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iPhone 11 Pro vs 150,000 Match Volcano – VOLCANO ERUPTION

iPhone 11 Pro vs 150,000 Match Volcano –  VOLCANO ERUPTION

– I’m about 30 hours into
this, and I’m so tired. But it’ll be worth it, I swear. I’m gonna go ahead and
place it right here. That was so fast, it wasn’t recording! Hey guys how you doing? My name is Robbie and the video
that you’re about to watch took over 250 man hours to make. I had ten people help me with it and this the biggest and most expensive project I’ve ever done. What you about to see
took seven months to make. Well, granted, we did take a lot of breaks but it still took a lot of time. Anyway, let’s start from the beginning where I go to every single
dollar store and Walmart in Las Vegas to buy over 350
dollars-worth of matches. (tense music) Okay Tory, so it begins. We’re at the first Walmart. Take this whole pack. I don’t want these, these will take too long to open. (cartoon beeping) So I actually ended up hitting up the dollar store, and I gotta say, this place is a gold mine. Oh my gosh, we are getting the double amount of matches for a dollar! (cartoon swiping)
I’m gonna take ’em all! (cartoon swiping) Please ask them if they
have more in the back. That’s Lonnie shrugging by the way if you saw that little movement. Okay, let’s see how many this is. We got so 23 times 500,
what would that be? I’m really bad at math, we’re at about 11,000 right now. 11.000 from this dollar store. Let’s go to the next one. (cartoon throwing) (clicking) Glad I grabbed two buckets! (cartoon swiping noises) Let’s go! (cartoon clicking) Whoa, we hit the jackpot at this one! (cartoon swiping) Okay we got it, let’s go check out. (cartoon throwing) (cartoon swiping) (cartoon throwing) (cartoon swiping) We’re good! (cartoon throwing) (cartoon beeping) And I think that’ll do it! (cartoon throwing) That’s the last one! (cartoon throwing) I should’ve got a bigger board. And I’ve got it, oh! (grunting) Let’s do it. I don’t
wanna forget this one, I actually ended up using a
box of matches as a tripod. (cartoon music) Oh man, what a day! That was quite an adventure, and I actually ended up getting too many. I went how many over? – You got 113,000. That’s one whole stop to the dollar store more than I needed to. – My goodness, but it’s okay. They just have more. – Wow Can add grass to the bottom of it? Okay cool this is gonna be really intense. Okay guys, let’s do this! Okay, so we’re actually using this board so it’s time to kick all these off of it. It is okay if I do the honors, Tory? – [Tory] Go for it. (cartoon crashing) Whoa, it’s gonna be a long night guys! This is gonna be fun. We should label at the
wood where the volcano goes just in case we forget – In case we forget And that looks real
long too where it goes. So label “Volcano goes here.” (upbeat music) (more upbeat music) (glue squishing) (suspenseful music) (glue squishing) (cartoon spring) Okay guys, so this is
what it looks like so far, and we are not even halfway done. (laughing) We might be close to a third done, but holy crud this is taking so long. All the ones we’ve done
could fit in that trash bag and on the floor right here, and these are all the ones
that we still have to do. We’re about 30 hours into
this, and I’m so tired. Well I guess we better keep going! (cartoon bleeping) (intense music) (glue squishing) Okay, so I’m about 40 hours into this, Tory has about 3o hours under her belt, I also wanna say we have
probably another 40 hours of manpower on top of what we’ve done. It’s been quite a process, hasn’t it? – This is taking so long, I’m so tired, my hand hurts. – It’s pretty big. It’s pretty completed, so we are now filling it with matches. We’re just kinda emptying ’em and dropping them in there ‘cuz we still have this huge pile. How may do you think we have left? – I would probably say
maybe like 30.000 matches. – Yeah that’s probably
about a third of them. – It just seems about,
oh my god, so solid. This seems about 70,000. – Also I went to Walmart
and got forty dollars=worth of this funky flames color-changing stuff. We’re gonna just like
add a packet, then add a layer of matches, then add a packet, then add a layer of matches. We still have a little bit of work to go. I kinda want to be like up here but we’ll just start dumping
a bunch of these matches in here I think. – Sounds good! – Sounds good! So I just wanna
say that I think the clock… Oh, it came out, awesome! So we’re good and we’ll leave it in there (cartoon glass shattering)
Just for fun. – [Tory] Goodbye clock! (fast cartoon music) (drilling) (fast cartoon music) (cartoon bleeping) (fast music) Whoa, oh my gosh, guys, it has been literally two
months since I worked on this. I kinda put this project
on a little bit of a hold because it was just so
frikkin’ time consuming, I actually had to move it
to another room because it was taking up so much
frikkin’ space in my room, and I couldn’t work on anything else! You know so far I got the grass done, let’s see if I can finish this! Guessing this whole part is
probably going to take another I wanna say 15 to 20 more hours. But it’ll be worth it, I swear, it’s gonna be fantastic! I actually drilled a bunch of these holes and I got sawdust in my eye and it was really irritated for three days. So I think I’m going to go ahead and get some safety glasses. (cartoon swooshing) There we go!
(triumphant music) Okay, lets drill some holes! (upbeat music) (peppy music) – [Robbie] Kyle just
