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iPhone 11 Pro vs XS vs X – Ultimate Camera Comparison!

iPhone 11 Pro vs XS vs X – Ultimate Camera Comparison!

hey guys it’s max with max tech you guys asked for a photo on video comparison between the last three generation of iPhones and today we are delivering just that I have the iPhone 10 the iPhone 10s and the 11pro now we’re starting out doing some video clips here with the front facing camera and the new iPhone can shoot at 4k up to 60 frames per second we’re recording at 30 right now let us know how it looks like and one thing I’m seeing right now is the amount of dynamic range the difference is pretty substantial and not only that the two so let me start moving around a little bit right here and the iPhone 10 does not have extended dynamic range at all even at 1080 thirty whereas the tennis does have that and the new iPhone even a 4k 30 it will feature that so let’s start walking we’re gonna test out a stabilization I’m gonna switch over to my other hand and as we walk we can see which one does a better job if you’re gonna do vlogging or anything like that and I’m also switching between the microphones as I you guys have seen so you guys should be able to a difference in audio quality or the microphone recording quality now I’m gonna run up this path again let’s see how these gets handled not only this harsh path I’m running on with shaky footage but also this crazy dynamic range here’s an example of 1080 60 on the 10s and 4k 60 on 11 Pro and of course on the 10 we can only do a 1080p 30 frames per second meaning that you want to slow something down it’s gonna be choppy or in regular shooting it just won’t be as smooth on the 11 probe we also have the ability to do slow fees at 1080p 120 frames per second comparing the standard lens a stabilization you see that the 11th pro looks super stable almost like it’s on a gimbal where the others are wobbly and here I’m literally running super fast and iPhone 11 is very impressive and this one is with the telephoto once again much improved and of course we have the ultra ride with a cinematic stabilization that looks super smooth like a gimbal not only does the 11pro have better details but the sky is also visible thanks to better dynamic range compared to blow now on the other two once again we have more detail in more saturated colors just like the iPhone 10 where the hen ass is really flat in this autofocus test the exposure is all over the place really glitchy on iphone 10 much improved in the 10s but perfectly smooth on the 11pro not only is the dynamic range really improved especially on themes for head but the f11 pros new ultra wide lens really allows us to capture the scene when we’re standing on the small dock now let’s test the new mic zoom feature at this waterfall [Music] getting into photos this standard shot doesn’t look too different between the off colors taking a portrait shot the 11 Pro does better with edge detection and also keeps this whole jacket and pants sharp whereas the 10s really like to blur the foreground elements the Levin pro also maintains more detail in the face and better highlight roll-off looking more realistic and of course with 11 Pro we can also shoot photos using the standard lens which really shows off the location now for some landscape shots and as you see the ultra wide lens really gives us a really nice perspective here showing off the whole location comparing the standard lenses iPhone 10s is flatter with less saturation than iPhone 10 & 11 Pro kicks it up a notch further than the 10 with the 10s we always complained about a lack of contrast and saturation it looks like Apple finally listened and delivered the 11 pro’s telephoto lens gives us the best of both of the other phones that in a Mac range of the 10s with a nice brighter highlights of the iPhone 10 for a really nice looking image and next i zoomed in 10 times to check out the quality difference and the detail here I shot right into the Sun with the standard lens and the iPhone 10 has the best contrast surprisingly the flaring and the 11pro does have the least flaring but also loses contrast in the center now time for a macro shot and the difference here is dramatic not only does the 11pro maintain all of the texture the detail of the object the little flower thing I’m shooting but we also aren’t blowing anything out and it’s much more detailed whereas the f1 10 and 10 really kind of blow out the image and all the texture that we see there is just completely lost this shot was a very interesting one I have 110 looks great on the face maybe a little bit too bright but nice texture whereas the colors were kind of off in the foliage the tennis really focuses on the colors of the foliage but the face has no texture no shadowing and really weird colors that it picked up whereas the other cameras and gives us a great detailed image with really good colors now it’s time for a portrait selfie Apple made a ton of changes this year the biggest most obvious one is probably the amount of blur in the background it is way more than before I actually prefer the iPhone 10 s is blur but of course you can tweak that in post the next thing is that in the hair and the shadows I can still see all the hairs instead of being pure black and the detail in my face and in my facial hair is really much more than before now another change is that the jacket is no longer blurred out like Apple used to do on iphone 10 and 10 s here’s a regular portrait shot that shows a really dramatic difference the skin tones in detail are much better on iphone 10 and even better on the 11pro wears a 10 s the smart HDR is making it kind of flat and one thing you’ll notice on the left hand side of a team’s face the 11pro really messes up on the blur and I think it’s because it’s cranked up to about detection as good but then the detail on the shirt and the jacket are much better and of course with 11pro we have the ability to shoot portraits with the standard lens which really shows off the location in this portrait the extra blur looks really nice with the nice leading walkway you’ll also notice more detail and if we punch in that