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Interrupting Telemarketers (Phone Prank)

Interrupting Telemarketers (Phone Prank)

(mumbled background talking) – Fine thank you, I’m glad you called. – [Woman] Oh thanks, what’s your name? – My name is R, I’m sorry? – [Woman] I’m sorry, – Rosalin, my name is,
(mumbled background talking) are you listening? Rosali, hello.
(mumbled background talking) (mumbled background talking) – Yes, that’s much better, yes. How are you doing? My name is Ro, hello.
(mumbled background talking) – [Woman] Hello, can you hear me? – Yes, (mumbling) Yes I can hear you okay
sweetheart but you can’t talk at the same time I’m talking
or else I won’t hear you. – My name is R,
(mumbled background talking) Are you there? (mumbled background talking) My, (mumbled background
talking) name is Rosalin. I’m tryi, I’m sorry what are you saying? (mumbled background talking) My name, hello. I’m trying to figure out what
this call is in regards to. – [Woman] I’m calling – Which, which, answer me
this honey, which company are you calling from? And where’s the city and state? (mumbled background talking)
– That’ll help me determine if we need to
do business together. (mumbled background talking)
– Honey start from the beginning. (music playing) – [Sherry] She put you on hold. – [Man] Rosalin? – Yes, I’m here but she
keeps talking over me. – [Man] Yeah, yeah, I know,
she’s just really, really rude just like you, you
don’t stop interrupting. Can you stop interrupting? – I’m sorry could you
repeat that, like who? – I mean we actually have, – What I’m trying to find out
(mumbled background talking) is what type of a company
(mumbled background talking) you’re from cause I don’t
(mumbled background talking) understand the type of your
business or what you’re selling. (mumbled background talking)
– No, there’s no way that I’m going to find out if
she keeps talking over me and it’s like what you’re doing too.
(mumbled background talking) I don’t understand
(mumbled background talking) what’s going on here.
(mumbled background talking) You called me
(mumbled background talking) and I have no idea who you’re
from or what your selling or anything. How am I suppose to know
(mumbled background talking) what I’m interested in
if you won’t tell me where you’re from or what
your name is or anything. (mumbled background talking) I told you my name. I said my name is Rosalin. I told you since the beginning
(mumbled background talking) when my husband
(mumbled background talking) handed me the phone.
(mumbled background talking) Why are you speaking in
language that’s not appropriate? – [Man] Honestly because you
keep interrupting all the time. – Well then just hang up
sweetheart and don’t call. If you have a problem with
me then I can tell you now safe and sound we’re not going
to have business together. It doesn’t make any sense.
(mumbled background talking) – [Man] You are not hanging up and that’s what really pisses me off because you just keep interrupting and you
are not listening and you are not hanging up. That’s what pisses me off. – I don’t think I’ve ever had
a conversation with anybody where they’re getting mad
and telling me swear words and things of that nature. – [Man] This is the first time? Everything happens for the first time. – Everything doesn’t
happen for the first time. Sometimes it’s the
second or the third time. You’re like some kind
of a moron or something. – [Man] I’m a moron? – No I said a MorOn. – [Man] Yeah, like my mom
calls me that all the time. – Well she’s right to do that sweetheart. I’m sorry but if I was
your mother I would say put it back in. (mumbled background talking) – You did what? Who? No I don’t I have a vagina and
it’s none of your business. – [Man] So you have what? What was it, I’ve never seen
that so I don’t know that. – I believe it, I believe
the last time you seen it is when you came out of it. (mumbled background talking and laughing) That’s the last time you’ve seen one, I’m fairly certain, yes. – [Man] I’ve never seen that. (background music and laughing) – That’s it. 17 minutes, that’s a long call. – [Sherry] That’s 15 minutes. (laughing) – Well those people call me
all the time trying to sell me online pharmacy crap. – [Sherry] Oh no.

16 thoughts on “Interrupting Telemarketers (Phone Prank)”

  1. OMG… I'm doing this from now on… They call me everyday and now I'm gonna piss them off every time they call me so maybe they stop calling me… Thank you Jack๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. He's never seen that? Lol what??? Then his momma must of had a c section then ๐Ÿคฃ…. dam I feel sorry for him …. lol not

  3. Haha! Did they have some fucked up policy where they can't hang up? That guy really wanted you to hang up on him.

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