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iPhone 11 – A Few Months Later

iPhone 11 – A Few Months Later

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
the iPhone 11 has been out for a few months
alongside the iPhone 11 pro and pro max and I’ve been using it off and on and
wanted to do a follow up after a few months and so we’re going to talk about
everything from the design to how it is to use regularly day-to-day and battery
life battery life will be covered at the end but if you want to jump to a
specific section I’ve linked all of the time codes in the description like I
normally do now the first thing is the actual build this is a very solid phone
just like the iPhone XR for it it has the exact same form factor with the
exception of an additional camera and nice gloss back a matte finish around
the camera so everything else is basically the same as the ten are very
solid aluminum construction with glass front and back and if you haven’t held
one of these this is the perfect size for most people it’s not as big as the
11pro Maxx so for some people this phone is just
way too big when it comes to the max and the iPhone 11 pro it might be a little
bit too small for you so the 11 itself is right in the middle and really should
be the best size for a lot of people and I think for most people this is the
phone to get and I say that because of the cost and a few other factors now as
far as the display is concerned well it’s the same display as last year it’s
got that same close to 1080p display I know a lot of people say it’s closer to
720 but it’s not it’s closer to 1080p and the viewing angles are fantastic
it’s the best LCD on the market right now despite what some people say as far
as its pixel density it’s up there with everything else when it comes to LCDs
despite its resolution so I’ve heard no complaints from people to own this
they’re happy with it and I think most people will be happy with it as well now
as far as durability the iPhone 11 is actually holding up really well now
currently it does not have a screen protector on it but it has had one on
and off and it has almost zero scratches maybe a couple really light scratches
and I actually find that this display holds up a little bit better than that
of the iPhone 11 Pro or pro max my pro max has a ton of
scratches on it which is very uncharacteristic of the previous iPhones
I’ve had the 11 seems to be holding up a little better of course that could all
be avoided if you used a screen protector now I have nowhere whatsoever
on the back just a few fingerprints here and that’s because I’ve been using the
Apple silicone case on the back when I’m not using this device it’s it’s always
stored in a case and even when I am I’ve been using the case with it just to
protect it since these are very expensive phones
it doesn’t necessarily protect the bottom but that’s holding up really well
and just in general it seems to be a pretty durable phone just like the
iPhone XR now as far as performance it’s the same to use as an 11 Pro Max
and the reason is it has the same processor that’s inside so when you’re
going through swiping something really simple like that or maybe you’re going
into more intensive applications maybe you’re editing a video on this it’s
going to be the exact same experience that you have with the iPhone 11 pro and
pro max or the XS Max or something like that you’re going to be faster than
those older devices so if you want to do something that’s very intensive maybe
you’re editing video you’re doing some things such as iMovie you’re not going
to have any slowdowns editing photos or anything like that so this is going to
give you the fastest and best experience just like you get with the 11 Pro and
Pro max so no issues there and it’s really a nice thing to use day-to-day
it’s very nice for me because of its size I can easily reach across the
display I have no problem scrolling up and down and if you’re watching a video
and say YouTube’s here and you’ll see it actually just reloaded what was new in
YouTube but it didn’t reload the app so RAM management has been improved but if
you’re watching a video and say YouTube you’ve got great stereo sound so you’ve
got the speaker on the bottom as well as the speaker on the top and there’s no
issues with that list so ever it’s a great phone for that now one of the
things that may be a downside for someone is there’s no 3d touch but
that’s kind of going away with the newer newer devices so if I’m to haptic tachi
I get the same experience I just don’t get the same pressure responsiveness
it’s just a press and hold now as opposed to
a a pressure-sensitive push so it works fine you’ve got most of the same exact
things that you get with the pro or the previous devices with 3d touch but with
this device you’ve got haptic touch and if that’s
nothing you don’t care about it should be fine for you if you’re coming from an
older phone such as an iPhone se or even older than that it’ll just be an added
