100 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro?!”

  1. I think for the past couple years Apple has been trying too hard and needs to chill out. I mean, 3 new phones in one year last year? Branch out a bit lol. Im definitely more of a Samsung fan now.

  2. I have an iPhone 8
    My birthday is September 22

    Also conspiracy theory, Apple will release the new phone on September 20 to keep people from storming area 51😂😂😂😂

  3. Any thoughts on the Apple Watch 5 rumors?

    I keep seeing rumors that they are working on sleep tracking and that it might not come out until the 2020 model, but I wonder if there are really any necessary hardware upgrades that would make recent models incapable of tracking sleep. I’m fairly certain that the presence of third-party apps (eg. Pillow) suggests that all the necessary hardware is there and that such a native app could be run on any model that tracks heart rate.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

  4. I miss the old you you were a baking person but now your a tech person I'm not hating it's just I miss the old you

  5. Why is she so excited as if it's so different than the xs, and here's Samsung about to release a 100+ camera phone

  6. IPHONE 11 is UGLY..i won't buy it… they designed a SQUARE CAMERA..íts like A soccer field…. i hate it… i won't use iphone until the redesign that ugly soccer field….

  7. The leak of the iPhone that looks like it has an Apple Watch Imbedded in the back of the phone sucks. I'll move to Samsung or something if that happens. Not really but that would be a horrendous mistake to use a design like that.

  8. Here’s a random video of Justin getting Rickrolled: https://youtu.be/H52TTCoS7To
    Your Welcome
    PS her reaction is at 1:39
    Then she gets rickrolled again 7:49

  9. Well my Birthday is on Sept. 13th so i’ma Pre-Order this New iPhone 11 Pro with the highest GB Storage cause I need it for Apps lol and sense I have a Free Upgrade waiting for me at T. Mobile now that will definitely make my Birthday Gift even lit AF.

  10. Kicking off on friday the 13th… Well, Jason is coming to kill ur wallets. I mean for me Ill get it, its not bad.

  11. I've had the new iPhone every year, for 10 years now, and never used a case. I used to get the odd scratch, but nothing serious and usually on the back where it doesn't matter. Now the glass and materials are so much stronger and scratch resistant I honestly don't understand why people bother with cases.

  12. on apple website there nothing about iphone 11 s fake
    its fake news
    i hope now ever body understand
    i am your subscriber so i justine
    i was thinking you are smart girl
    now its choice
    thank you
    [please give attention every body]
    thankyou again
    i have also youtube channel it name [gammer abd] bye
    i like to watch your vidows

  13. Speaking of the incoming Iphone 11. I have watched a lot of vloggers producing a content about their apple ecosystem. Why your not making that video? even though you marked yourself as "Apple Fangirl". Can you produce that content for us? Im not satisfy with this apple ecosystem until you made one.😁

  14. I don’t think I’m going to update any more I currently have the iphone 8plus and I think I’m just going to stick with getting the xs max🙂🙂

  15. I'm passing on this model. I'm good with my XS Max. I'm waiting on 5G. I live in Chicago, and Verizon has 5G! I'll just wait for 2020. Everyone should wait until next year.

  16. If you own an iPhone XS or Xs max buying the 2019 iPhone 11 will/would be such a stupid thing to do. I’m waiting till the 2020 5g iPhone. My Xs is perfect enough for at least another year

  17. hey Apple just make a damn iPhone XR with the size of the iPhone SE call it iPhone SE 2019, sell it under 600 USD, you'll sell them so easily, I'm a small phone person and I know there are millions of people like me, not everybody wants huge phones

  18. Yo iJustine you are a well respected tech YouTuber. You do not need to put a click bate cover photo on your video.

  19. I'll stick with my XS MAX !
    Next will be the new airpods or iwatch 🙄 … For what we pay for these phones one would think Apple could include new airpods ? Half off the new iwatch or trade in ?! I'll pass , enjoy it I'm sure another phone will be out less then a yr

  20. I did called AT&T like 2 days ago inquiring about the name and release and what I was told was sept 10. And the name could be iPhone XXXM something like that

  21. I am skipping this year it’s like they just add a wide angle camera to the Xs baaaaaam IPhone 11 here guys, f..k no

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