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iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max New Battery Case Review

iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max New Battery Case Review

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
this is the iPhone 11 pro smart battery case this is the latest battery case for
all of the new iPhones and it’s available for not only the pro but the
pro Max and the 11 as well now the 11 only comes in two colors black and white
but the pro and pro max cases come in white black and gold why Apple only
keeps black and white available for the 11 and the 10 R and those things I’m not
really sure but this comes in at a fairly expensive 129 dollars and this is
a little bit different than last year’s model in that it has a dedicated camera
button so let’s go ahead and open it up and you can see this is the white
version I’ll take this out here and inside tells you how to put the case on
and then let’s see what we’ve got in here I’ve got a little pamphlet with
some information just a smart battery case gives you information on how to put
it on and then you’ve got regulatory compliance and the yep a warranty card
so let’s set this aside and the case itself has a microfiber lining inside
looks like you’ve got a little bit of a hole here for some of the microphones or
maybe even a breather hole you’ve got lightning here and then you’ve got holes
for the microphones and speakers as well as your lightning cable on the bottom
now this does have NFC and will wirelessly charge and it will also fast
charge if you use the fast charger that came with your iPhone 11 Pro you’ve got
your normal buttons on each side so let’s go ahead and place it on an iPhone
11 pro max or 11 pro rather so just slide it in like this and pop it on the
top here now the iPhone 11 pro and pro max already get amazing battery life but
this will give you an additional 50% on top of that so maybe you’re getting 10
hours of screen on time in in addition to that you will now get maybe 15 or so
so it says up to 50% more you can charge both phones while in the case I’ll show
you that in a moment and the nice thing is it will give you the status of both
batteries if I swipe over here go to my widgets you’ll see that the smart
battery case is actually at 11% the phone is at 67% right now it’s draining
smart battery case to fill the phone up once it’s drained it will just leave the
battery case drained and it always makes sure the phone is filled first now let’s
take a look at this dedicated camera button because you should be able to
press it and then open the camera right away so let’s see if we can press it
long press it there we go it did take a couple tries sometimes the first time I
tried it it came right open and then the second time it didn’t work right away
now you click it once to take a photo so we just click once and take a photo if
we hold it for a little bit it will take one of the quick record videos as soon
as we let go it stops recording so again click to take a photo click and hold and
it will start recording a little movie here and then if we let go it stops now
if you’re already in the Photos app or the camera app you can still use it for
video or whatever you’d like so if you press it it will record video now you
could have just used the volume buttons before but they decided to do it this
way now as soon as I place the phone on the charger it will give me a status of
the batteries so you can see I just took a screenshot so you could see but it
just gives you your smart battery case and your iPhone and how its charged so
you’ll get this either way when it’s plugged in charging or charging with
wireless chargers now finally I wanted to see if this would work with say an
iPhone 10 with that dedicated camera button so let’s go ahead and try it
anyway and see if it will work so here’s an iPhone 10 you can tell by the speaker
grills and now the phone works well with this case but the buttons are slightly
off so it works fine you can press them but if you look at the silent switch
you’ll see it’s slightly shifted so just keep that in mind if you want to use
this now finally I have played around with this a little bit and the button
actually does work with the iPhone 10 so if I press it you’ll see it opened the
camera app push it to record stop if I hit photos I can press it once and
take a photo if I hold it I get a bunch of photos so it’ll just keep shooting
and and giving me more and more photos now whether or not you need a smart
battery case really depends on your daily usage and how much you use your
phone I’m not so sure you really need that much battery but if you need 15
plus hours of screen on time and you don’t have access to a charger
throughout the day regularly get the battery case and this
will keep you charged for quite a long time maybe you’re going to a convention
something like that this would do but let me know what you think about the new
battery case in the comments below the price may be a little bit high for some
people but let me know what you think about that as well if you haven’t
subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it
a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

91 thoughts on “iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max New Battery Case Review”

  1. Zollotech, first of all, happy thanksgiving. Second, why would you need a battery case for an iPhone 11 Pro Max 🤔🤔? People claim 2-3 days out of this phone. For me it’s 1.5 days. I don’t see the need of buying this especially after paying over $1k for a phone

  2. Love your videos zollotech!! Keep up the great work. Ur videos are descriptive and are way better than the other ones. Good job!

  3. Mr zollotech why do you ignore my question in the prev vid?? So asking again, should i upgrade from the Xs max to the 11 pro max?????????????? Im a photographer.

  4. As I sit alone during the holidays as my family is not with me anymore I plan on watching a lot of your content…again…while I sit in my car in the cold so I just wanted to thank you for making great content man. I’ve recently lost everything and everyone. So to have ppl that I have followed for years it’s comforting in a way. So thanks.

