100 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Dual Camera Recording! DoubleTake App Review!”

  1. So Filmic really tricked everyone who already bought the app because of this feature with releasing a separate app.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcLbSCinX3U Justine, here's that 28-Core Mac Pro from Linus. I'm sure he'll upgrade it for you.

  3. If any of you still believe that triple cameras on an iPad Pro is dumb, this proves you wrong as this feature would be perfect on a larger viewfinder.

  4. Justine,
    Hey girl just wanted to check on ya, I had to manually come to your page because you don't show up in my feed anymore, not sure why cause I'm still subscribed. Been here since the stylus days. Anyway, hope you're doing well. Love you bye.

  5. I did have dualcamera recording on my Galaxy s4. Many other Android phone have a dualcamera recording capabilities for a while now.

  6. You musn't buy "new telephone". Example, iPhone 11, Samsung Note 10, Xiaomi mi 9T, huawei p30 pro… Because this models are very expensive. You dont buy a telephone. You buy a " model name".

  7. The app doesn’t actually use the telephoto. If you cover the telephoto whilst using the app the camera is still on but if you cover the main camera both the main camera and the telephoto go black. Kinda sad.

  8. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/30/apple-iphone-beats-samsung-for-smartphone-shipments-in-q4-2019.html

    The photo of a woman just so happens to be you… Odd coincidence?

  9. Just so everyone knows, this works with XS Max and XR too. Think that’s why it’s only 1080p, if it was 4K it’d only work on the 11. Or perhaps there’s another reason. Either way, app is awesome. Looking forward to see how Apple builds it into the camera app.

  10. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! I just started vlogging and I relied heavily on my rear camera but this is awesomeness! Thanks for reviewing!

  11. So Cool! I could only get two lenses to work and then found out it exports individually which is great but would luv for there to be one video capture that is showing just like what it looks on you phone while filming. Maybe an option in an update!

  12. When Filmic release their multi-cam app, every influencer is reviewing.

    Truth is many other apps released 4 months ago, and with more features: Dualgram, Mixcam, Duetcam, GEMI (disclaimer: I made Dualgram https://dualgram.com)

  13. i downloaded and tried it,. however, my videos are being saved separately,. and not just one, with a combination of 2 videos i.e., front/back, backfront,. etc..

  14. Multiple cameras same time like really. Did not Samsung had dual camera feature way back in their Note 4 ? IPhone has introduced something new where 3 cameras with different zoom rate appears on the screen at same time for recording but PIP, split screen these are not new. IPhone has taken 5 years to bring this additional feature which Samsung had in their Note 4. Big achievement.

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