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iPad charger VS iPhone charger: how to charge your iPhone faster? Are cheap/fake chargers dangerous?

iPad charger VS iPhone charger: how to charge your iPhone faster? Are cheap/fake chargers dangerous?

Should you really charge your iPhone using
the iPad charger? Will it charge the iPhone faster? And, is there any difference between using
a cheaper ‘clone’ charger instead of the original, expensive, Apple
charger? The truth will be revealed! It is natural to think that, if an iPhone
safely charges using a smaller charger, then a bigger, more potent, charger could
be overpowering and cause damage. Actually, this would be true if, instead of
the the standard USB 5 volts, you try, lets say, 12 Volts 🙂 Don’t ever mess with voltage! All USB chargers output 5 Volts , or should…
keep watching to the end. The difference between the smaller 5 watts
and a bigger 10 or 12 watts brick has to do with
delivery capacity. Think of chargers as a juice factory – and
right now I am thirsty! This 5W factory seems to be just perfect to
me 🙂 In this example, the charger is able to deliver
at the same pace I am able to consume. A 10W brick could potentially serve the double
of drinks but I am already consuming as fast as I can, so, nothing changes and
nothing bad happens: I will continue drinking on my pace. In fact, close to the end I might even slow
down a bit. Now I am fully charged and happy! [Burp, applauses] So: YES! You can use the bigger, more powerful,
brick to charge your iPhone! Apple assures it is compatible with iPads,
iPhones, iPods (including the classic ones) and even
compatible with the Apple Watch. When you travel, you can just take one big
charger and the cables you need. Perfectly safe!>>Skeptic Everson: “But, what about ‘fast charging’?
I know that the iPhone 6 charges, at least, twice as fast using the iPad charger!!” Well… here on YouTube I saw videos telling
very different stories: ranging from people ‘measuring’ it would
be twice as fast to people ‘measuring’ it is only 5% faster… So I bought some measuring equipment and I
did some real testing on an iPhone 6 Plus, charging from 0 to 100%,
taking notes every 10 minutes! You can see the details on the separate video
I posted. Basically what I found is: Yes, the iPhone 6 Plus indeed draws more current
on a 12W charger but it is not the double nor twice as fast,
as many people say. In the beginning it goes much faster: for
the initial 70% charge, the bigger brick can do it in almost half
the time. Then it slows down considerably: waiting for a full 100% charged battery, the
bigger charger saves you 33% of the time. As I told you before: the maximum charging
current is determined by device, you can’t force it beyond. For the iPhone 6, the small 5W is less than
ideal, the bigger 10W brick already provides the
best result and going for 12 watts doesn’t make any difference
compared to the 10W. And for many other devices, like the iPhone
5, the small 5W charger is already enough. Now for the final question: I always paid the premium price for original
Apple chargers, directly from the Apple Store. I know some knock-off clones look identical
outside! But I am not talking about appearances here,
I am asking about electronics: How well do clones perform? Are cheap chargers
actually dangerous? Ken Shirriff is a computer scientist very
interested in reverse engineering and electronics. He has opened several chargers and made meticulous
analysis and comparisons between original Apple chargers and some other
well known brands and obscure clones. Inside, he found that cheaper chargers use
much simpler circuits, with some disturbing differences. For example: On all chargers there is a primary side that
handles AC and high voltages and a secondary part that filters and delivers
safe “continuous” 5V to your phone; These two parts should be very well isolated, with at least 3 to 4 mm gap… Good brands respect these safety standards,
but cheap knock-offs don’t! With tiny distances, an electrical surge might
jump passing directly to your phone and fry it! Even if we are lucky and such chargers don’t
kill us… there is another important difference: using
an oscilloscope, Ken noticed that original Apple chargers deliver
very stable voltage, filtering out spikes and frequency noises. But, on knock-offs, the voltage is far from stable! Take a look at this one: can you imagine? Instead of charging your iPhone with constant
5 volts, you would be feeding it with this crazy thing that oscillates from
4.2 to 5.8 volts!!! Poorly designed chargers will take longer
to fully charge your iPhone, and the high-frequency noises can cause the touch-screen
to malfunction while charging or even damage the device. If you like electronics, be sure to read Ken
Shirriff’s blog: he explains everything with great detail and provides
extensive footnotes and references. Check the description down bellow: I will
put links to his blog posts and also links if you want to buy the energy
meters I used in my tests. To sum up: You can safely use the iPad charger with all
your iGadgets The iPhone 6 charges faster with it – but
not twice as fast; with some other devices it won’t make any
difference Cheap chargers can kill you and shorten the lifetime of your iPhone as
well… its a “no! no!” Give this video a like, subscribe to my channel! And thanks for watching!!! See you on the next video!!!

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  2. Super effort, that!
    (I need the help of good people like you so to help ensure you can continue to make such excellent videos for many years to come, please don't drink any more energy drinks. Think of yourself as an iPhone and energy drinks as cheap and dangerous phone chargers 😉

  3. i bought cheap iphone cord but the charging time is the same with my orignal iphone cord does it good???? pls answer asap

  4. You need more subscribers. The production value and creative thought of this video is pretty intense. Good luck. Liked and subbed.