  5. I don't understand. My iPhone 11 Pro Max got 8 hours of screen on time when I first unboxed it. After 2 updates it now gets 8 hours of screen off time and runs flat in a day even if I don't do very much with it. The other day I only got 30 minutes screen on time in 25 hours!

  6. Your UP-TO-THE-MINUTE informative videos and you expertise are what I am THANKFUL for through out the year. May you & your family enjoy a meaningful Thanksgiving celebration.

  7. You listened to me with trying to use the case with an older iPhone! You’re the best c:
    But really interesting to see no error message and that the button just works 🤔

    Also, no need for another video, but what if you put the regular 11 pro into the pro max battery case? Lol

  8. I’ve never cared for the design. I have the 11 Pro Max and the battery is great already. I have had battery cases in the past with I think the 7+. I have a simple otter box case right now. Mainly because it is slim enough to fit into my wireless charger in my car. The other one I tried made the phone too wide.

  9. The price is a joke, throw in a little bit of extra $ and get a good refurbished iPhone SE for $150 and use that as a backup rather than carrying this brick around.

  10. Is this case bad for battery health? Having the phone charging 24/7 and at 100% and trickle charging to 100% ? Or would it actually be beneficial to overall battery health because it won’t go through as many cycles?

  11. iPhone 11 Pro Max battery is so bad. Bought this phone like 2 months ago now and today I checked my battery life health is reduced to 99% instead of 100%. Not even full 2 months and battery already started draining…..poor phone I’ve seen or don’t know what apple is doing

  12. I love the idea of the battery case but this thing killed my iPhone XS Max battery. Before the case after one year I had 2% wear then after like 3 months with the case it dropped to 89%.

  13. Does the case charge the phone wirelessly or via the lighting port?
    I'm asking because there will be a time when phones won't have a charging port anymore but I'd still like to use it while charging, so a case that charges wirelessly but can be connected via cable would be a solution

  14. I won’t be purchasing this case. Last night, I called it a day after having 8 hours and 26 min of screen on time. I still had 50% battery life remaining. I don’t think this case is necessary unless u are on a long road trip and using your GPS to get to your destination.

  15. I used to watch a lot of other people to give me info on Apple products because I am an apple fan since iphone 4, but now since I have subscribed to your chanel I get all my apple news from you. Great job on the videos and thank you for all that information.

  16. I’m really tempted to buy one and if im honest is only because of the wireless charging & and the widget notification.

    But an on/off switch is a must for me I don’t like the idea of having my iPhone on 100% all the time. Still I think I would buy it for emergencies taking it off when the iPhone's battery is full.

  17. Thanks, Aaron, for all of your great reviews.
    Pertinent information and in-depth looks, as always!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! 🙂

  18. why apple only keep the gold color in the 11 pro? so that if people want that gold color they need to upgrade to the 11 pro.

  19. I had just brought one Yesterday, at the Apple store for some weird reason the camera button on my smart battery case doesn’t work.

  20. Two things does it add a lot of weight to the phone on the 11 Pro and I think in another YouTube they were talking about iPhone 11 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max cases that were half the price from another company but I can’t remember what company that was.

  21. Don’t need it at this early stage of my NEW iPhone 11 Pro … battery health is at 100% of course and it’s lasting me for the whole day … maybe in 6 months time !! The Camera Button!! Hmmm 🤔 I would’ve preferred an on/off button instead … it’s still beyond me why Apple is still not adding this power button yet!!

  22. Hi Aaron want to ask if you have any experience in iPhone Pro ie when I use the camera the phone shuts down a few times before i am able to use the camera one of my friends is experiencing this also. Appreciate if you can shed some light on this issue. Thank you

  23. Every smartphone battery case review that I’ve watch no matter if it’s the 11 or the 11 pro or 11 pro max, the case charge is 11% I guess that’s the typical charge for the cases out of the box before charge!

  24. Hey sir,
    I need you suggestion
    I’m using iPhone 8 for 6 month. Already my battery health 98%, is it normal or something wrong.
    Um always watch your video, and try do your battery suggest.
    Thanks for your videos.
    Can you tell me 98% is it okay in 6-7 months?!

  25. Does the compass work with the battery case on? In the past I had trouble the external battery case rendering the compass useless…

  26. I dont think I need longer battery now. Also i think the shutter will make me move the phone a little bit while shooting which might cause to blurs… so no i think the shutter button will not be very useful.

  27. This is so awesome. I had one on my 6s and it was amazing. Carried it for 3 years. Ended up with a 7+ when I ran over my 6s and there was no battery case available. Just got the 11 pro Max and was disappointed that the 10S+ had one. I will be getting this.

  28. I would like to know if this type of silicone case is really good for protecting these expensive phones ie against drops & when you put the phone face down? Also what is the weight of them? Are they too bulky to put in pockets?

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