iPhone 11 Pro and Apple Event 2019 – Everything you can expect!

– Hey, it’s Justine and I
will be at the Apple Event so I am so excited because we are officially
in iPhone season now I mean we are this close. Make sure you guys follow me on Twitter and Instagram @ijustine and subscribe to my YouTube
channel so you guys can get all of the updates as they happen. As I said, I will be there. But right now, I’m not there yet. If you’re watching this video after the event has already happened hopefully I will have a
video up here shortly for you recapping everything that was announced. But in the meantime, let’s
talk about some of the rumors. So some of the things we can
expect from the announcements is obviously three new iPhones. The iPhone 11 Pro which is
kind of a new naming convention which I’m kind of excited about actually. The iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11R. So judging by this
invitation By innovation only most people are assuming that these are gonna be the
colors of the new iPhone 11R. We’ve got the purple and the green here and of course we have the
red, the yellow and the blue. I have a link in the description where I’m getting a lot
of this information from it’s on 9to5Mac and this is basically an article that’s talking about all
the things we can expect. One of the main focuses
on the new iPhone 11 here is they’re talking about the
camera so the three lenses. This is gonna be really fun because it’s gonna be great for video because one of the things that I love is having a wide-angle lens and this time, they’re
also doing an upgrade to the front-facing camera. Again, this is all rumors. I’m literally reading this from a website where people are predicting these things. I don’t actually 100% know. I was mentioning how it’s
gonna be taking photos at the same time. This is gonna be called Smart
Frame as they’re saying here. “This feature will capture the
area around the framed area in pictures and videos.” So it will give you the ability to kind of adjust the framing which I love especially
when in shooting 4K video I’m always constantly punching in just like this in my videos. Even though I still do export a 4K I know that that’s degrading the quality but it still is my editing style which I wish was shooting in 8K as soon as 8K is easier to shoot. I will definitely be doing it. So the front-facing camera this is what I’m really excited about it will reportedly, “bump up the quality from 7 megapixels to 12 and it will go from 4-element
to a 5-element lens.” And it will be capable of slo-mo videos which I guess is not really that necessary ’cause I don’t typically shoot
front-facing slo-mo videos but it’s reporting that you’ll be able to do 120 frames a second. And here it is, three camera lenses. They’re also talking about
possibly making a matte version of the iPhone much like they
previously have in the past. One of the features that was
new in the Samsung phones is being able to use your
phone to charge something else. So that is something that
looks like the next iPhone will have so you can charge
your AirPods or anything that is Qi Wireless compatible. So, “the 5.8-inch iPhone battery will increase between 20 and 25% and the 6.5-inch between 10 to 15%.” Any battery increase I
will definitely take it but I’ll tell you what
it’s gonna take a lot for me to offer up my phone battery charge for someone else’s like it’s gonna have to be
a life-threatening problem for me to say, sure, you
can have some of my power. Hopefully they do get
battery-charging cases out soon even with the increased battery. I just love this thing. I love it so much. It looks like the design
will kind of stay the same they’re saying that the
Apple logo placement may be moved down just gonna have like this
massive square here of lenses. But the overall design
kinda stays the same although then the option
of having a matte finish which honestly still to this day this gold phone right here is my favorite iPhone to date. It’s also been rumored that “Apple will remove the iPhone branding from the back of this year’s model.” Oh, but how will I ever
know my iPhone is an iPhone if my iPhone doesn’t
say that it’s an iPhone. “Reports have said the iPhone
11 Pro will finally drop the 5W charger and come with
the Apple USB-C charger and Lightning to USB-C cable in the box.” But just make it USB-C don’t give me a USB-C charger No! Just change the iPhone USB-C Just do it! Just rip the bandaid off. Just make it super sticky and then just rip it off. We will all be excited about it at least I think I would be excited I think all the people
that are making accessories and stuff probably wouldn’t be excited. But I mean it’s not unlike you guys to do it and I would definitely be supporting it. And that brings us to the Apple Watch which is something that I’m hopeful for. They’re talking about
