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iOS 13 Battery Optimization – How it works

iOS 13 Battery Optimization – How it works

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 13 has a new feature for optimized battery charging and I wanted to share
how it works since so many of you have asked me about this also I’ve done quite
a few videos on battery and I advocate for charging to 100% and then some
people are saying well they put this feature in here
why would I still do that and I wanted to explain the purpose behind those
different videos verse what Apple is doing here so the first thing is you
cannot overcharge your battery so I always charge to 100% and you can’t
overcharge your battery because their circuitry built into the phone and the
battery that will not allow that if you were to overcharge your battery it could
catch fire or even explode and so all lithium-ion batteries have that
protection in them so what it does is once it hits a hundred percent
it basically trickle charges and then just keeps going maybe down to 99
percent and back up to 100 that’s what it’s doing to keep the battery all the
way charged and that’s again to keep it from overcharging so what they’re doing
with this new setting is if we go into settings in iOS 13 and then battery and
then if we go to battery health it gives your capacity which is currently 100% on
this phone tells you if you have peak performance capability but now you have
optimized battery charging and what it says is to reduce battery aging iPhone
learns from your daily charging routine so it can wait to finish charging past
80% until you need to use it so using machine learning that’s built into the
iPhone what this will do is learn when you’re going to bed when you charge it
throughout the day when you use it and instead charge it up to 80% and then
when it’s getting closer for the time for you to use it it will continue to
charge to that 100% so instead of bouncing from 99 to 100% back and forth
it will stay right around 80 percent which is healthier over time now the
reason I was not an advocate of doing this manually before is because you’re
only saving about 3% of your battery health over a period of one year and I
have a phone here that I used for an entire year plugging it in every single
night and it’s at 97% capacity and this is my iPhone X so when this was out I
used it every day plugged in every night and I have 97% capacity for
my battery health and what I found is you really aren’t saving enough to
justify having to manage the battery but this is doing it for you to even make it
last a little bit longer and this is really important when it comes to things
like cars for example Tesla has a similar setup where it elects you limit
the battery unless you go on a trip and then over a long period of time if
you’re going to keep a phone a very long time three four or five years this will
help you not have to replace your battery and in turn reduce waste and
cost for you and resources and things like that so this is my 6s plus if we go
into the battery settings you’ll see that the capacity is 85% now again this
was plugged in every single night up to 100% and left there for its entire life
and this was used regularly up until about six months ago so it’s actually
had quite a bit of use so instead it will charge to 80% now kind of hold it
there and charge to 100 when it’s close for you to use it and I actually tested
this I have not seen it hold at 80% yet I plugged it in it’s at 72% now I
brought it up over 80% and it kept charging so it does have to learn those
usage patterns and it may take a while for that to happen it does not matter
which one of these plugs that you use although ideally the lower the power the
better over time I have used mostly the iPad charger for
the entire life of the battery or a wireless charger so those don’t matter
too much because iPhones aren’t really pushing the limits of battery charging
speed so it will help though if you use the included one and I’m sure that’s why
Apple still includes it because over time it will make maybe a percentage
difference to me it’s not worth the speed difference I use the iPad charger
but that’s the new optimized battery charging feature in iOS 13 let me know
if you have any other questions in the comments below
of course I’ll link this wallpaper in the description as I always do and if
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thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next

100 thoughts on “iOS 13 Battery Optimization – How it works”

  1. It's supposed to be a built in automatic aspect and not a feature…
    Why do i have to choose between good or bad? obvious.

  2. Sadly I am having some annoying bugs with my 6s battery chase on IOS 13. But I like that they reworked the charging mechanism to give longer battery live 🔋.

  3. Is there a problem with batteries for IPhone 8s? I have had my phone since January and my phone battery capacity is 95%

  4. Completely disagree. I had an 8 plus from new. Had it for a year. When I sold it, it had 83% battery health.

  5. Zollotech: “All batteries have that”
    Samsung: (walks away slowly)
    (Since I have to say this — IT’S A F*CKING JOKE)

  6. My phone stays plugged in all night and 8-9 hours a day on a wireless charger. People out here over thinking the simple things just make sure it’s never dead.

  7. Question; If I have a very irregular sleep schedule and don’t go to sleep or wake up on a consistent time basis, is it still worth having this on?

  8. This feature was available last year on Asus Zenfone 5z called in different terms(AI charging) but same function.

  9. You can't overcharge the battery but you will get better longevity from you battery if you keep it between around 60 to 80%, or so I heard. I would charge to about 85% if I don't forget to unplug it.