is very visible especially in the hair the iPhone 10 completely blows out the right side of his face and it lacks detail it just has a little bit too much sharpening the iPhone tennis looks a lot better and the the highlight roll off and the shattering in the face looks much more natural and like an actual camera all three phones nailed this very difficult portrait shot of these posts the edging is really good and you do notice a difference in the amount of blur from the 10 to the 10s to 11pro it increases with every generation by default and of course with the 11pro antennas you can actually tweak that blur in post whereas the iPhone 10 you cannot adjust that and it looks so much better with 11 Pro having that extra blur now another difference is that we now have high key mono available it doesn’t look great for this shot but at least it’s able to pull it off where it looks weird on the 10s and of course we don’t have that with the 10 and in this last shot of the waterfall this really just shows off how much more you can capture compared to having a standard lens not only that we have a little bit more contrast a little more saturation with 11pro and a lot more of the cloud detail up above the iPhone 11 pros telephoto lens has been dramatically improved we could tell that in this 10x zoom not only does the sine look a lot more detailed and the digital zooming the algorithm is much better we just get so much more detail on the sine and also in the background with the trees where she’s kind of blurred out with other ones here’s another example of the 11pro taking the best of both worlds from the contrast on the face but blue at the highlights 10s did better with the highlights but it was really flat whereas love and pro maybes a little bit too contrasty but definitely a nice out-of-the-box photo that you don’t have to edit now it’s time to test low-light we are gonna start off with video in here this is 4k 60 that is slowed down you could see how much better the stabilization is in this slow motion instead having little jitters like the smooth not only that but we also have a lot better dynamic range where as the lights on the inside are retained instead of being blown out and with less noise as well with really low light the iPhone 10 has a ton of noise the 10 s kind of improves on that and 11 Pro has the least amount of noise and is also the brightest now for some low-light photos you can see the Red Robin sign is completely blown out on iPhone 10 we start seeing some color with the 10s and with the iPhone 11 Pro it actually looks just like it does in real life exposing for the Starbucks sign if you look below you could see how dark the shots are on the 10 and the 10s whereas 11 Pro has much better dynamic range to maintain that detail and if we expose for the shadows you could see that the 11 Pro has more detail but then if we crop in how much of the highlights are still retained because of the better dynamic range the same thing goes for this shot where the iPhone 10 literally blows out the dobby sign you can’t even read it the 10s a little bit better but the much better colors and contrast with better details as well with this shot we have a dramatic difference where the iPhone 10 not only makes a net super dark the background in the picture is actually blown out at the same time the keeps all of the details in the background and makes her in her clothes much brighter and more colorful in this selfie the iPhone 10 blows out the whole background so he can’t even tell that it’s an Apple Store the tennis is a bit better and the levant Pro is even better maintaining all of the dynamic range and having a little bit better colors as well another massive difference with the iPhone 10 giving us a really dark image when using portrait mode and blowing out the background the 10s is a little bit better with its f 2.4 lens but the new f the 11pro gives us a bright sharp and colourful image with good dynamic range and once again we are able to use the standard lens which really shows off the location but also it’s better in low-light giving us a lot more detail and less noise and even without night mode the 11pro is able to capture so much more light than the other two phones can so we can actually see the subject that we’re taking a photo of now finally let’s get into night mode and one thing I love about the iPhones night mode is that it still looks like it’s nighttime it doesn’t make it look like daytime it just increases the colors the contrast and the details this image really shows off what night mode is capable of not only do we have accurate colors from the street lights we also see stars in the sky we have much more detail in the shadows if the whole image is brighter and more colorful instead of being either too dark or with really off colors and odd texture in the sky but the trees have so much more detail and you can see those little stars instead of being all smeared this was taken in a very dark closet and you could see the makes the image look like the light was turned on another dramatic difference here with night mode we see so much more detail it actually looks like an image that is usable compared to the 10s which looks really bad in the tent which looks horrendous all the iphones do a surprisingly good job in this dark interior shot the 11pro of course has more detail a little bit more colors and contrast so it looks better but with 11pro we also have the ability to shoot with the ultra wide lens this lets us capture the whole scene but of course it is not as good in low-light so we do have some denoising and less details overall the same thing goes for this location where the ultra-wide lens lets us capture the whole scenery instead of just a small crop so thank you guys for watching let us know if any of these comparison images really stood out to you we would love to hear you guys as opinions and click above to subscribe and down below two naval notifications if you guys want to see videos in the future on the right hand side we have some really solid suggestions if you guys want to see something else this has been max with max tech and I will see you in the next video [Music]

