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Intelligent Scan vs Face ID – Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X

Intelligent Scan vs Face ID – Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X

– What’s up YouTube? Saf here on SuperSaf TV and
in this video we’re going to be doing a SuperSaf Style
comparison between Face ID on the iPhone X and Intelligent Scan on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus,
surprisingly this is a video that a lot of you guys
have been requesting so a thumbs up for that would be appreciated. Now we’re going to be
looking at speed, accuracy, and we’ll also be looking
at lots of different situations without light,
glasses, sunglasses, etc. So to start off with
Face ID on the iPhone X works really well. I’ve been using it for
quite a few months now. It actually puts lots
of dots on your face, like thousands of them,
to recognize your face and it does work really well. So the way this works is
you just lift your phone up, swipe, boom, you’re in. You can also tap and
then swipe and you’re in. You can also press the
power button and then swipe and you’re in. So very quick and easy
but you do have to swipe so that swipe does slow it down slightly. That is so that you
can see the lock screen and there’s no real
way to switch this off. With the S9 Plus we do
have a fingerprint scanner in the back thus this is
something we don’t have on the iPhone X so definitely
something to bear in mind throughout these tests. But when it comes to
Intelligent Scan, it actually uses the iris scanner as
well as facial recognition in combination. The way this works is
simply by tapping the power button and pointing
it at your face, like so. Boom. And you can also use the 3D touch button. And boom, you’re in. It takes you straight
away to your home screen, it doesn’t actually
pause on the lock screen. If you’d like to see the
lock screen then swipe. You can enable that in the
settings but by default it will take you straight to
the home screen which makes it super quick. Now, because of this, if
we do a speed test the S9 Plus actually wins
in terms of the speed because there is no delay
in terms of swiping, you can just press the power
button and you are going to be in quicker. So if you look at the
speed alone, then yes, Intelligent Scan is
faster compared to Face ID but obviously, that’s not the full story. So let’s go ahead and try
putting on some glasses. So we’ve got some regular
clear glasses but they are quite reflective. Let’s try out Face ID first. Works absolutely fine, try again. Absolutely fine, one more time. Boom, nice and easy. Works every time. Now let’s try the S9 Plus. Yep. Second time, yep. Third time, yep. Nice and easy, works every time as well so when it comes to glasses,
both of these are going to be absolutely fine. Now let’s try sunglasses. So starting off with the iPhone X. Works. Yep. Works absolutely fine. Now a side note to mention on
the iPhone X is that if you have required attention for
Face ID on then this isn’t going to work with all
sunglasses and this is something that I’ve actually made
a video about previously. You can check that out on the cards. If you switch this off,
then it’s going to work with pretty much all sunglasses
but then it’s going to make Face ID less secure
because somebody could just point at your face. When you have required
attention on you have to be looking at the phone
to be able to unlock it so definitely something to bear in mind. Now let’s try the same on
the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Okay, that worked. Let’s try again. Hold your phone more upright. Okay, it’s struggling this time. No face or irises detected. Very, very interesting. So as you saw there, with
the iPhone it actually worked with required attention on
as well but you can switch that off. With the S9 Plus with the
sunglasses, it did struggle, it did unlock the first
time but then after that it was not detecting my
irises or face obviously because of the iris scanner
it looks like the sunglasses are blocking this so that’s
something to bear in mind. Right, for this next test,
we’re going to switch off the lights so we’re going
to have complete darkness. We’re going to see if these can work in complete darkness. So the first thing I’m going
to do is take the brightness right down on both devices
because we don’t want that to affect the result of this test. So I’m switching auto
brightness off and we’ve put the brightness down all the way. Now let’s switch off
the lights and we’ll see what these can do. Now in front of the iPhone
on the top of the camera so you can just briefly
see what’s going on. Let’s try the iPhone X. Works absolutely fine. Again, yep. Absolutely fine. Now let’s move on to the S9 Plus. Okay, that’s quite interesting. Let’s try that again. If you notice, you’ll
see that the brightness actually increases. And with the iPhone X the
brightness didn’t change throughout that test, it
stayed the same and Face ID worked absolutely fine
but with the S9 Plus, even though the brightness
was all the way down, as soon as we press the
button and there you go so now you can see that
the brightness actually boosts up a little bit. Maybe to shine a bit
of light on your face. Definitely something else to bear in mind. Right, a few of you guys
also asked about whether these will unlock with
a photo or not so let’s go ahead and try that out. So, we’ve got a picture, a
selfie, that I took a little bit earlier looking very
scary and we’re going to try out Face ID first. Hasn’t worked, let’s try again. Nope and we’re going to try one more time. Hasn’t worked. Now let’s try the S9 Plus
so you can see it’s locked. Nope. Try that again. Nope. One more time. Didn’t work either. So there we have it guys,
that is the SuperSaf Style comparison between
Face ID on the iPhone X and the Intelligent Scan of the S9 Plus. Yes, Face ID on the iPhone
X is definitely the more advanced facial recognition
technology but on the S9 Plus as well as facial
recognition, you do have the iris scanner as well as,
once again, the fingerprint scanner, which personally I
do prefer because it means I don’t even have to do anything. My phone is already
unlocked as soon as I take it out of my pocket. And this is something
I’ve also mentioned in my iPhone X review. I would have really liked to
have a fingerprint scanner here on the Apple logo
in addition to Face ID. Another point also to mention
is on the S9 Plus you cannot use facial recognition or
Intelligent Scan for the secure folder, to make payments
and things you are going to have to use the fingerprint
scanner or the iris scanner which are definitely more secure options. What did you guys think of this test? Definitely let me know
in the comments below. Once again, if you did
enjoy this video then do hit that thumbs up button for
me and if you do want to see more videos SuperSaf Style
like this, be sure to subscribe and switch
on your notifications. We’ve got lots more coming up on here. Thanks for watching, this
is Saf on SuperSaf TV and I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Intelligent Scan vs Face ID – Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X”

