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iPhone 11 Pro and 16 inch MacBook Pro

iPhone 11 Pro and 16 inch MacBook Pro

(upbeat music)
– The other day someone said that I needed like a plant or something to make my set a little
more interesting, so… (can bangs)
Here we go. Some leaks have come
out about the iPhone 11, it’s definitely gonna
be called the iPhone Pro according to these articles. I don’t know anything, I
only know what I Google and read on the internet. This article is saying that
there’s a massive iPhone 11 leak, it confirms 11 new features. So I’ll put a link to this
article in the description if you wanna read it more thoroughly, but. Here are the 11 things. Number one: Apple is
abandoning its short-lived roman numerals, and changing the name of the
two top-tier phones to Pro. Which completely makes sense, because if you follow the naming scheme of all of their other products, Pro is something that
is very commonly used and it just makes sense. I feel like their naming
conventions sometimes got a little bit confusing anyway, so maybe this will help,
maybe it won’t, I don’t know, but I’m gonna get the phone, and that’s all that matters to me. This one I really like. The “stove top,” which is
really funny that that’s what they’re calling this, because that’s what it does look like. It looks like a freakin’ stove. I love it so much. Whoever originally came up with that, I’m into the name. But this is cool because
it’s saying that the cameras will work at the same time, so it’ll be capturing three
pictures at the same time, so every time you take a photo, all those cameras will be
firing and taking shots. So if the main camera cuts
out a person who was captured by the wide-angle, you
can add them back in. I think this is great, because there’s a lot of
times that I’ve always been wanting to shoot both
vertical and horizontal videos at the same time, one for
Instagram and one for Twitter. So that is something that
would be really really cool if that’s actually possible. Man, it might be possible, I’m not sure. I think honestly, anything’s
possible at this point, who knows. That brings us to number three. Video recording has
significantly been upgraded, the iPhone 11 is now closer
to professional video cameras. That’s kind of, I mean
it’s kind of hard to say, because a professional video camera, you can swap out lenses. Yes, there are three camera in this, so that would technically
give you three different camera angles, or camera “lenses,” but I’m here for it. There are so many times
that I end up just foregoing bringing a massive camera, and just filming things on my iPhone, because a lot of times, I will
take a picture on my iPhone, and it ends up looking better
than my $6000 camera rig that I would normally be lugging around. Not always, but there are times that you just press that button, and you’re like, whoa, shot on iPhone? Yeah. We’re for reverse wireless charging, it’s something we’ve talked about before, so this isn’t really that new information, but this is something
that I’m excited about, mostly because there are times
that I might need to charge something like someone else’s phone, feel like that’s what I’m always doing. This is also something that’s interesting, a matte finish on the iPhones. I will say that this is the
most perfect looking phone I think that Apple has ever made. This gold is perfect, just the sheen, just everything about it,
it’s so freaking perfect. It says that Apple will
retain some traditional glossy finishes as well. All saying we don’t know, we don’t know, these are all just rumors, even these rumors look pretty legit to me. Improved shatter resistance, great. I only shattered phone iPhone this year, I think that’s an accomplishment. A new generation of Face ID, so that’ll support multiple
angles which is exciting. I wonder if it’ll support like, over here, or gross under angle. The best part about the new angles is supposedly, if your phone is lying flat on a table like this, and you unlock it, it’ll work. Let’s see, I gotta get like this, unlocked. Water resistance has been
dramatically enhanced, so you can keep it underwater
for longer than 30 minutes. I know that I’ve seen tests of
people who have submerged it underwater for longer than 30
minutes and it’s been fine, I have had had a lot of
water issues with mine. Spills, dropped it in the bathtub, I always take my phone in the shower, like that’s weird, but I do, mostly because I’m
usually ordering Postmates and I just wanna make sure that
they got my order correctly, and if they’re on the way, I need to know, I need to towel off, it’s a whole thing. Phone in shower, totally
normal in this household. This has been rumored for a while that they were going to
do away with 3D Touch, so that looks like that’s gonna go away, which I mean, I guess