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  1. Were you guys as surprised as we were with these results? Comment below!
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  3. Wow! 11 Pro really did result in massive improvements. The stabilization and super-fast shifts with lighting changes is really noticeable.

  4. very nice and clear video with easy to see differences. The 11 pro comes close to a "real" camera and is sometimes even better.

  5. TBH they all look pretty good, and it's just slightly different but not bad. Not worth the money I'm paying for.
    Plus, every other android phone already had wide angle like in 2018.

  6. its so funny that 2 years ago you said the iphone X photo quality was awesome, today the same phone, the same quality is "horrendous" you are a pretty good consumer! 🙂

  7. Great video! But it made me realize my X is 🤢 compared to the XS and 11 Pro. Will upgrade next year for sure 👍

  8. this review video was an easy thumbs up! it was very detailed and had a lot of examples and comparisons. these kind of reviews are greatly appreciated!!! thanks 👍👍👍

  9. Just thinking about they r 1-2yr difference makes me question about this yrs iphone. There is always this slight difference between the year gap. And its getting silly. Imm go samsung if they add a slight difference from iphone 11 by adding one extra feature cuse they couldnt think of it before.

  10. All of them LOOK decent at least, but the XS and 11 pro SOUND good. The X sounds really quiet in comparison. I would be fine with the XS especially because you can buy it from a reseller for less than half of it's 2018 price, but if money isn't a factor, then the 11 Pro is a clear winner.

  11. actually, portrait mode on all phones including iphones are just like a card board flat human pasted on a blurred background in photoshop…..

  12. starting to think at this point we won't need massive cameras for Hollywood movies in around 10 years lmao. The 11 pro camera is better than my Canon handheld ffs

  13. I’m keeping my iphone iphone XS, ultrawide view? I’ll just instruct my photographer to move a little bit far from me to include the whole background.

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  15. Love the 11 pro but even more BASIC 11 not since it’s cheaper but since it’s more colors and that red be sexy af NO LIE

  16. my personal opinion, eventhough compared to the newer models, iphone X still do a better job compared to most android phones. most of the shots shown above can be solved easily with editing apps like lightroom or snapseed. eventhough iphone 11 pro is an amazing overall, iphone X still have a good camera.

    ps. im saying this so i don't feel bad about purchasing the iphone X yesterday lol

  17. Is it just me, or do they say every damn year that the newest phone looks like it’s on a gimbal, and then a year rolls by and the next phone comes out and then they do a comparison and you don’t remember your phone being that shaky the year prior! It was “like it was on a gimbal!” Because thats what they said when comparing to the same type of phone from the year before. Can’t wait till 2025, then all phones will come with gimbals and we can put all this BS behind us.

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  19. for those wanting night mode but can’t afford an 11 and above, i’d really suggest buying NeuralCam from the app store. it’s worth your money and can, if not be just as good as what apple did with the iphone 11’s

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