  10. Mine is at 94% after 6 months after the battery replacement at the very end of last year. I do use it every single day watching youtube plugged in at work. I'm going to need another battery replacement in a year and a half I guess…

  11. My X is a little over a year old now and it’s at 84 % capacity how the hell did you manage to keep yours at 97 ?!

  12. My iPhone X is at 97 % after almost a year of fast charging for about 6 hours at night. Seems reasonable to me. Will welcome the new change when it comes every little bit helps 😊

  13. After 8 months only at 91% and I only charge at night before bed and a top up for 30 mins in the after during lunch. Only stock charger how are you at 97%

  14. Good on Apple that they implemented this feature but this has been available in xperia phones since quite a while and i hope other Android phones implement it in their phones.

  15. I dont know about your useage , my friends iphone x within a year down to 86% health. And my sisters 6s battery died years ago. Yours was still 85 considering it was abandoned 6 months ago

  16. I have iPhone X.. been left to charge overnight everyday and sometimes charged to 100% durring the day, in 19 months of owning.. battery heath dropped to 82%

  17. It would be nice if Apple would also have a unique sound or a voice letting you know that your phone has reached 100% charge. Also I would like to add that this will forward the notification to your Apple Watch when it is on your wrist.

  18. Got my iPhone X in November of 2017. 98% on this bad boy. Don’t charge overnight and don’t take your phone in the sun.

  19. I’ve had my iPhone for 7 months now and I’m still at 100% I’ve abused my battery, fell asleep while on YouTube, Battery case etc.

  20. I upgraded from ios 12 to 13, then downgraded back to 12 and my percentage capacity went up from 88% to 90%. not sure what that means, i didn’t know it could rise. any help?

  21. Hi Aaron I went to iPad os and love it however I no longer can print from files to my canon 922. Not to big a deal my iPhone is not updated and can print from it. Just wondering if you have any suggestions the real strange thing is I can print from pages, word, numbers and excel plus safari. Thanks again

  22. My XS Max maximum capacity has recently changed from 100% to 95%, I know I was on 100% no more than a month ago. Is this normal or should it go down more gradually? I wish we could see the actual number of cycles like you can on Mac. Would also be good if they added an option to override the ‘optimised battery’ and just select a time in the morning when you need your phone to be fully charged rather than it learning itself

  23. "iPhones aren't really pushing the limits of fast charging". I don't think so, because the iPhone 10 Power its battery with freaking 15V

  24. I'm so careful with my iPhones battery and my XS Max is currently at 93 and so is my friends. Pre ordered and received immediately, but that's not even a year ago yet! I thought my 7 Plus went fast but that guy still had 92 left after 2 years. My mom's iPhone 6 still has 90 and she literally leaves it plugged in everywhere, sometimes for the entire day

  25. I don't need machine learning just let me have the option when the phone reaches 100% to stop charging… It will lose 1-2 percent over night at most from the standby drain which is not a huge deal.

  26. Help! What does this mean? Should I always plug in my iPhone over night even when 💯 %? And also plugged when not using it? Please help aron

  27. Not charging it to 100% really helps. I have a iPhone 8 bought in September 2017 – so now it becomes 2 years old. Never charged it beyond 75% and battery health still is at 100%.

  28. Hello again I’m asking again with a question when I first download beta 1 of iOS 13 I charge my phone till 100% as always but it charge at 80% I thought it’s a battery issue so I plug in the charger and it in 1 second goes up to 100% is that ok or not

  29. I hate it! Because I want my phone at 100% not no damn 80%. I have pretty hectic days, and I don’t want my phone at 80. It’s been stuck at 80 for like 3 hours. I turned off the option but it’s still stuck at 80

  30. My battery performance was excelent in ios 13 dev beta 4 , (6.5h open screen time), i upgraded ios dev 5 but battery performance very bad, do you notice it, what can i do, can i downgrade beta 4(iphone xs max)

  31. I’ve had this feature on since updating to iOS 13 and for some reason it’s already dropped my battery health to 99%. And I just got my iPhone Xs like a month/two ago. So personally, I’m probably going to just keep this feature off, seeing as your iPhone X only degraded to 97% over the course of a full year’s use (+ charging to 100% every single night) on iOS 11/12

  32. I’m confused. For good battery health, is it preferable to do full charging cycles, like leaving at night until the next morning, or charging the phone throughout the day in small cycles ?

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