adding Sleep Tracking. I don’t think that they’re gonna release a
Series 5 Apple Watch this year. But they’re talking
about here is they know that “Apple is planning
to introduce a ceramic and titanium models of the Apple Watch.” For years, I had one of
the larger watch faces and I have very small wrists so when I did finally switch
to the smaller watch face my entire life just
got flipped upside down especially when you’re working out and constantly being active. Like now with this Sport Loop I don’t even know I’m wearing
a watch half the time. Except when I take it off and realize that I have quite
the Apple Watch tan line. Can you guys see that? I also have an indentation. “It’s also likely that we’ll
get new Apple Watch bands for the fall season.” I would really like a camo watch band. That’d be so perfect for fall and perfect for me. The Apple Tag, this is much
like the Tile trackers, that you guys have seen
me talk about before. This is gonna be pretty interesting. This is basically like a Tag
that you can put on things and then locate them. I will be putting this
on absolutely everything and that is a promise because
I’m always losing stuff. I will put one on the dog, I will put one on I
don’t know a water bottle that I’ve set down in the house. What’s great about Tile is
it still uses their database of people who are using
Tile and using Bluetooth if you lose an item it’s
constantly pinging itself for somebody else who has a Tile tracker or Tile enabled on their phone. But with this, it’s gonna be crazy because if this is something
that is integrated into iOS you’re gonna have a much better chance of finding your lost
item because pretty much like a lot of people have iPhones if you haven’t realized it. So obviously we’re gonna be
getting new iOS 13, iPadOS, oh my gosh, tvOS. I’m sure they’re gonna be
talking a little bit more about their paid services
like the Apple Arcade that they announced at WWDC
which I’m really excited about because I love playing iPhone games. Since I travel so much like I’m always traveling with my phone and my Nintendo Switch. I wish that I could travel with my Xbox but that sometimes is not realistic. But I almost always have my phone with me actually I do always
have my phone with me. That’s not like a maybe that’s a definite. So I’m definitely excited
to see what they announce with the Apple TV Plus and
I think one of the things that a lot of people have
been talking about online is how are they gonna bundle
these features together so you’re paying one price and you get a bunch of different services because right now I’m
paying a lot of money for a lot of things. So I would love to pay just like one fee and know that I’m getting all
of these things bundled in. I’m also hoping that
they give us an update about when the Mac Pros will
be potentially releasing ’cause obviously that’s something that I’m really excited for there’s been rumors of a 16-inch MacBook. There’s also been rumors of Apple googles, Apple
glasses, Apple spectacles. Apple talks a lot about Augmented reality and I love AR so much. I love AR a lot more than VR I do really really like VR but I like Augmented reality because it doesn’t take
me out of my world. So I think that if Apple is working on some really cool googles or glasses that they’re gonna do it hopefully right. I’ve seen so many fails over the years and I think that if anyone’s
going to actually do this and actually make it work and be something that we’re gonna wanna wear. Apple’s gonna do it. So I’m here cheering them on for that but I don’t think that we’re gonna see any
announcements about that. I mean if we do I will be so shocked I will probably fall over in my chair maybe even hit the floor. I probably will hit the floor ’cause there’s really not a lot of room in the Steve Jobs Theater area so I probably will just stay in my seat. It’s like I’m just being dramatic. Anyway those are just a few of the updates that I’ve seen online. Again I’ll put a link in the description if you wanna check out this article that I was getting most
of this information from. I am super excited for the event and I can’t wait to bring
you guys all along with me. Right now, it is, it’s like 11 p.m. It is past my bedtime and
I’m shooting this video the night before I have
to head to Cupertino so I’m going to stop talking and I will see you guys
at the Apple event. Again, make sure you
subscribe, hit the bell, follow me on Twitter and Instagram and I will see you guys soon. I can’t wait. Oh my gosh, so excited. If you guys have any predictions feel free to tweet me because I will be reading
those on the plane. Bye. Bye bye bye.

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