bonus that you can press and hold on things now one of the main reasons
people update to the iPhone 11 is the camera
we’ve got dual cameras now and these are the same cameras that you get on the 11
Pro and Pro mattes but you’re not getting the telephoto lens instead Apple
decided to go with the wide and ultra wide lenses and I think that’s the right
move after using this for a while so if we pinch out you’ll see there’s my iMac
Pro and my monitor over there and if i zoom back in you can zoom still and it’s
a digital zoom and it’s pretty good most people can’t tell the difference between
this and a 2 X zoom on say an iPhone 11 Pro so I think that was the right move
and these cameras are fantastic they’re amazing video cameras I’ve used this
camera for video in some of my videos when I’m outside and many of you
wouldn’t know the difference between this and a much more expensive studio
camera or cinema camera it just has a great image overall so when you’re doing
video this is one of the best reasons to get this device you can go up to 4k 64 K
30 whatever you’d like here for K 60 you have those options and it’s just a great
camera overall and if I spin the camera around the forward facing camera on the
11 is better than that of the XR or previous generations it’s the same 12
megapixel camera with 4k that you get on the 11 Pro you just don’t get 4k 60 out
of the front so you’ve got all of these huge benefits to this device you can use
this as a main vlogging device if you want it’s that good of a camera that
leads me to battery life that’s probably the most asked thing that I get because
this has a smaller battery than the pro and the pro max but it still gets decent
battery life most people that I asked I put out a little question on Twitter to
see what people had to say and most people said 4 to 7 hours of battery life
now that is a big spread of battery life but my
battery is going to vary compared to yours so let’s take a look this was sent
over by my friend Steve Moser and as you can see here he had an hour and 58
minutes of screen on time 8 hours and 16 minutes of screen off time which is
actually quite good with decent battery usage so that’s not bad he also sent
another one here where the usage wasn’t as good three hours and 19 minutes of
screen on time 1 hour and 36 minute of screen off time and probably a quarter
of its battery left so it depends on how you use the device a lot in fact you’ll
see here he used Safari a lot slick deals YouTube Google Photos doing things
in the background so all of those things contribute to how your battery is but
most people if you average that out will get about 5 to 6 hours of screen on time
which is plenty for most people now if you wanted more you could get that
battery case or you can just fast charge it but you will have to use an
additional fast charger and one thing I forgot to mention is my friend that sent
these over he said that he’s at 97 percent battery health and he’s using a
fast charger he’s using a macbook 29 watt power adapter so that will decrease
battery health a little bit more quickly than if you were using the 5 watt
adapter but you get the advantages of charging it fast and as long as you’re
at 80% after 2 years you’re fine so in general that’s pretty good
now signal strength on my iPhone 11 has been pretty good I find that switching
from Wi-Fi to LTE and back it really has no issues on this device and I have
pretty good speeds with my Wi-Fi technically the pro is faster but most
people are not going to notice those little extra bumps and speed in general
this is a great device as far as cellular connectivity reception and
everything overall I would say in some cases it’s better than the pro and I
don’t know if that’s because this is made of aluminum versus the stainless
steel but in general it’s pretty good so what I recommend the iPhone 11 to people
I would say if you’re looking for a phone you don’t care about the latest
and greatest this is the phone to get forget about the 11pro in the pro max
most people can’t tell the difference between the displays despite what people
say I’ve heard lots of feedback on that most people if
you don’t care about displays you don’t care about any of that
this display is fine for you if you really are into displays and you care
about really dark blacks and vibrant colors then go ahead and get the pro but
for three hundred dollars less you can have the eleven with all of the
advantages – the camera and the larger battery of the pro – the display as well
so if you don’t care about those things this is the way to go for most people
and this is what I recommend for most people but I’d love to hear what you
have to say in the comments below now if you’d like to get your hands on this
wallpaper of course I’ll link it in the description as I always do and if you
haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video
please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you
next time

