are done you get the iOS 11 on your Android
device the same look and the feel of the iOS 11 devices on your Android phone this
works on almost any Android device and you guys will love it
when you hold an app in your launcher your apps will start wiggling up such as
the same which is present on the iOS devices you can uninstall the app now
directly click on the cross icon… now swipe up and you will see that you have
the control center which is present on the iOS 11 devices it is the perfect and
the same one present on any other iOS device now this is the same status bar
the status bar is not perfectly like the iOS 11 one but it resembles to that of
the eight nine of the 10 when you click on the wiggling icons you will see other
icons such as change Icon, title or you can also hide an app so now back to your preferences in your app management you will see restore hidden app so from here you can restore all your hidden apps so guys this
was a quick way on how you can get the feel and look of iOS 11 on your Android
device thanks for watching guys because that really helps do subscribe to our
channel for more of this kind of videos with that being said, My name’s were watching NOIS Tech & we’re Signing Out!

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  10. If your login to the launcher fails power off your phone hold the power button and the volume up at the same time round get it to safe mode and then uninstal the launcher and then power off your phone and do the same thing to get it out of safe mode and the you are ok

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