cut his (beep) finger. – On scissors nonetheless!
It wasn’t even a knife! But it’s pretty bad so we’re gonna go to the hospital now. – I think I wanna puke. – [Kyle] You didn’t even look
at it and you want to puke. – I saw it, I saw it
when you when you cut it and I was like “Holy crap that’s so much!” And I’m like this is so scary.
– There’s blood (scary music) Yeah, anyway, let’s go
the hospital please. Make sure you can see the hospital sign cu’z I don’t want them
to think this is fake. This is like legit I’m
bleeding, this is bad. So yeah that’s great. – Kyle’s over there getting stitches (cartoon loud bell) – That’s (beep) hilarious. – [Robbie] How’s your finger now? – It’s great – [Robbie] Can we see it? Wow, well that’s not bad actually. – [Kyle] Yeah one month later and…=[Robbie] Does it still
hurt when I poke it? – Uh, not much, I mean if
I smack it against stuff it hurts and if I make a fist with it it hurts, but normally we’re okay. – Anyway, let’s get back to the video! (fast music) Okay, now we’re gonna go ahead
and add the rest of the trees So I glue these bad boys on there, (glue squishing) Yeah, that looks pretty good! Let’s go ahead and fill the rest of this bad boy up with matches. (cartoon beeping) Okay and to top it off, we got all these Oh my god (whistling) What am I supposed to do with all these? Throw it on top I guess. Okay, yeah, looks pretty good! Okay guys, today is the big day. We’re gonna light this puppy up! We’re gonna try, should
we lift this off first? So we’re gonna lift it
up, we’re just gonna put the board underneath,
(cartoon bleeping) Let’s do it! Whew! I am so freakin’ nervous right now. (cartoon swiping) Let’s maybe take this off and then we’re gonna screw it down. (drilling) Okay looks good, let’s go! (screaming)
I’m so nervous right now Safety first! Jugs of water, we’re gonna put it in a bucket (fast music) Okay we got three fire extinguishers, two mini fire extinguishers, safety first! Safety, the thing you say after you fart, otherwise you gotta touch a doorknob. Here we go! I’m unleashing the beast (drilling) I did make a couple holes in your trailer. I can fix them if you’re really upset. Guys, make sure you
check this out on TikTok! Okay we need to set up
the tables (clapping) I think there’s like a clip on the side. Who closed this? – I did – Oh okay, cool. Look at all these frikkin’ drill holes! I think I owe my roommates a new table! – Not yet you don’t How far off should we go? – Probably no further than that. – Further? – No further – Oh okay (yells) Let’s grab this guy! I can’t even, We didn’t grab the
– Do we need – No, it’s fine. Let’s hurry before it breaks in half. Whoa what happened to
all the matches inside? Did they all go down? – [Man] They get shook up
in the car, they compress. – Oh, whoo. (fast music) – I’m helping (screaming) – Okay guys so as you
guys saw by the title, this is iPhone 11 versus
150,000 match volcano. So right here we have our iPhone, just to show you guys that it’s real can you guys see the screen? Turn up the brightness a little bit. How do I, I don’t use iPhones. Okay as you guys can see,
this is a real iPhone I’m gonna go ahead and
place it right here. Sound good? (screaming) Okay, where’s the fuse? I’ll be right back! Okay I actually bought a fuse for this too so I have a little bit
of leeway for running. Clip a little bit of that off, here we go, Let’s go! Everyone ready? Turn on the cameras. Okay I’m gonna put the fuse on, just stick it right in there, and hopefully this will catch. Okay, all the cameras rolling? Okay guys, we all ready
to light this thing? This has been seven months in the making! Oh, I’m gonna pee myself, whoo! (drumroll) (lighter clicking) The fuse doesn’t wanna light – [Tory] It’s windy I hope this thing lights off! We all die together! – [Group] Watch it guys! Whoa! Okay! Here it is! (intense music) Oh my god that lit so fast, holy crap (intense music) – [Tory] Oh look at all the
trees aw that’s beautiful! – [Robbie] Holy crap dude This was seven months and it lit so fast. This was so anticlimactic. – [Crew Member] You
think the GoPro’s okay? – It wasn’t recording! – [Tory] Wow Robbie, your one camera – Rescued (squealing) (intense music) Guys, its not going out. (spraying) I’m gonna go get the water. (water hissing) – Hey, wanna kick the table over? – Let’s do it Chris! – [Tory] Flip it, be careful! (slow music) All that hard work. – I wonder if the iPhone survived. There were so many
matches still left in it. – [Tory] Dang I found the iPhone. – [Tory] It looked great – Let’s rinse it off a little bit. I’m keeping this as a memento. RIP dude I don’t even know what to say. Was it worth the seven
months of work guys? (laughter) (screaming) I found the clock, it survived, it’s not ticking anymore though, RIP (fast music) (upbeat music) All you guys, thanks
for watching the video. If you liked it, make
sure you give a thumbs up (mumbles) right down there. Thank you to everyone who
frikkin’ helped me do this, this took seven months to complete, and it’s been a journey and I feel so relieved that this thing is out of my house. If you guys like this
video, if you want to watch me do some live-action crafts, I will play this right here, on the channel, hit that subscribe button. See you guys again real soon! Peace, love, and Wifi,
frikkin’ let’s get this to 100,000 thumbs up, okay bye!

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