  5. Hello i want your help please , i have an iPad mini 3 and i have a charger of 10 w it s ok for that iPad? Or i necessary need a charger 12 w. Thanks for your time

  6. Hello Geek Detour! Loved the video, but I have a question. Do you have any idea on why does Apple ship the iPhones with 5W bricks if the ideal wattage for it to charge is 10watts? Does it decrease the iPhones battery life on the long run to use 10W chargers? Thank you!

  7. The lightning cable actually protects the iPhone from getting too much power. Your cars ac power outlet is 12v but the cable turns it into 5v

  8. Wow amazing experiment. Al my doubts about buying or not an iPad charger just fade away. Thanks for this review, was really usefull

  9. Hi! I know this is about iPhone and iPad, however I have a question about Sony and LG, could you help?

    I'm using an LG plug charger with a Sony magnetic USB charger. apparently, the Sony needs a 5v charger, but the one I'm using atm is 5.3v. Would you say it's safe to use or should I run and get a new one?
    Thanks for your time!

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  11. Sometimes I'm using the 12W to charge my iPhone SE but I always use the 5W .. I observed that the 12W is only a bit faster than the 5W .. When i charge my phone in 15% with the 5W it takes about 1 hr and 55 mins while in 12W it takes about 1 hr and 45 mins 😏

  12. I still have one question to make! If I am right, the chemical reaction inside the battery is reversible. The speed of it should be controlled in order to do not damage it. Of course if you are applying more power you can force it to be faster, but this does not mean that it is being done at the optimal performance regarding the total number of battery cycles before loosing effective mAh capacity. What do you think about this?

    This is why even if apple says there is no problem using an ipad charger for the iphone, I am just reluctant to do so… Of course, if one or twice I had an emergency, I will not hessitate to use it, but on a normal basis… :S

    Any chemical guy here? haha

    Nice video!

  13. Man you have explained and represented the video in the best way anyone can imagine. Keep it up! And I'll make sure to share this video as much as possible so that common myths of people can be removed, also it might be good for your channel as well. Thank you so much for clarifying all my possible doubts!

  14. may i ask something? can i use any charge Ipad But original? Like asus charger lenovo or Samsung? im using iphone 7 ,

  15. those Belkin chargers look pretty good, thinking of buying one, I just came back to Apple, after having fast charge on my s7

  16. I bought my OEM iPad charger for only $8 brand new in box. That being said, I think it was worth the investment over owning the small charger.

  17. Wow! This is probably the best how-to Youtube video I've ever seen! It's deeply informative, extremely well researched, and fun to watch. I also liked the fact that you referenced the research of someone else, and provided a summary of main points at the end. The only thing missing was cats! No, seriously, this video deserves an award!

  18. I know for a fact that it charges faster. I use it my self and notice how fast it charges in comparison to the smaller crap

  19. Hello, i'm from indonesia.
    I would like to thank you for your efforts to make this video. Do not forget, I also have subscribed and gave love, although I must use google translation to be able to understand what you say. Now i become sure to buy ipad charger, to charge my iphone 7 plus. Although the price for original accessories in my country is very expensive.

    Let me ask you a question.
    What do you think if I always connect the charger to my macbook, even if the battery is fully charged. To keep the cycle count from increasing in value and making the battery last longer?

    I do that, because I've had experience, that my laptop battery is damaged more quickly if I use too much battery power and often charge.

    A note for the apple company/( from apple lovers like me even to his other. I am very disappointed with the apple who only include 5 watt charger for an iphone 7 plus 128 GB which I bought for 1224 US $, if converted with currency in my country. Why not include the same charger as the ipad. Every day on average I spend about 3 hours to charge my iphone using the included 5 watt charger.

  20. Thank you! Always been my biggest question that is it safe to charge your iphone with the ipad charger. Always thought that would damage the battery cause it would receive more battery at once that that it could handle so it would work like a fast charger, and fill the cells quicker and not fully charge every cell so they would only be say half full each cell and then last less time cause the battery isn’t full even it says it’s full

  21. Hello, I wonder if you could similar test but with a thermometer next to the back of the iPhone 6 (s) Plus to see how it changes depending of using the 5W or the 12W power adapter, as it is the only test not saw anywhere, and eveyone talks a lot about temperatures, but not really tested yet. Thanks in advance!

  22. @Geek Detour awesome vid! Could you make the same vid with the 29W fast charger and the iPhones 8 and X and the iPad Pro? To see how much they actually draw 🙏🏼 thanks 🙂

  23. "The touchscreen can malfunction while charging"
    That's exactly what happens to my Samsung tablet when it's charging with a charger I bought for it…
    Please send prayers D:

  24. LMAO your video is AMAZING…
    Very informative, educational and super FUN at the same time! Can we be best friends, please?

  25. such an amazing video ,explains everything in a very brief way !!
    you answered lot of my questions ,thank you very much

  26. I love the dedication you put into the video. Pouring soda on your face. Using special effects to make a fire. Nice work.

  27. I don't understand English really good so I'm asking a simple question if i can charge my iPhone 8 plus with my iPad's 6th generation charger because my iPhone charger got damaged please answer me and thank you for your good video

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