it doesn’t really make that much of a difference. I actually really did like the 3D Touch, but they’ll be switching
to the Haptic Feedback which is much like the iPhone XR. So that’s kind of interesting, they’re gonna be calling the XR 11, and then making the iPhone 11 called the, I need a flowchart, I
need a flowchart now, I’m gonna need flashcards to
keep all these phones in order. One of the new colors is a green finish. I love it, I freaking love it. You could roast my eyeballs all day long. And the last thing on this
list is the A13 chip set. Inside the iPhone 11 range is
a new component codenamed AMX or matrix, which offloads
math-heavy tasks. I don’t care what it’s called, just do things faster, do things quicker, make my Face ID unlock faster, whatever, do what you gotta do, I also want better
battery life, no big deal. This is something else that
I’m a little upset about. The biggest omission from the
entire iPhone 11 range is 5G. I mean I really think that 5G isn’t obviously widely
available everywhere, so it does make sense that
maybe they’re not gonna be including it in this version, because by 2020, I think
that that will be something that is more widely
accepted in all carriers. No doubt this iPhone 11 range
is looking more impressive than it did just a few weeks ago. See, here’s the thing. We get these leaks, everyone is upset, they’re like this isn’t what we want, and then we get more leaks, we’re like cool, this is what we want, I’m really excited, and then we actually have the event and then we’re like cool, Apple, thanks for giving us all of these things that we might not really actually need, but you didn’t know
what we were wanting it but you told us that we wanted it, and now I want it even
more, so that’s classic. Classic Apple and Justine relationship. I mean, at least now I have my Apple credit card. So I’ll get 3% cashback
on everything that I buy, so I might as well just buy everything, doesn’t that make
complete financial sense? It doesn’t, don’t listen to me. iPhone Pro, new iPad,
and 16-inch MacBook Pro. Oh geeze, yes. It’s crazy that I was just
thinking the other day, I’m like man, I really need a new MacBook. I don’t, I absolutely do not, this laptop has been through so much. I wanna show you guys my
little set up that I have here, it’s actually, I don’t
know, looks really stupid, looks kind of awful, but I have these little Velcro stickies. I am surprised that it works, and it works very well. But this is my look, so if you ever see somebody in the airport looking like this, might be me. I do need to add another
one I think right here but this one’s a little
bit bigger and heavier, so I was a little bit worried about if it would be able to
hold the weight of it. So, I guess maybe I might put it here and then we’re all good. I am extremely interested
in a 16-inch MacBook Pro, although I do feel like for
me, this is a pretty good size, I think that you know if the weight of it is a little bit heavier that’s something that I’m not
gonna be that interested in, because I just wanna try to pare down the amount of things that I travel with. Like basically my whole YouTube channel, my whole entire life, right here. Looks like a mess. Now with the RX100 VII, and you can have audio input, I think that’s gonna be
pretty much my go-to camera when I travel. I don’t know, it’s just
getting to be too much, like I just bring everything, I get to the airport, they
detain me for suspicious activity when I just have like seven
cameras and 15 cell phones. I review things on the
internet, not drugs, phones. So a 16-inch MacBook Pro. I’m interested if it’s lighter. God, could you imagine if it
had an SD card reader in it? I would lose my mind. Definitely won’t hold my breath, because I’ll be dead if that’s the case. So trimming the screen does
look to make the 16-inch MacBook Pro about the same
size as the current 15-inch, so that’s a pretty smart move, right? They haven’t had a bigger screen
since the 17-inch MacBook. That was in 2012? It feels like just yesterday. Oh my God I’m dying so fast, I’m so old I’m crumbling before your eyes. (dog barking) Anyway, that’s my dog. He’s a cool dude. Well that’s just some of the
latest Apple news that I saw. I cannot wait for the event, still rumored to be around the 10th, so mark your calendars, get your Apple cards out, and get ready to go shopping. I also did an unboxing of the Apple card, if you wanna check that out the link in the description,
annotation, you know what to do like it’s not your first time
watching a YouTube video, and if it is, and this is
your first YouTube video that you’re watching ever on YouTube, really sorry, I mean I guess you picked
a great video to watch. No you didn’t, you didn’t, it was like a sub-par video. I’ll see you guys later, I
don’t know where I’m going. I’m just gonna get up to make it look like I’m leaving frame. It’s like a nice exit.

