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Introducing Puls – on-demand smartphone repair & smart home setup

Introducing Puls – on-demand smartphone repair & smart home setup

Introducing Puls. Broken phone? We fix that. New TV to install? We do that. Need a smart home set up? We do that too. “Ok Google, let’s dance!” “I can do the robot.” It couldn’t be easier – We’ll be there, in a heartbeat, 7 days a week. Now, that’s great service! Check us out at Puls – for the ups and downs of digital life

14 thoughts on “Introducing Puls – on-demand smartphone repair & smart home setup”

  1. Great service concept, and fun video. I used Puls twice to fix phones for my family. So impressed, I went to work for the company. And now our technicians will set up TVs and smart home too.

  2. Phone repair that comes to you is so much better than waiting around at the store and then giving up your phone for hours to a stranger

  3. Sooooo convenient! I didn't have to leave my office and had my screen fixed in 2 hours, for less than what I paid at a store. I will definitely be a return customer.

  4. This company is THE WORST. They send out unprofessional technicians and have THE WORST customer service. When they broke my phone, they made me run around to get an appointment and have another company fix it. I had to deal with a broken phone for a week, and then they only offered to pay the additional money to fix what they broke in the first place. They REFUSED to give me any money back on the original service they didn't do for me. Do not let this company fool you. They will inconvenience you in every way. They are unprofessional, uncaring, and cannot even handle the basic services they offer. Save yourself the trouble and take your business elsewhere.

  5. Puls is actually doing a disservice for anybody who needs a proper iPhone repair outside of Apple. Having a tech come to your house for an iPhone is a bad idea for multiple reasons.
    1: Low Quality Parts. In order to recoup the loss for the on-site appointment the tech must use a lower quality screen and parts.
    2: Low Technical Experience. The Tech most likely has lower experience (onsite iPhone repairs are on the bottom of the totem pole).
    3: Pressure. The Tech will most likely experience pressure to complete the repair in front of a client, possibly messing up a repair.
    4: Troubleshooting. The Tech is unable to diagnose any other issue a phone may have, possibly causing frustration for the client.
    5: Workbench: Working on an antistatic workbench is a must for any electronic repair. Lack of a proper workbench can cause irreparable damage to your device.
    Please be aware of these issues before using this service.

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