  1. Most requested video recently! Wasn't easy to put together, hope you enjoyed it! Which do you prefer, Intelligent Scan or Face ID?

  2. Quick fix for samsung with the sunglasses. I selected the option of having glasses on when I first set it up and it works when I have my Ray Bands on, the the Ray Bands are polarized and tinted and has all the fancy darkness on it and it works 100% fine. I'm using a Note 9 though. I know the note 9 got released months after the S9 plus, so maybe it's a more advanced system ? Idk ? but all I can say is it works for me with big sunglasses on and with hats on too. I also got it work with my electrical hard hat and arc helmet on !!! So idk something minor has to be tweaked or something.

  3. Who notices that Saf is always defending android features only? The iPhone X clearly won in this video but no… He tries to come up with something dumb to defend the S9+.

  4. I think the s9 got an unfair advantage on the photo test using a PC as a way to get a photo is unfair because the size of the monitor might have immediately told the s9 that it's not real since it could also sense the screen too.

  5. Samsung Note 9 gives you more options to unlock you face and is a fraction of a second faster, but iPhone has tighter security and can unlock your phone from slightly more angles and distances than the Samsung. I'd say to redo this comparison once you know completely how both of these security biometrics work, and record this a few times with a infra-red camera.

  6. The only advantage of face scan that is scan ur face unlike iris he scan only eyes so when ur eyes are block or wearing a sun glasses it cannot detect it

  7. Honestly I prefer Samsung they had face recognition since Galaxy s3
    And I think that maybe Apple stole the idea and made it there's

  8. Face ID uses ir projection which can be good but combining the iris scanner with face scanner on S9 is far more secure. Like many other users have said. Brothers and twins can easily bypass apple face ID but even twins don't have the same iris it's far more secure. I want all 3 combined on s10. IR projection face ID with face scanner and iris scanner. Boom best security