100 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro and 16 inch MacBook Pro”

  1. Apple will change the little bite of the design according to the rumors
    Apple will never make the same design

  2. 2 years and they still can’t implement an imbedded fingerprint sensor Face ID is just dumb of better more convenient technology exists

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    So, Yerba Mate, eh? You like it, don’t you? I tried it and it made my heart go pitter patter. I like coffee. Doesn’t make me go pitter patter.
    Anyway, wanted to say “hi” which i do every now and then. G’night!

  4. Justine i have been watching you forever !!! i want you to know i was happy with my regular cell phone and microsoft tablet …then you …..i watched all about Apple and got my first iphone 5 c !!! LOVED it and i bought last fall a iphone X well i really really like this phone and then my tablet busted ….so i got a ipad12.9 pro and WOW !!! i am now an Apple user forever!!! Thank you for showing great equipment in a fun way and also very informative !!! love my stuff and look forward to my lap top breaking very soon!!!!!! i hope . thank you !!!

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    Apple: "starting at 10 thousand dollars"
    Justine sees price
    Justine: "Oh no this time I'm not gonna be the first in line…"

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    Please bring these back every once in a while

  7. So basically nothing new. That's why I switched to android and the note 10 plus. Apple died when Steve jobs died. They don't innovate anymore and they are still behind on alot. Even the 2020 iphones wont be worth it.

  8. Tips: dont use Your iPhone in the shower… beacuse the ( steam ) can make HIS way Into the iphone and you can Get problems with your iphone-xs-max-😐😁

  9. What does 'pro' mean? I thought it was short for professional, but surely Apple aren't making a phone that isn't for consumers. This pro thing needs to die. Its a transparent lie.

  10. Plus as hard as it was for me to leave the eco system in glad I did. I am alot happier with what I have and I can do alot more then I could with my iPhone. Apple use to lead now they follow and charge you $1000 for a phone that's out of date when compared to other phones on the market. The only thing apple has is there chips they use that are great like the a12 is a beat put thsts about all. Samsung is close to that right now if not already there. I could care less for these leaks we all knew the iPhone 11 are whatever its gonna be called was gonna be more of the same from apple. This is coming from a life long apple user who loved the iPhone till it got stale and old and even with ios 13 yeah younger a dark mode which android already had. iPhone are more then capable of doing split screen but apple wont do it it but if you get the iPad you can. I just don't get it. Thsts why I like Samsung and what they do with there phones. I'm happy with my note 10 plus.

  11. Okay so. Here’s my opinion. Apple needs to stop making the camera bigger. In my opinion the iPhone 11 is hideous. Instead of just focusing on the looks they should add more features. (Ik they added more) but pretty soon Apple is gonna start selling iPhones that are basically iPads or pretty soon they’re going to be androids (no offense) idk why they continued to make more iphones. I have the XR and its just fine. I also believe that Apple is not going to get as much business because of the phone. What’s probably gonna happen is that the whole back is gonna be the camera. Its so stupid.

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    But OLED can cause burn-in.
    And I want you to quit the late release in Japan.

  14. If they fix the FaceID so we can unlock our phones from different angles than I’m totally game! I really don’t like the faceID right now cuz I can look directly at it sometimes when I first wake up and it says my face isn’t recognized! I’m like “It’s me, you idiot!” Lol

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