100 thoughts on “iPhone 11 – A Few Months Later”

  1. Android owner since the last 13 years but im 30 now time for a iphone 11cuz my gf thinks she koo cuz she just got 1… 😎 📱

  2. I switched from my Galaxy S9+ to the iPhone 11. Besides from the screen since it’s LCD for the regular 11, I love my 11 much better. Though, the LCD screen isn’t as bad though.

  3. Aaron is so obsessed with Apple products reviews : It feels like an Alien is finally captured by someone and every time he makes a sound or do some trick, entire world need to know


  4. I get 7-8 hours of battery life everyday, and never below 20% battery charge. Battery health is 100%. I spend half the time on games and the other on social media — amazed at the battery life.

  5. Bro you leave out the pure aesthetics of the phones the 11 is exremely thick(side) , bezels are ridiculously clunky compared to the pro and pro max.

  6. Apple needs to improve their battery problem in iPhones ……. very very very bad Batteries they using right now against huge price…… for their devices…..

  7. Hi guys! I unboxed an iphone 11 pro max on mu channel! Might as well check it ans subscribe, I’m trying to get 600 subs by the end of the year!

  8. I recently bought the iPhone 11 for 740$ (plus a couple of $$ for Apple Care Plus that ) during a sale and tis iPhone is really good. The Display is more than OK but it's not a Samsung Note 10+ 5g like display that I'm used to.
    I'm upgrading from iPhone 5 and it's definetly a good upgrade. I love that Apple finally added the download manager to Safari browser… I can finally download YT Video Podcasts as mp3 and play it via 3th party app on the iPhone.

    If it goes on the AirPods Pro, I returned mine because the sound quality was really bad. Buy the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 and for a case, order a custom one with the picture of your Family or something else from gocustomized. They're really good cases at this time but I think, that Spigen will realease some really good cases in a couple of months if you're not scared of destroying your touchscreen : P

  9. From iPhone 5 to iPhone 11, NO REGRETS AT ALL! The battery, performance and camera is so good for an average user like me.

  10. How are the bezels and screen? I normally use a 360×640 and LCD display so I'm not sure if there's gonna be a difference

  11. Is it worth upgrading from the 8+?
    I have $96 left on it and am looking at getting the series 5 44mm Apple Watch and AirPods gen 2

  12. how do people even have enough time in the day to be getting 8-10 hours screen on time? I've even seen someone with 14 hrs! What do you even do all day? lmao

  13. those bezels are too big in my opinion. In comparison to the whole smartphone market the iphone 11 is too "fat". I am using an iphone Xs, which screen is broken. So I was looking for a new Iphone but didn't want to spend 1000+ euro's. I checked out the iphone 11… It made me thinking to buy the galaxy s10. it was cheaper.. better.. and more modern. At the end I repaired my XS :p

  14. I've never owned an iphone in my life and January 11th I'm going to get the iPhone 11 pro max. Reply to this to ask my opinion on it then 👌

  15. Compare it will s10 e and you will be ashamed how bad iphone 11s camera has and my Samsung a5 from 2016 has smaller bezels than this phone….apple is greedy cost cutter

  16. 26 hours of battery life : instagram, isms , FaceTime, voice calls up to 28 minutes. I’m impressed . iPhone 11 normal charger. Will try with fast charger after hit 0%

  17. I’m Watching this on my iPhone 6S. Had it for a little over 4 years now. Trying to decide if I should get the 11 or 11pro 🤔. Thinking the 11pro is a bit pricey, but very tempted. Where I live the iPhone 11 pro 64gb comes in at the equivalent of about 1337 dollars.
    The 11 64gb cost about 947 dollars.

  18. I upgraded from the 6Plus! My 6Plus is in mint condition-no scratches, just battery life and slow processing was driving me nuts! I chose the 11 over the Pro and ProMax for the same reasons you stated. I wanted same size phone as my 6 plus, so decision was either 11 or ProMax. It came down to size and cost. Just couldn’t see spending the extra money. All I can say is WOW what a difference between 6 & 11. Can’t say enough great things!

  19. I have my iPhone 8 Plus since it’s first launch day. Awesome phone, still in great condition because it’s been in an otterbox since the first day I got the phone. It’s time for an upgrade and thanks to this review I’m definitely getting the 11

  20. I bought my wife a phone 11 for Christmas and she loves it! She had a 6S and is quite happy with the cameras and improved battery life! Great review by the way. You’ve convinced me to move up to the 11 and dump my 6sPlus!!

  21. Wish I could get an iPhone 11. But I think I’m gonna hold off till next year because my current phone is only almost 2 years old with decent battery life.

  22. Best iPhone I owned since the 5s.
    The battery lasts two days for me.
    Great camera and a good screen. Glad I „saved“ the 300 € and didn’t buy the pro as I originally wanted to.

  23. If you have only been using this phone “off and on” for a month, then why should I care what you have to say? I want to hear from someone who has used it nonstop for a month.

  24. It’s one day away from Christmas and I saw this apple bag under the tree with a small box that was obviously AirPods and another heavy rectangular box that was either an Xr or 11. I’m happy either way, merry Christmas everyone and I hope you’ll be receiving whatever your wanted for Christmas tomorrow

    Update: I received what I thought I would receive and my Christmas is officially the bomb.

  25. Got mine to day in black it’s fucking amazing god knows why you would need the Pro Max fuck the extra camera 😂I had a 7 plus and that was big but now the whole thing is screen a Pro Max would be to much and I was expecting the black to be more Jet rather than Matte?

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