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iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing!

iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing!

hayee do number

100 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing!”

  1. how is it a clone if the actual iphone 11 isn’t out yet

    so this could mean that the iphone 11 by apple is the clone and that is the original

  2. Fuck apple fuck steve jobs fuckk Samsung is the god Samsung the best company ever the greatest okay fuck this is ugly freaking phone 4 poor people okay

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  4. I like this phone ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️..I interested

  5. Time traveler: What iphone do u have?
    Person: Iphone 11
    Time Traveler: you havent heard off the AirPhone yet?

  6. Seriously, have anybody not noticed the packaging looks like those drugs wrappers(don't know how to call them) like in movies?

  7. I guess the Area 51 claims were true. And unfortunately they’ve raided a Trillion dollar company. Well done aliens! Now you can see your victims 4x clearer. Genius.

  8. The chinese dont let their citizens buy the us models. They dont tell them that, so people think their geting a real iphone

  9. Chill guys it’s a clone . Don’t get all worked up. I’m still loving my iphone and I’m not buying these ridiculously expensive new ones, but one cannot simply ignore the fact that they are improving greatly with the cameras.

  10. before coming iphone 10 i saw like this clone iphone 10 and i hate it because it hasnt fingerprint button and when i baught it and then i like it much more than iphone with button and for this it could be same 😉 when come and we would like it

  11. No offense but apple is running out of ideas cause the 11 doesn’t have any different features than the 10

  12. I’m sorry but this back camera is a mess ✋🏾😳 y’all gotta chill with all these iPhone the 11 need to be stoped completely ✋🏾😩

  13. iam watching this video from iphone 8 plus and my phone is crying after looking at iphone 11. time to change to samsung note 10 plus

  14. iPhone technology is high but design is still bad . I want to bye those iPhones which is no camera slot on back side and no notch

  15. iPhones, created and used by the military in war applications, now the human race is truly on the path towards artificial intelligence ….

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