  9. Face id looks more high tech while Samsung S9 intelligent scanner looks like just a simple technology, nothing amazing in it, it flashes light on your face to recognise you. 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Face ID Is Better at Knowing The difference Between a fake version of your face and the real one since it makes a 3d replica of your face and pictures use 2D Face ID 1st Generation Can Be Fooled By Family Members and rarely sculptures 2nd generation you have 1 in a millionth chance of getting in and its faster. Intelligent Scan is Not as secure as face id since it makes a 2D replica of your face and it can easily distinguish a picture as the real you. its more faster then 2nd generation and less frustrating. becuase if it fails to recognize your face it immediatly checks your irises and if that fails check them both. and this happens in about 2 seconds. But is Again. less secure you should stick with The fingerprint sensor since it is more secure. Intelligent scan is less secure but more convenient. Samung may approve it with the s10.

  11. The best unlocking on a phone is a fingerprint scanner on the side power button. Unlocking the phone in one single step.

    Iphone is stupid, – 1st step – , push the power button
    – 2nd – step swipe the phone
    – 3rd step – phone unlocks.
    Samsung is like any normal phone, you press the power button and then it unlocks. – 2 steps.

    But the best unlock, was the fingerprint scanner on the main button on older Samsungs. They should just put that scanner on the button on the side.
    Even the normal fingerprint scanner requires you pushing the power button.

    We're going backwards.

  12. All apple fanboys saying that Face ID is better cause it is more secure. But if security was the primary concern, Apple would have never got ridden of the fingerprint sensor. Face ID can be fooled by twins but fooling the fingerprint sensor is a lot difficult and complicated.

  13. Y 'all can go start WWIII over this argument, but uh, if you'd prefer to NOT get corrected on YOUR OPINION… go ahead and like this comment ¯_(ツ)_/¯ P.S. hope y' all have a great day using whatever phone you like 🙂

  14. Ya the s9 is slight slower but if it fails we still got the fingerprint scanner and code so we have options just like everything else with our phones

  15. The only way iphone x is better than samsung is face id and only fave id bcs you can't unlock with a model , you cant unlock with fingerprint scanner

  16. with the new updated pie you have options to increase the brightness of phone when it comes to facial recognition or you can disable it, and with the new update face recognition works much better

  17. So RISK management is better on Samsung cos we have still a fingerprint scanner if face & iris recognition failed. On iPhone u can only tap your passcode and actually nothing else.

  18. 👍FACE ID on Iphone is the BEST thing ever happened on a smarphone,i love this so much,it works perfect !
    I hope it will always be 🙏

  19. This is not a fair test if your testing face I'd on the iPhone then only test the face if on the so not intelligent
    I have q note 9 btw

  20. I used to have a samsung with the intelligent scan and it would always not work in bad lighting or when there was too much lighting. Face ID works everytime wherever I am

  21. no facial recognition can recognize pictures on displays because the phone can't scan pixels….you should've printed out the picture…..even it still shouldn't have worked

  22. The only reason why iPhone x requires you to swipe up after unlocking your phone is because of the notifications like messages and you can only read your sensitive information when you look at it.

  23. You know how when a TV is recorded it has those vertical lines that move fast and you can see them ONLY via the recording? Phones should have a sensor for that when using facial technology. And yes…. I realize it would work if someone had a picture of you BUT it seems very unlikely for someone to be carrying a picture of you, especially a random thief… #Justathought

  24. Tries to unlock Samsung phone using sunglasses for the second time

    Samsung phone: I never met this man in my life

  25. Some reviewers say the intelligent scan isnt secure because of the Samsung's face recognition which isnt 100% secure. But i noticed something one day. When using the intelligent scan, it kind of has to scan both the iris and the face, cz if your eyes are closed it will not unlock the device.

  26. That's not a good test. iPhone unlocks without the swipe. You can observe this by the unlock icon on top. The swiping action has nothing to do with unlocking. It just brings you from one screen to another.

  27. Stupid motherfuckers like you make finding honest phone reviews next to impossible to find. It's an S9+ why is it so hard to add the +

  28. Face ID can be cracked when you are asleep you won't even know iris scanner is more secure if you are having identical twin FACE ID is not secure

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